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Él era mujeriego, ella fría; él salía todos los fines de semana, ella bebía hasta emborracharse; él lastimó y lo lastimaron, ella nunca había creído en el amor. Él la besaba de vez en cuando, ella no decía que no. 
 Ellos eran un desastre. Ellos cambiaron. Ellos,  quizás en secreto, se quieren.
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: anakin and padme never got to see luke and leia grow up and they never got to decorate the nursery in a nice house on naboo and they never got to hear their kids whine when they kiss in front of them and they never saw their kids first steps and they never heard their toddlers say their names and obi-wan never got his beard braided by leia and luke never put flowers in obi-wan's hair and the twins never played with anakin's metal arm and padme never got to watch her husband rock their babies to sleep
I Can See Them - Dick Grayson x Reader

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Requested by thequietcomic -  a Dick Grayson x reader where the reader can see spirits and refuses to acknowledge them because it’s too painful to get involved but she ends up seeing Dick’s parents and can’t decide if she should help them or just pretend they’re not there at all

The costume store was filled with people getting last minute costumes. You were glancing between the discount costumes, trying to find one for M’gann’s Halloween party that night. When she found out you didn’t have one, she sent you out with a chaperon to get one. 

“(Y/N)? Hey (Y/N), did you hear what I said?” Dick laid a hand on your shoulder, drawing you out of your thoughts. 

“What? No, I didn’t,” you replied quickly, glancing away from the ghostly figure hovering nearby. It followed an old man, looking at him sadly. “What did you say?” 

“I said you don’t have to look at the discount costumes. You don’t have to be afraid to use the credit card Batman gave you,” Dick repeated softly, keeping his voice down. You pressed your lips together, careful to keep the ghost from noticing you saw them. 

“Well, I think Batman meant it for important stuff, not for a Halloween costume,” you reasoned, taking a nurse’s costume off the rack. You held it up to yourself, frowning slightly. “Especially if I’m only going to wear it once.” 

“Trust me, he’s not going to care if you buy one costume,” Dick remarked, shaking his head in rejection of the nurse costume. You sighed, putting it back. 

“I don’t want to take advantage.” You swallowed hard, blinking back tears. “I don’t want to end up on the street.” 

Dick laid a hand on your shoulder. His touch electrified your skin. “You won’t ever be kicked out, (Y/N). Even if you don’t want to be on the team, you are family to us now.” 

“Thank you,” you whispered, turning away to secretly wipe away a tear. Once you were ready, you gave him a smile. “Now are you going to help me find a costume or just distract me until we miss the party all together and get murdered by M’gann?” 

“I wouldn’t want that, especially since I’m suppose to help you,” Dick chuckled, moving to look at another rack. You studied him for a moment, sensing something. However, it disappeared. Shaking your head, you turned to browse for a costume.

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Alla fin fine la verità…è questa,
che ti amo, e tu mi hai amata 
e t'ho visto felice, mio 
mentre da lei torni per centomila cose che non sono l'amore
—  Sibilla Aleramo a Giovanni Boine, da Carteggio (1979), pag. 440
E lo so che arriverà, arriverà il giorno che ci rincontreremo per caso, e forse tu sarai impegnata o forse lo sarò io , e sarà triste.
Sarà triste vederci felici senza di noi.
Noi che con un gesto ci capivamo, noi che nonostante tutto ci siamo amati fin alla fine, noi che ci siamo fatti del male senza volerlo ma ci siamo dati anche tanto bene.
Noi che dopo esserci lasciati ci facevamo del male per distaccarci e smettere di soffrire, tu che fingevi di essere felice con un altro nonostante stessi ancora male e io che fingevo di star bene, per non farmi ancora del male, mentendo ai nostri amici e fingendo che non mi importasse più di te. Ma alla fine nemmeno io credevo a quella bugia.
La verità è che ci siamo amati e anche tanto, e abbiamo continuato ad amarci fin alla fine o fin ad ora ed e proprio questa la cosa triste, amarsi e non aversi per non farsi più male, noi che eravamo cosi facili da tenerci e cosi difficili da staccarci, noi che eravamo tutto e ora non siamo più niente.
—  Reckless-Heart
Taking a Break - Shiro x Reader

Requested by Anon: how about an imagine where shiro and his s/o are taking a bubble bath together? no nsfw, just pure fluff (◕‿◕✿) (lmao i dont even like using this kind of emojis but this one just,, fits so well + its fine if you dont want to do it! its your own blog you write whatever you want)

Hopefully you like this, thanks for the request! Shiro definitely needs some tlc every once in a while, I also added in the bit about playing some music since we found out from that quiz in the guidebook thing that music relaxes him :D I hope he doesn’t come off as ooc nearer the end where he gets a bit silly and playful, but I feel like we’ve seen Shiro be goofy occasionally and I like the idea that when he’s with his s/o he let’s his guard down more.


“I’m fine honestly, stop worrying Y/N” Shiro reassured his girlfriend, placing a hand gently on her face and smiling earnestly.

Y/N wasn’t buying it however, the paladins had been involved in a pretty heavy firefight, their lions were looking a bit worse for wear and they were mechanical, so surely Shiro had to have a few bruises of his own.

“Y/N’s right Shiro, you took quite a few hits out there, maybe you should go and spend some time in the cryo pod?” Keith suggested, looking concerned.

“Not you too, honestly Keith I’m OK, besides I’ve got to write up a report for the Blade of Malmora, and then I have to go over Black’s diagnostics…” Shiro continued listing off the numerous tasks he had to get done.

“I’ll come see you when I’ve finished OK Y/N?” Shiro finished placing a quick kiss on Y/N’s lips and squeezing Keith’s shoulder before departing.

“Why is he so damn stubborn?” Y/N asked with a irritated sigh.

“He’s just doing what he thinks is best for the team” Keith replied in a tone that suggested he understood why Shiro acted the way he did, but that he too was frustrated by it.

“Putting himself through all of this stress is not what’s best for the team”

“Note, I said what he thinks is best, doesn’t mean he’s right”

By this time the other paladins had gathered nearby and they too were looking after Shiro with concern.

“We should get Shiro to take a break, Y/N’s right, he needs to relax” Hunk piped up.

“And how are we gonna do that, the only way he’ll take a break is if he’s forced to” Keith replied shrugging.

That gave Y/N an idea.

“Hey Pidge I need a favor” Y/N said grinning mischievously.


20 minutes later and Y/N knocked on Shiro’s door, hoping that her plan had worked out. She was feeling confident though, if anyone could do what she’d asked for it was Pidge. Now all she had to do was convince Shiro to go along with the rest of the plan.

“Come in” Shiro answered, he sounded a little on edge.

Y/N stepped into the room and had to withhold a smile, Shiro was leaning back in his chair in front of a blank computer screen (or what counted as a computer on and Altean ship).

“Hey, I figured you could do with some company to get you through all that boring paper work”

“That’s really lovely of you Y/N but there’s not much paperwork going on unfortunately”

“Why not? What’s the matter?” Y/N asked, pretending to be surprised, hopefully he was fooled.

“I don’t know, one minute I’m typing, the next, the whole thing just shuts down” Shiro explained, gesturing at the computer. “I thought it was some kind of power cut in the castle but the lights are still working”. He pinched the bridge of his nose “I’ll have to get Pidge to take a look, this is the last thing I need, I’m behind as it is”

Y/N felt a wave of guilt, she was trying to make Shiro feel better, not worse.

“I heard Pidge say that she was busy with some kind of project and was very adamant that she didn’t want to be disturbed”

“I’ll go talk to Hunk about it then” Shiro sighed and went to stand up.

“Errr…well he’s asleep, so maybe it’s not the best idea to disturb him”

Shiro groaned and flopped back into his chair looking defeated. Y/N felt bad, she didn’t like lying to him like this; but she reminded herself that this was for his benefit. She walked over and wrapped her arms around Shiro’s neck and kissed the top of his head, Shiro let out a hum of appreciation and closed his eyes.

“You know what you could do…”


“Take a bath, it would really help those sore muscles of yours”

“My muscles are just fin-”


“Ok…Ok, fine I guess a nice hot shower would feel pretty nice”

“I said a bath, not a shower, how are you supposed to relax in a shower?”

“But a shower is faster and more convenient and-”

“Shiro, for me…Please”

Shiro waited for a beat and then turned around to look at Y/N as if he was going to argue, but upon seeing her expression, his face instantly softened with a smile.

“A bath it is then”

“Thankyou” Y/N said as she placed another kiss on Shiro’s head before bounding of into the en suite bathroom to run the water into a very generously sized bath, she searched the cabinet and found some nice smelling bubble bath (which, surprise surprise Shiro had never opened) and poured some into the water, by this point Shiro had arrived wearing nothing but a towel tied around his hips.

“You know, I think I can handle it from here, thanks Y/N”

Y/N didn’t turn around and was busy rummaging in the cupboard for towels and dressing gowns when she answered.

“I don’t think you can, I don’t trust you to actually relax, you’ll just be watching the clock and thinking about all the things you need to do, hence why I’m joining you”

Y/N turned around with armful of towels and a pair of dressing gowns, all coloured black (naturally), and dumped them on a nearby chair, before turning back to the wall and fiddling with a nearby panel.

“You know what? That sounds really nice” Shiro said with a smile as he dumped his towel on the floor and slid into the bath with a satisfied moan, that made Y/N smile triumphantly.

“What are you doing? You’d better hurry up before it goes cold” Shiro said splashing some water in her direction with a smirk.

“Just hang on a second, nearly there…Bingo” she said as soft, calming music came through the speakers.

Shiro looked up in surprise as Y/N got undressed and got in the bath opposite him.

“I didn’t even know there were speakers in here”

“See that’s why you need me. You can pilot a giant robotic Lion, but figuring out the speaker system is too difficult” Y/N teased as she splashed Shiro, accidentally hitting him in his face with not just water, but also a generous amount of foam and promptly dissolved into laughter at the sight.

Shiro went to wipe the foam away, but Y/N stopped him. She scooted forwards and began to sculpt the with bubbles into shapes, first a mustache, then a beard and finally a pair of fluffy white eyebrows.

“All done!” She declared proudly.

“How do I look?” Shiro asked, pouting his lips and waggling his eyebrows which, coupled with the fake foam features, made Y/N dissolve into laughter again.

“Like a very sexy Santa” she finally answered with a grin.

“Oh yeah? On a scale of 1-10, just how sexy exactly?” Shiro asked as he flexed his arm muscles.

Y/N pretended to swoon and fanned herself.

“Definitely a 10 right?”

“Oh most definitely, in fact you look so good that I think I might faint” Y/N declared dramatically as she turned herself round and fell backwards into Shiro’s awaiting arms.

Shiro promptly wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to his chest before placing a kiss on her forehead.

They lay like that for a while, listening to the music and talking idly whilst Y/N traced patterns on Shiro’s leg and Shiro, in turn, gently ran his fingers up and down Y/N’s arm.

But then, all of sudden, Shiro’s hand stilled, which caused Y/N to crane her neck to look round at him. He was looking at Y/N with a thoughtful expression.

“Hey Y/N, you know how my computer just mysteriously stopped working? Then how you conveniently showed up? And how Hunk and Pidge just so happened to be busy?” Shiro asked suspiciously.

“Um…yeah” Y/N replied not liking where this conversation was going.

“You planned all of this didn’t you?”

“Maybe…” Y/N answered after a moment, nibbling her lip, hoping he wouldn’t be too upset.

But Shiro’s reaction was just the opposite, he smiled at her fondly before nuzzling his face into her neck and kissing her on the jaw.

“Thank you, you were right, this was exactly what I needed”

“Well remember that next time I tell you that you need to relax, deal?”


Spaces Between Us (Part 1)

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Summary: Dean is pushing the reader away. To clear her head, she goes on a hunt, but something goes terribly wrong…

Request: Dean x reader where Dean and her are in a relationship and she’s a hunter and she is kidnapped by a demon and is tortured for information but doesn’t give in and dean saves her and she kills the demon with her last bit of strength and then a lot of fluff and maybe some smut if you feel like it I don’t mind. I don’t know why I was so specific but as I said I’ve never done this. Thanks x

Hi could you do one where Dean tries to push the reader away so they can be safe but they are stubborn and it gets really heated and ends up smutty and dean is like ok you can stay. (Sam goes out to give dean some alone time to talk to the reader and maybe before hand could there be a talk between Sam and Dean saying sending the reader away is the best option to keep her safe) thanks

Pairing/Characters: Dean x reader, Sam Winchester, Police of Chief, Garth Fitzgerald IV

Word Count: 1885ish

Warnings: angst, language, mention of murder victims, drinking, neglect, violence, depressive thoughts

A/N: Decided to mash two requests together :) Enjoy!

You felt the cold space on the other side of your bed and you sighed. Sitting up, you looked around the dark room to find no sign of Dean. You threw the covers off and walked down to the kitchen. As you entered, only Sam was sat at the metallic table that occupied the Bunker’s kitchen. He had the newspaper in his hand and you knew that Dean probably was here at one point, but bailed soon after. This had been the new normal lately. You’d only see him at night or the next day if he had found a solo hunt. He was pushing you away. It all started because of a hunt a few weeks ago. A child had died. Dean’s day consisted of constant hunting or drinking. If you tried to talk to him, he’d walk away. Your heart was broken, but you never said anything.  You opened the fridge to see that food was scarce.

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*coughs* It’s Friday, what do you expect me to do when I happen to come across those two? ;)


I decided to bite the bullet and upload some pictures of my 4 month old 20 gallon long sorority tank. There are six girls in here but my little baby refused to join the photo shoot. It’s really hard to take photos of everybody, let alone a teeny and damn near green colored fish, in this messy jungle. I really need to prune it again so the lower leaves can get light.

«Le uniche cose che rimpiango» disse, «le sole che rimpiangerò sempre sono quelle che non ho fatto.  Alla fin fine è solo questo che lamentiamo.
I sentieri che non abbiamo percorso.
Le persone che non abbiamo toccato».
—  Scott Spencer -  Un amore senza fine