To people who hate Discord/think he’s a bad character, consider the following.

  • He spent most of his immortal life alone without any moral guidance whatsoever.
  • His only source or reliable emotional and moral support is one pony out of the 6 who claim to be his friend.
  • He’s received no actual instruction on how to change his ways (as opposed to Starlight who had all that shit laid out for her) and was just expected to be better
  • He’s purposefully excluded from a lot of the girl’s activities.  There’s literally a licensed board game where that is the actual objective.
  • He was the only character to actually suffer from an abusive relationship (via Tirek), so relapse is to be expected.
  • The writers gave a redemption arc to a morally dubious character that wasn’t made with a redemption in mind so they’re performing a balancing act to give him development while sticking to what the audience liked about him.

So if at all it seems like he’s being a complete asshole, there’s clearly a reason for that.

Heya guys! Long time no see.

I’ve started up a new ask-tumblr based around the misadventures of the Student Six and could really use a bit of help getting it off fhe ground :) It’s a simple- line-based tumblr which I’m trying to use to get me to be more adventurous with expressions, creatures and the like.

I’d welcome anyone who wants to help by asking questions and giving that follow button a little bit of snuggly book-bug love. As with any drawing I do, my aim is to make you smile, even a little. And I’d love to do the same with this side-project.

I’ve attached a few pics below to show you the sort of thing I’m going for. They all hope they see you soon! <3 The Link is on the banner - or alternatively:

Thanks <3