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Jasico, 20. And 10.

10: …pinning the other against the wall 

Before Nico found Hazel, he would have preferred to stay out of fights. The god half of him laughed at the thought. Fighting was a way of life. If you didn’t fight, you didn’t survive. It hardened the human side of him, stifling his trust for others. 

But not the mercy.

When he found Hazel Levesque, his half-sister, he knew that he couldn’t leave her in the Underworld. Hazel was meant for better things, even if Nico didn’t know it. And he knew that when the time came, Thanatos would come looking for her soul. 

That mean Nico wouldn’t let him. Or allow the praetor to the Twelfth Legion decline membership for his new sister. 

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A few Free! fic recs

Sooooo, you asked for Free! fic recs, and even though I’m not super active in the Free! fandom, (read: I’m super behind on everything that’s happening with all the new content and stuff) I’ve still read a decent amount of fanfic for it. Here’s just a few things I’ve enjoyed out of all the amazing content that’s out there:

(( also, P.S. just a disclaimer in case this wasn’t already clear: none of these fics belong to me, I’m just suggesting that you read them because they’re all amazing and everyone deserves happiness in the form of well-written AUs. ))

1) You Smiled Because You Knew

Author(s): ellerean, Fim (damaskino)

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences

Pairing: Matsuoka Rin/ Nanase Haruka

Word Count: 30K 

Summary: “Rin’s a florist, and Haru’s an art student who keeps coming to his flower shop. Rin has no idea what to make of it.”

Find it: Here 

2) Your Protector 

Author(s): cottontale 

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences 

Pairing: Nanase Haruka/ Tachibana Makoto

Word Count: ~48K

Summary: “Never give up on someone you can’t go a day without thinking about. Haru has social anxiety, a stutter, and can’t seem to catch a break. Makoto is a college student/barista who wants more than anything to be there for Haru. Only, this isn’t a perfect world.“ 

Find it: Here 

3) Seen Everything There is to be Shown 

Author(s): sauntering_down

Rating: Mature (Warning: this one has some mild NSFW stuff in it)

Pairing: Matsuoka Rin/ Nanase Haruka

Word Count: 5K 

Summary: "Rin has a nightly visitor in his dorm room. They don’t notice that Nitori is very much awake on the top bunk of the bed and listening to everything that’s going on below him.

‘Perhaps he should set up a throwaway email address and anonymously send Rin a link to the Amazon page for the Kama Sutra. Or Sex For Dummies. Or maybe one of those children’s toys with the colorful shaped pegs that fit into matching holes.’

Basically, Rin is pretty much the worst roommate ever.”

Find it: Here

4) It’s Disgusting (How I Love You)

Author(s): thimble

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences

Pairing: Matsuoka Rin/ Nanase Haruka

Word Count: 5K

Summary: “’Nitori, be ready to call an ambulance,” Tall Redhead smirked as Other Redhead pushed the croissant out to eat it. He rolled his eyes, muttered something under his breath, and took a bite.

Haru stiffened, and the rest of the shop seemed to wait with baited breath.

Other Redhead chewed contemplatively, blinking like he was surprised at himself. “This is… really good, actually. I want another.”

Oh, no.“

Find it: Here


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