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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (½)
In the criminal justice system, sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous. 
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories.

- Ton espèce de Dieu place un pommier au beau milieu d’un jardin et dit : faites comme vous voulez, les mecs, hein, mais ne mangez pas la pomme. Surprise, surprise, voilà qu’ils la mangent et lui bien sûr, surgit de derrière un bosquet en criant : « Je vous y prends ! » En fait, ça n’aurait pas fait la moindre différence s’ils ne l’avaient pas croquée.

- Et pourquoi ça ?

- Parce que lorsque tu as affaire à ce genre d’individu, du style à poser un chapeau sur le trottoir avec une brique en dessous, tu sais pertinemment qu’il ne te lâchera pas. Il finira bien par t’avoir au bout du compte.

—  “Le Dernier Restaurant avant la Fin du Monde” (H2G2 t.2), Douglas Adams, Folio SF
A journey in typing (ft. Olivia Benson)

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Hello all, I’m someone who has been an adamant follower of this blog for quite some time and has also changed MBTI types like changing socks (same functions, different order for the most part - save for the time I thought I was an INTP) which I believe to be part of my very overactive Ne (is it inferior? is it dominant? Is it aux? Is it tert? Trust me, I can give you arguments for each). So as of right now, I’m in yet another pickle and describing myself as an xNFP because when it comes to typing there are a lot of things to take into consideration: looping, being in the grip, cognition, etc.

So I’m going to compare my own journey to one of my typings. That of Olivia Benson from Law & Order: SVU.

If you’re not an SVU viewer, let me break it down for you: I had to take into consideration that there is now 18 seasons worth of character development for Olivia. The writers on this show thrive on dramatics and this is a character who has had everything and the kitchen sink thrown at her.

My first initial typing? ISFJ. It seemed simple enough. Olivia’s the stereotypical caregiver who wants to help people but it’s looking at functions. Does Olivia have any sign of Si or inferior Ne? No. When Olivia has to, she will put her foot down and change things more quickly than an ISFJ might. If you’re even a casual SVU watcher and you want to find a better embodiment of an ISFJ? Look at Cragen. Duty and detail oriented, thoughtful but also the embodiment of team dad when his detectives get out of line. He knows how to appease IAB when they get involved in the fold whereas other characters aren’t so apt to do that. He’s always the one to remind everyone to work within the system, reminding them how it works.

So I went back to the drawing board realizing that Olivia did not possess Si (nostalgic, often compares the present to the past, traditional? Nope.) nor did she possess Ne, especially inferior Ne. (Any impulsive behavior she had wasn’t indicative of an ISXJ nor did she possess that “WE’RE ALL SCREWED” attitude. Again, look at Cragen or Stabler for an ISFJ and an ISTJ. Stabler is a “bulldog” who is so by the book and will never admit to any wrongdoing, Fin himself said this in around season 8 or 9. If Stabler’s environment changes, he has an inferior Ne freak out of biblical proportions. Does Olivia? No. She rolls with the punches very well.)

Next typing? ISTP.

Where I got particularly screwed up? Looping vs inferior functions. At first I thought Olivia had inferior Fe which in retrospect makes me think really? She’s described as “the heart” of SVU by her own colleague (Munch, an ENTP). She is good with people and not in a Harrison Ford/Han Solo/Indiana Jones xSTP sort of way where she gives off that lovable rogue vibe. Want an ESTP? Look at Fin. Fin is good with people, good at getting them to open up or sometimes using his Fe to play them but he’s more… detached. He uses his Se better than Olivia does. He uses his Ti better than Olivia does.

Fin’s approach to questioning suspects? “You’re screwed, now tell me what happened or you’re going to go to jail. Here’s how we can tie you to the crime. Help me and I’ll help you.”

Olivia knows how to tailor fit her approach. There’s the emotional understanding approach. 

And then there’s the “I will use my Fe to antagonize the living hell out of you because I know where your weak spots are”

The biggest difference between Fin (ESTP) and Olivia (INFJ)? Her indisputable dominant Ni. The biggest evidence of this on the show in a single episode is back in season 7 I want to say? The episode called “911”.

A 911 call is transferred to SVU where a little girl named Maria talks to Olivia and says she’s trapped in a room. The number is traced to someone else thanks to the suspect having cloned the cellphone that the little girl got a hold of. The restaurant she claims the man gets her food from burned down. Whenever the little girl calls back, the signal bounces from one part of the city to another. Cragen and Fin are both completely adamant that this might be a hoax between this and the looping background noise the suspect had playing in the background to throw people off to the little girl’s location. Olivia is hellbent, gung ho that this is not a prank or a hoax. That this little girl is real and she needs their help; she never wavers from this whereas Fin with his higher Se is seeing the facts as they appear. Olivia’s theory is being debunked left and right until the pieces come together slowly. The girl is real and rescued in the nick of time after the perp gets rid of her.

Hell, this happens a lot. Olivia will have an over arching hunch that can be refuted by solid physical evidence but she doesn’t waver. When her colleagues debate with her about it, she emotionally appeals to them that they have to do something. When she has a “feeling” that someone close to a suspect can be helpful, she is excellent at baiting them. I watched an episode last night where she lied and said the suspect’s wife had planted evidence to frame someone else and to be at court at 9:30am to testify against him or else she’d be arrested.

What do you know, the suspect’s wife shows up to testify and she did plant the evidence, after all, despite the fingerprints having been “inconclusive”.

So, how in the hell did I get ISTP as my first official typing after realizing her functions? It’s clear she’s not emotionally detached. It’s clear that she’s a feeler. Her Ni is higher than an XSTP’s “I have a hunch but I’ll believe it when I see it” approach. That, my friends, was thanks to looping. Olivia loops. A lot. Ni/Ti. Her Fe can completely go away because she tries to access it so much for her job that she simply… fries the aux-Fe motherboard.

Olivia’s Se is her weak point. She’s great at going undercover and thinking on her feet but… she gets caught in the cross hairs of hostage situations and near death experiences so many times because she’s too busy chasing her Ni. She’s not as in tune with her Se as say, Fin is with his. He’s reckless physically but the one instance I remember (him running into a house with a meth lab to retrieve an infant inside) is because he has to be, because he’s not going to wait for back up, he’s simply better with his Se. It comes naturally to him. Olivia’s Se also leads her to overindulgence and spontaneous decisions outside of her work (um, hey Olivia, you might not want to pursue that relationship… WHY ARE YOU GOING INTO THAT BUILDING WITHOUT BACK UP? YOU DON’T HAVE TO).

It’s easier, for the most part, with a fictional character. It’s easier when there’s distance between you and who you’re trying to type. As the mods on this blog have said so many times, you have to be honest with yourself about your faults and what you’re good at. I’ve gone from INFP to INTP (I thought I had a case of inferior Fe but then realized it was Fi, always Fi.) to ISTJ (my anxiety can be construed as WE’RE ALL SCREWED inferior Ne) to INFP to XNFP (is it my Te or Si that I’m worse with? Do I go into Fi/Si loops or Ne/Te loops? Hey remember that time you read about ENFPs being the most introverted extroverts? Hey, isn’t that a paradox? That could be you!).

My advice? Identify your functions first. Then you’ve narrowed it down to four out of sixteen possible types and that’s less daunting. Then it’s a matter of putting together a puzzle. I’m still trying but as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day and sometimes self reflection and getting down to the nitty gritty of your cognition as well as your strengths and weaknesses can be daunting. However, being one type vs another type doesn’t make you a better or worse person. Remember that.

ENFP Mod: solid advice. Also, I feel you on the confusion over your type. Been there, done that, drove my four friends nuts for years with my bouncing back and forth while I tried on different hats. Yes, I said YEARS. Take heart, internet. You’re not stupid if you can’t figure your type out right away. There’s nothing wrong with you. Give it time. :)

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lmao this is more of a joke idea than anything, but if they ever had to disguise arin they just put him in a wheelchair with a blanket over his tail and a device that covers his gils connected to a tank of water so he doesnt dry out, and they just wheel him out lolol

i’ve actually thought about this lmaoooo like they get to show him around town for some reason and arin’s all covered up and has to wear a hat (bc ear fins) but he doesn’t even care bc he gets to SEE things

and dan’s fussing the whole time bc he doesn’t want arin to dehydrate or anyone to see a fin or something. adam tells him to chill.

suzy is their mother and plans the trip around town bc it’s a special treat for arin and they have more fun than they have in a long time and i’m gonna stop here bc i might actually write this lmao

If The Gang Went To The Beach

(I’m sorry if this one kinda sucked but I’ve never been to the beach.)

Adam: Would end up having one of the worst sunburns, would be very insecure about his body, and would probably wear a shirt when he swam around.

Jeffrey: Would enjoy walking along the sand and would spend a lot of time arguing over whether a fin that Adam saw belonged to a dolphin or a shark. He would become upset when he went to snorkel and realised he left his goggles at home.

Ted: Would probably be the most people oriented person, introducing the other boys to ladies he found on the beach. Probably end up with a lovely tan.

TJ: Would secretly be keeping an eye out for sharks, not because he’s interested, but because he doesn’t feel like becoming another animal’s meal today. Would want to go home as soon as he realised he was swimming in a fish’s toilet bowl, but if there were attractive females he wouldn’t mind staying.

Richard: Would tease and bicker TJ about seeing a fin in the water and would pull a prank by making a surfboard look like a fin in the distance. The surfboard would end up being what Adam and Jeffrey discussed so heavily. Would go and steal a cooler full of beer from another group.

Dylan: Would pull his hair up into a lil ponytail when he went swimming. Would feel like the master of deception because he knew people couldn’t really tell how tall he was when he was in the water.

Eric: Would enjoy beach games and would let his inner kid come out, binge eating food on the boardwalk and having a competition on who could swim out the furthest from shore.


Adam Ruzek & Kim Burgess
Chicago P.D. ~ “Conventions”

Olinsky: You did good.
Ruzek: I’ll take that.
Olinsky: You did good. You did good.
Ruzek: I’ll take that, man. I’ll take that.
Rollins: You know what? Everybody did. Really, cheers.
Ruzek: Hey, one second. Hey, Burgess? Come here. Come here. You’re part of this too. Antonio wanted to make sure we took care of you tonight. Saddle up.
Burgess: Thanks.
Tutuola: To the Blue.
Everyone: To the Blue.
Rollins: Cheers.