Here is the present I couldn’t finish in time for christmas. I adore the creatures Santani on deviantart makes and I wanted to make one too!
It was a lot of work and quite frustrating at times but I learned a lot from it. I’ve never made anything mixed media (or faux fur) before so this was a real challenge. The head is made of sculpey, as are the paws. The pads on his paws and his nails are made of fimo.

This was a present for my sister and I will not be selling it or something like it.


Today I made a tiny Red Eyed Tree Frog!

He is super cute, he is all hand sculpted by me out of polymer clay and I photographed him in my garden and totally fooled my boyfriend into thinking he was real even though we don’t get this species of frog in the UK!

Let me know what you think of him x

To see or buy more miniatures by me, check out my shop; www.tuckshop.etsy.com


I made this Octopus for myself. I absolutely love the color of the octopus and how much the eyes make the whole thing pop.

Sorry I haven’t been uploading regularly. I have been in a major creative funk for the last couple of months hopefully that will change very soon, I miss being creative.




Late night #miniature baking 🍪
But now time for some yoga! I need to find back to my daily routine and not just twice a week! (sorry @natalkapavlysh the daily yoga wasn’t that daily these past months)
The #Miniatures are sculpted from #fimo #polymerclay