Ascolto le canzoni per piangere, amo e piango, voglio bene e piango, guardo il cielo e mi viene da piangere, guardo i film e mi viene da piangere, leggo i libri e piango la notte, mi arrabbio e piango, sono felice e piango. Forse in un’ altra vita ero un bicchiere d’ acqua e adesso sto affogando in me stessa.
—  Susanna Casciani

“ During filiming of Vixx’s VOODOO Showcase… I remember a lot from back then, how they would turn around to say ‘be careful’ as we followed them, or when we complemented their fans the way they would smile and say 'right?’. And during the last fimling, after the showcase, even through their tiredness, would still answer my questions with a smile; even the wordless Leo.. Leo who would clasp both his hands and say thank you. " 

” (At vixx’s showcase) I remember Leo… and Ken who, thinking of how tired the staff might be, would smile and cutely do his solo interview, etc etc. While filming vixx they would greet [people] too much… enough to be embarassing “

- @ 이나PD’s twitter

and there are other tweets that support Leo, of how polite he is or how hard he tries or how he cares so much of his fans etc etc, from other broadcasting members that have come across VIXX and Leo.. I just hope the other members, especially Leo himself, doesn’t get too hung up over this. He has improved so much over the years, slowly but surely being more comfortable being in front of a camera or talking to people outside his comfort zone… and no one should be able criticize a hard working man’s work ethic..