fimo diy

diy: fimo flower (daisy)
you need: yellow sunflower fimo, white fimo, a thootpick, a cutter, blue pigments, a brush
1. give to the white fimo a cylinder form
2. cut it into six part
3. press gently each one of the six part
4. give them a drop form
5. press the petals with the toothpick
6-7. unite the six petals
8. make a small ball with the yellow fimo and cut it in two parts
9. press one of these two parts in the center of the flower
10. make some holes in the center of the flower with the toothpick and open the external parts of the petals
11. with the brush paint the center of the flower with the blue pigment
12. cook it at 100° for 30 minutes

that’s done! I used it to make a ring, but you can make everything you want ^.^