fin and gil

i swear one full day with the new filter (I replaced the default filter from the tank kit) in Gil Dukat’s tank (5.5g) and the water is clearer than I i’ve been able to keep with daily water changes. It’s the same one I have in Martok’s tank (7.5g). I can’t recommended enough for betta tanks.

I talk about it on this post.

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Okay but what about star accidentally casts a spell that turns Marco into a siren!!

Here you go! I hope you like it! I like lovey-dovey Tom, is cute!


“Are you okay?” Star asked. Marco nodded, he was in the bathtub, because of his new fins and gils. “I can’t believe that spell worked!” Star exclaimed.

“Well you did it… now change me back.” Marco grumbled. He examined his webbed fingers and fins. Looking at his now scaly skin. Star was beaming.

“This is amazing!” Star mused. “Transformation spells are super hard to make! And I did it perfectly!” Star bragged. She then looked down at Marco. “One thing though… I meant to turn you into a fairy…” She continued. “I guess I messed it up a little more than I thought I did.” Star looked at him. “But hey! You look great!”

“I don’t feel great!” Marco huffed. “I feel like a fish.”

“You… are a fish.” Star nodded. “A very pretty fish.” She assured. “But hey, you should be able to have some of the powers that sirens possess! Do you want to try it out?” She asked.

“Like what?” Marco was curious now.

“Well sirens can lure their prey in with a song.” She explained, reading from her book. “Do you wanna try that out?” Star asked. Marco bit his lip.

“I actually do… a lot.” Marco admitted.


“So you used Marco for a spell? That doesn’t sound so- WOAH!” Tom stopped short when he saw the siren in the bathtub. “Marco!?” He exclaimed. “You look… good.” Tom admitted. Marco waved.

“Hey.” He smiled a little at the demon. “Star used me for a transformation spell.” Marco re explained. “And we were wondering if you could help us try something.” Marco pleaded. Tom looked nervous. Star urged him forward.

“I’m gonna, give you two some space to do you thing.” She slipped out, looking pleased with herself.

“Oh jeez… with what?” Tom asked.

“Well, when Star said she could transform someone into something… they get their powers. And sirens can hypnotize people with their song.” Marco explained. “And I wanted to see if I could do that to you.” Marco admitted. Tom fell back.

“You want to hypnotize me?” Tom asked nervously. Marco nodded. “I mean… if it’s for the sake of learning magic… I guess we can try… you’re not actually going to eat me though, right?” Tom asked. Marco laughed.

“Don’t be silly.” He teased. Tom laughed.

“Alright then… let’s try.” He agreed. Marco cleared his throat and started to sing.

You are my sunshine

My only sunshine

You make me happy

When skies are gray

You’ll never know dear

How much I love you

Please don’t take my sunshine away

Marco started his song and Tom felt any resistance he might have had slip away

The other night dear

As I lay sleeping

I dreamed I held you here in my arms

When I awoke dear I was mistaken

So I hung my head and I cried

Marco’s voice faded out and he looked at Tom who was looking at him with an expression he couldn’t quite place. It was a mix of total adoration and vacancy. Marco leaned forward.

“Tom?” He whispered his name. Tom smiled and laughed a little.

“Yes?” He tilted his head.

“You okay?” Marco asked. Tom laughed some more and looked at him lovingly.

“I’m fine.” He assured. “Your fin is beautiful.” Tom told him. Marco giggled.

“Thank you.” He was starting to realize what was going on. “You know, if I were a real siren I’d eat right now?”

“You can eat me if you want. I don’t mind.” Tom assured. Marco laughing loudly at this.

“Wow, this worked a little too well.”