fin is fine

Él era mujeriego, ella fría; él salía todos los fines de semana, ella bebía hasta emborracharse; él lastimó y lo lastimaron, ella nunca había creído en el amor. Él la besaba de vez en cuando, ella no decía que no. 
 Ellos eran un desastre. Ellos cambiaron. Ellos,  quizás en secreto, se quieren.
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: anakin and padme never got to see luke and leia grow up and they never got to decorate the nursery in a nice house on naboo and they never got to hear their kids whine when they kiss in front of them and they never saw their kids first steps and they never heard their toddlers say their names and obi-wan never got his beard braided by leia and luke never put flowers in obi-wan's hair and the twins never played with anakin's metal arm and padme never got to watch her husband rock their babies to sleep
Le persone passano la vita a giustificare ogni loro scelta… combattono sempre per le cose sbagliate, finché non si trovano davanti al naso quelle giuste. Ed è allora che le scelte diventano importanti. Perché, alla fin fine, noi siamo creature abitudinarie.
Per cui magari vogliamo pure fare la scelta giusta, ma poi facciamo quella sbagliata, perché siamo abituati a ragionare così. È una vera tragedia. Ma in fondo è la vita stessa a essere una tragedia, non trovi?
—  Rachel Van Dyken
Alla fin fine la verità…è questa,
che ti amo, e tu mi hai amata 
e t'ho visto felice, mio 
mentre da lei torni per centomila cose che non sono l'amore
—  Sibilla Aleramo a Giovanni Boine, da Carteggio (1979), pag. 440
Fish people please help

Fish people of tumblr I need help

I have this tank right here- 15 Gallon Aqueon column tank. I have had it since April 2016, and cycled nicely in about a month. All was well until a bacteria problem about a month and a half ago. 

Recently, I had a breakout of a phosphate based bacteria that stained most of my tank. I cleaned it up no problem. But not two weeks later, I had a fungus AND ick out break. All but my danios and cory died. I since have gutted the tank and started over and let it cycle. 

The tank itself was fine for about three months, I even had my mollies breeding and had crystal clear water. But then it does this overnight.

For some reason, even after the tank cycled, it is cloudy and the water is almost frothy at the top. My cory catfish has even started to have fin rot. My danios are fine, a little sluggish, but fine. All fish are eating, but the cory has been randomly swimming in place and now hiding (as he normally did, but this time a bit more excessively). The tank as been set up for over a month and a half now with fish.

  • Filters are changed every 7-10 days
  • 20-50% water changes every 10-14 days using Prime, Stability, and aquarium salt
  • All ornaments are cleaned before use
  • Gravel was changed after the fungal and ick treatments (so it has now been in there for over a month with fish)
  • The tank was literally scrubbed down, including the filter.
  • Nitrates are 0
  • Hardness is around 60
  • Ph is low at 6.0-6.5 and I have tried everything to bring it up with no luck



Spesso mi dicono che sono dipendente dalle dimostrazioni. È forse vero?
Certo che lo è.
Chiunque abbia sofferto almeno un po’ ha paura di vedere gente a cui tiene allontanarsi.
Le parole a un certo punto non bastano più.
Non ti basta, dio santo, quel “ti voglio bene”, se quando piango non ci sei e quando grido non mi senti.
Alla fin fine non basta mai niente.

Kageyachi Headcanon

-Yacchan wants to do some coupley things with Kags like buying couple clothes, bracelets and stuff like that, Kags is embarrassed and says no and Yacchan pulls out her puppy face. And then: Finen, Fin, FINE from Kags

- The person who gives Kags advice is Tsukki. He doesn’t intend to do so, he just comes and mocks Kags and when he couldn’t stand Kags idiocy anymore he gives him mock advices

-Yacchan: I’m bleeding I’m bleeding I’m BLEEDING I’m GOING TO DIE!!

Kageyama: It’s only a paper cut

-The first time Yacchan calls Kags Tobio-kun is when she was distracted and then just freaks out. Kageyama is stunned and then calls Yacchan Hitoka-san and they both turn away red in their faces

- Sugamama is the captain of the ship and does things to help sailing the ship like driving everybody away whenever Kageyachi is together, especially Hinata, accidentally lets one of them know what the other would like for presents, and stuffs…

-Madoka-san (Yachi’s mom) at first thought that Kags is a delinquent since he is tall and his default expression is scowl but then realizes that he’s just a huge dork and grows rather fond of him

-On Valentine day Yacchan freaks out. A lot. What if Kags doesn’t like her sweet chocolate. What if he scowls at her because she doesn’t even know her boyfriend’s taste of chocolate? What if they break up because she makes him the wrong flavor? What if and what if?

-And Kags just eats all of her chocolate fast and clean and then : Naff Naffs Nice

-Yachi is relief and happy

- Smiling Kags kames Yacchan’s heart stop. Like, genuinely smiling, not like that smile

-Kags buys stars headbands/ hair ties since it reminds him of Yacchan and gives her those at random times

-Oh and a very confused and irritated Kags not knowing what to buy for Yacchan on White Day and end up buying quite a lot

-Kageyama protecting Yacchan from those rude guys who try to hit on her

-Whenever Yacchan cries over a movie Kags freaks out and doesn’t know what to do and end up holding her and patting her back

-Yacchan making Kags volleyball bento

-She has a hand-made crow charm that everyone knows that it’s Kags except for the real Kags

Avrei potuto, è vero, consolarmi con la riflessione che, alla fin fine, era ovvio e comune il mio caso, il quale provava ancora un'altra volta un fatto risaputissimo, cioè che notiamo facilmente i difetti altrui e non ci accorgiamo dei nostri.
—  L. Pirandello, Uno nessuno e centomila

“E a te, se sei rimasto con Harry fin proprio alla fine.”