filthy paws

  • Avdol: What is on your hand? Motor oil? Peanut butter? That is one filthy paw.
  • Polnareff: It’s only blood and it’s not like it’s mine. C'mon Avdol. Avdol. Avdol, please. Just read it. Read it, Avdol.
  • Avdol: No.
  • Polnareff: Joseph says that you’re a palm reader, y'know. He said that you’re… psychotic.
  • Avdol: I’m not Psychic.
  • Polnareff: I think you are. I’ll give you 10 bucks.
  • Avdol: You only have 2 in your pocket.
  • Polnareff: *pulls out 2 dollars*
  • Avdol:
  • Polnareff: Wow!

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I've been stalking you for a while.. admiring your work from afar.. and finally I got the courage.. I DARE YOU TO WRITE A FLUFFY SCENARIO WITH SEBASTIAN GETTING ALL CLINGY OF A SUDDEN AND SHOWERS s/o WITH AFFECTION :D ~ Need some Kuro fluff rn xD this blog gives me life, please keep up the good work~ :)

(Based on a real life experience of mine lol)

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“Sebastian, you did not have to go so far as to hurt that guy,” You chided when both you and the former, demon butler were finally back to the comforts of the warm home you both shared.

“Of course I did. He had his filthy paws all over your body and even more unforgivable that he knew you were my wife,” Sebastian responded sitting on the couch with his legs crossed. “You know I don’t tolerate that.”

“Yeah, you were cut him up with those butter knives of yours and at a party too. It was a miracle there wasn’t a huge scene and I don’t want to think what would happen had you killed him,” You argued putting your hands at your hips.

The demon sighed.

“If killing him was what it takes, I will happily do so, ___~”

At this, you couldn’t help but laugh and sat on the couch with him, putting your head on his shoulder.

“You are such a…yandere, you know that?” You poked fun at him. Sebastian went to his phone and looked up the meaning of the word before nodding vigorously. He wrapped his arms around you tightly while sniffing your fragrant hair deeply.

“Indeed I am and I will do anything and I mean anything to ensure you are mine~”

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Get your filthy 2.0 paws off of Kira's sword. It's like they thought "how can we be most disrespectful to Kira/Arden? Yeah, ok. Let's do that."😠 Sometimes I just can't with this show.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. This. Yeah. UGH. 

I’m honestly too mad to put it coherently. Maybe someday. 

EXO Reaction to another member patting their gf head.

Hope you like it hunnie - Chloe xx

Baekhyun - *He doesn’t like it but he’s to scared to say anything because he doesn’t want to come across as jealous*.

Chanyeol - “Ahh what are you doing Chen?? Thats MY girlfriend”. 

Chen - “Haha stop it you weirdo”. *he doesn’t care he just finds it funny*. 

D.O - “Keep your filthy paws off my girlfriend Chanyeol”. 

Kai - “No No NO Sehun, don’t do that, she doesn’t like it”. 

Kris - *possessive Kris doesn’t like other men touching his girl*. 

Lay - “Haha your so funny Kai”, *doesn’t even take into consideration thats Kai is flirting with you*. ignore caption

Luhan - “Why?” 

Sehun - “Thats enough of that Tao mmmkkaayy”. 

Suho - “You boys are odd.” 

Tao - “stOP PATTING HER LIKE THAT”. *Whinging Tao*

Xiumin - *Just glares at Luahn*.