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You watched Phil and your 4 year old daughter watch Despicable Me for the sixth time this week. Phil was going insane, but he would do anything for her.
“Sweetie, can we watch something else please”. Phil pleaded.
“No Daddy no”. She put her hands on her hips.
“Don’t you want to watch Frozen or Finding Dory”?
“No, now come sit down, mommy you coming to watch with us.”
“Sure, why not”. You said siting down beside her.
She sat in the middle between you an Phil. Phil had his hand on your on the back on the couch.
“Mommy look at this part, ITS SO FLUFFY”. You screamed.
“Oh dear, she watches this movie to much”. You laughed
“I tried to get her to watch another but no Miss Queen of Minions wants this movie”. Phil said playing with your daughters curls.
“I like this movie alot”. She said eating popcorn
“Why do you like this movie so much, huh monkey”? You aksed tickling her
“STOP Mommy, I like it cause the girls have sisters”. “I want sisters”.
You looked at her with big eyes. “Well baby we’re not having a baby right now cause it takes time”. Phil tried to explain
“But Daddy, I want a sister now”! She yelled
“Phil, I think she gets to win this argument”.
“No she doesnt unless your…your pregnant”?
“Yeah Honey, we’re gonna have another baby”.
He got off the couch and kneeled in front of you.“Y/N, I Love you so much”. “I promise to be a good father and husband”.
“Phil you already are, thats why I said yes two years ago”. “I love you too”. You kissed him.
“EWWW, mommy and daddy are kissing ewww”. She screamed and ran away.
“You ready for another her”? He asked you
“No, this one is going to be just like his daddy” You said giving him another kiss.
“Yeah, him”. You smiled.
“Should we tell her that shes having a brother”.
“Yeah mine as well, shes ewwed out anyway lol”.You said as you grabbed his hand.

She was mad and said that boys were ewwy. But six months later she loved her little brother and he was wrapped around her little finger.

There She Goes

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Author’s Note: A Happy Lowman imagine based on Point at You by Justin Moore. This is the second imagine for Music Monday #2, and it ended up a lot fluffier than intended…hope you don’t mind. Let me know! Oh and I’m sorry that it’s on the short side, it just felt right to end it where I did.

There She Goes


I’ve always been one of them boys
Rollin’ around in jacked up toys
Making noise on small town Friday nights

Red light running, good time chasing,
Guess I’ve earned this reputation
Probably never shake it but that’s alright

I’ve got a rough side, a wild side
At least a country mile wide
A fightin’ side after a few
If they wanna see my sweet side
My soft side, my best side
I just point at you
Yea, point at you


His eyes track the flow of people coming through the club doors, the purpose of his watchful gaze serving two purposes. One, he’s getting a head count for Gemma on how many people will need to be accounted for at all times for this lockdown, and two, he’s keeping an eye out for Liv. She’s running behind. Crazy woman always is.

But when he sees the familiar flash of dark hair, he actually smiles, and stepping on the bottom rung of a nearby barstool to boost himself up and over the crowd his brown eyes catching her laughing hazel.

“Sorry Hap,” Liv’s voice is light as she manages to get through the crowd, and then her arms are around his neck, her face nuzzling into his neck.

“You were cutting it damn close baby,” his voice is soft as he presses his lips to her hair, comfort replacing the anxiety that had started blooming due to her absence. She links her hands together anchoring them at the nape of his neck and grins look up at him.

“Better late than never, right?” she laughs and when he presses a kiss to the tip of her nose he catches the sound of stifled laughter from behind him, and tucking Liv tightly to his side he turns towards the noise to find a couple of prospects, the humor quickly draining from their faces when they see Happy looking at them.

“Something funny?” he demands, his gravelly voice piercing the air and with their head shaking quickly back and forth they suddenly decide they have better things to do than stand around and laugh.


Girl I ain’t sure just what it is
That’s got me all tore up like this
Your kiss done melted down this heart of stone

I still like to get a little crazy
But something about your loving baby
It breaks me down and makes me wanna haul ass home

I’ve got a rough side, a wild side
At least a country mile wide
A fightin’ side after a few
If they wanna see my sweet side
My soft side, my best side
I just point at you
Point at you yeah


She sits at the bar nursing a single beer as she listens to some of the other women talk. For the most part the conversations are boring, just everyday gossip that she has no interest in. She’s bored; and checking the clock she wonders how much longer Happy is going to be. She debates going to check on his herself but she decides against, acutely remembering the last time she watched him fighting in the ring.

She handled it well, until a sneaky right hook caught his cheek bone, spitting his skin. She doesn’t remember much after that, from what she was told she got up to go in for another drink, made it two steps, and then she was down.

Happy lost that fight because of her; not that he cared, but the embarrassment follows her to this day, so whenever her Old Man gets the urge to pound on someone in the ring she steers clear, content to play nurse when he’s done.

“Another one Liv?” one of the prospects, Phil, asks her and holding the bottle up she considers.

“Why not?” she says with a smile as Phil collects the bottle quickly replacing it with a fresh one, and holding it up she toasts before taking a long drink.

“I have to ask,” Phil says after a few beats of silence, “you and Happy? How’d that happen?”

“What do you mean?” Liv asks feigning confusion. She knows exactly what he means, because it’s the same thing that seems to stump everyone who meets them. Not that she doesn’t understand it. She understands it on a deep level because it’s the same question she asked herself in the early stages of her relationship with Happy. He was so rough, cold even, unless angry, in which case he runs hot, and now that she thinks of it he runs hot in bed too, but that is nobody’s business but theirs, but something about him is sweet, soft, and that mix of dark and light, it drives her absolutely insane in the best possible way.

“It’s just, you are not the type I imagined Happy’s Old Lady to be,” he says giving a shrug of his shoulder and she can’t help but smile.

“Well Phil, I take that as a compliment, I do hate being predictable,” she laughs taking another drink, “I guess it just happened. Contrary to popular belief, he does have a soft side.”

“Soft? Happy? Really,” his tone is incredulous and before she can reply Happy’s walking in, an arm swung around Tig’s shoulder. They are both covered in sweat with streaks of blood on their faces.

“Drinks for everyone, Tig’s paying!” Happy calls out and he’s met with loud cheers.


Oh girl I wouldn’t blame ya if you tried to change me
Lord knows I’m hard to hold
But I guess you kinda like all of my sides
And I ain’t letting you go
Cause my best side is holding me close
Point at you, yeah

I’ve got a rough side, a wild side
At least a country mile wide
A fightin’ side after a few
If they wanna see my sweet side
My soft side, my best side
I just point at you
Oh baby, I just point at you
Girl I point at you
Oh babe my best side is you
Girl I point at you


Liv gently presses the ice pack to his face, cooing under her breath as she takes in all of the damage done. Of all the times he’s gotten into the ring with Tig, this was definitely one of the better bouts, and with a smile he leans back against the bar, letting his woman take stock. He knows whatever she can’t soothe right now, she’ll soothe later in the privacy of his dorm, in fact he’s counting on it.

“I’m going to get some more ice,” Liv says taking the half melted pack from him, and as she gets up he snags her hand pulling her close so he can press a kiss to her lips, and finally letting her go he watches her walk away, head tilting to take in the way her jeans hug her ass.

“Liv says you have a soft side,” Phil says from behind him and with a grunt Happy takes the beer he holds out to him, and pointing it in her direction he smiles.

“And there she goes.”