You have no idea how familiar I am with this situation, every winter it’s the same problem (though the delays rarely takes more that an hour or so here in Finland). Anyway, enjoy.


Jason wasn’t particularly fond of trains. He preferred flying when he could, but Thalia’s archery competition was only a five hour train ride away from his university, and seeing his sister win the gold medal had definitely been worth it. Hell, seeing his sister at all had been worth it. The train he had arrived on had been fairly empty, though. This one was pretty full.

He looked around the car, finding two empty seats, one beside a scrawny goth boy who looked a couple of years younger than Jason, and another beside a fat old man vaguely smelling of alcohol. It wasn’t much of a decision, really. 

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fimyuan  asked:

Jasico, 20. And 10.

10: …pinning the other against the wall 

Before Nico found Hazel, he would have preferred to stay out of fights. The god half of him laughed at the thought. Fighting was a way of life. If you didn’t fight, you didn’t survive. It hardened the human side of him, stifling his trust for others. 

But not the mercy.

When he found Hazel Levesque, his half-sister, he knew that he couldn’t leave her in the Underworld. Hazel was meant for better things, even if Nico didn’t know it. And he knew that when the time came, Thanatos would come looking for her soul. 

That mean Nico wouldn’t let him. Or allow the praetor to the Twelfth Legion decline membership for his new sister. 

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