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Vi auguro una fresca e golosa domenica con uno charm super estivo!
Gelato pistacchio e cioccolato, uno dei miei preferiti! 😍🍦!
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Daring charming is finally finished. He was basically like doing a whole custom doll, minus the reroot. I removed the fur from Daring’s jacket, and created a new collar from fabric that matches his sleeves. I removed all the gold robbon and replaced it with my own, so that it would match his new colar. He is wearing a black dress shirt, underneath his signature sweater vest, along with new blue jeans, all sewn by me. His shoes were originally MH Deuce shoes, that I cut down, and added Fimo sculpted pieces to create Daring’s sneakers. I removed one of the stickers from the mirror and used the front of Daring’s crown as a reference to create the piece for the back, (also sculpted from clay). I’m not real happy with his shoulder pieces, but they will do for now. They are currently only stuck on with tape, so i need to figure out how to attach them without using glue. I hope you all like him.

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- We are the Martians -

Not had much to post recently. Thought I’d dig up something I finished last year but never felt totally pleased with.

André Morell as Professor Bernard Quatermass from the 1958-59 BBC Science Fiction TV serial “Quatermass and the Pit” by Nigel Kneale.

Very much a “Not very happy with it at the time, looked at it later and thought “Hmm not bad” thing.

Sculpted in Super Sculpey and regular Sculpey for the colour elements (and a dash of paint)


so I’m really excited about this latest set! I’m learning to expand my horizons both personally and creatively - introducing colour into  my wardrobe, reading up some clay techniques I’ve had issues with in the past and giving them another shot, etc.

the top left photo is a lovely new skirt I picked up, but I didn’t have any jewelry to match it, so instead of my usual triangles I decided to try and make a more organic pair of earrings to match. I did use a skinner blend (the colour shift from green to pink here) because it’s a technique I’m very familiar and comfortable with, but then built on it by forming my own palm leaf shapes with a flexible cutter, and extruded the bronze clay to hand-form into neat little spirals. It was tricky, but ultimately I’m pleased with it.

My REAL success is the bottom photo. Mokume Gane is a clay technique that involves folding together several thin sheets of clay, impressing them with a surface texture, and shaving off paper-thin slices to reveal the swirly pattern beneath. It can go wrong very easily, and I’ve had many failed attempts before this, my first success! I took the shaved pieces, pressed them lightly into black background clay, ran it all through the pasta machine to smooth it out, and cut into earrings.

I’m really gaining some new ideas and confidence with my clay work!


3 inches Mew figurine! OOAK and handmade with super sculpey, it was painted with acrylics :3 It was a little request from my best friend who’s kind of pokemon crazy right now (well, like the rest of the world XD) It’s sleeping and holding a blue quartz stone <3

Blue Quartz: Is a soothing, stress-relief stone. Brings awareness, vitality, wellbeing, emotional balance. It also assuages fear, calms the mind, inspires hope and assist in the ability to reach out to others.

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Raspberry, fimo clay, ~1,7 cm

anonymous asked:

I loved your post about the glasses! You have any leads on Holtzmann's necklace? It looks like it has the letter U on it?

Thank you very much!

That is the “Screw U” necklace. Right now in pre-order from both Entertainment Earth and Shapeways. (Links below.)

Entertainment Earth (Licensed costume):

Shapeways (3-D printed):

Personally, I’m in the middle of making one out of jewelry supplies, a real screw, and FIMO Clay.   (Total cost - less than $10.)

There are also machine shop tutorials out there like this one:

Good luck! Feel free to ask about anything else if you need.

Clannad dango daikazoku phone charms with dust plug. Made from polymer clay.
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Max is a one of a kind handmade polymer clay sculpture! He was sculpted over a wire armature and meticulously painted with acrylics <3 He’s a pretty large sculpture at about 8 inches long. This piece was a commission so it’s not for sale! 

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Miniature set “Sweet Pears”