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capmalachi  asked:

Is this Rinne no Lagrange thing actually yuri as your recent posts would indicate or is just another show that teases at it and then shoe horns in some generic male love interests at the end to avoid canon lesbians? Because it looks like a good show but I'm getting kinda tired of that...

There’s absolutely no male love interest shoved in at any point, no. Well, there’s a joke about it in one episode but it is meaningless and never brought up again. The three girls are absolutely and unquestionably a romantic trio, but you DO however still get the usual issue where even though they make that shockingly obvious the show will still never outright state it. But they will show it to you. A lot. REALLY ADORABLY.

So yes, as far as the Yuri quotient goes, I thought it was excellent. The three of them are just so sweet and cute and adorable and Lagrange gave me A GREAT DEAL OF FEELS because it is cruel and knows how to leverage their relationship for maximum emotion in a way that tugs at your hearstrings but is still ultimately very happy and and hopeful.

Seriously, the three of them gave me the doki dokis something fierce the whole way through, so if you are looking for that you shan’t be disappointed.