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This request was a bit of a challenge because I’m new to writing violence and intimacy, but I enjoyed it all the same. For clarification, things do get steamy, but I wouldn’t classify it as smut. I’m worried that this is low quality and that the pacing may be poor so I’d love any criticism or feedback so I can continue to improve.

The poster requested a Michael x Reader fic in which Michael finds himself in a bit of a bind after getting caught up in the illegal side of the business and runs to the Reader’s house for medical attention and support. As best friends she cares for him and things heat up. 

Michael x Reader

Warnings: mild violence 

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Ten Days- Day 2

The next morning, the sound of crisp patter again my window woke me up. Images of painting-worthy landscapes swam beneath my eyelids with memory and I fluttered my eyes open.

The sunlight caught something in my room through my opaque curtains, drawing rainbows around the four-walled space. It looked extraordinary and I immediately caught my breath. Maybe the world was beautiful after all.

Mesmerised, I walked over to my wall and placed my hand flat on the cold, pimpled surface. The rainbow patterned itself onto my hand, into every crevice and imperfection. I didn’t notice how deeply the moment had captured me until another stone hit my window.

I quickly scrambled to my feet, rushing over to pull the curtains apart from each other. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach. I felt excitement to be facing a new day.

“Shawn Peter Raul Mendes .” I called out, his middle names rolling off of my tongue for some reason. I widely opened the window and looked down at him. “You are going to scratch my window.” I laughed, watching as he sheepishly continued to stare at me.

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could u write a prompt whenever you have time with young peter and yondu? Maybe pete has asthma or something when they abduct him, and nobody on the ship understands it + yondu just thinks he's weak, until he has an attack one day, and yondu becomes super protective and caring and tries to help him with the inhaler or stuff? ty xx

Also posted on AO3: Missouri Tornado (3200 wds)

I don’t have asthma, so hopefully this isn’t too far off. Epinephrine (adrenaline) actually is an older treatment for asthma, until newer drugs came along, and the internet, at least, says that you can treat a severe asthma attack with an epi-pen if there’s no inhaler available.

With the ominous inevitability of a Missouri tornado descending on the little town where he and his mom used to live, Peter feels an attack coming on – lungs clenching, throat closing up – and he thinks desperately, no, no, no … not here, not now … Mom, help …

(He doesn’t pray to God anymore. Mom wouldn’t like it, but he stopped praying to God the day she died. It’s Mom he asks for things, mostly, when there’s something he really, desperately needs.)

(And all he needs right now is air.)

He’s with some of Yondu’s guys, heading back to the M-ship from a job on a planet whose name he can’t remember. Trying to remember the names of all the planets he’s been to, just in the year or so he’s been on Yondu’s ship, is worse than trying to memorize the names of the states in social studies class. This one has a yellow sky and a smoky, scorched smell in the air. And that’s probably not helping with the lungs (he remembers how dust and smoke used to give him attacks), as he’s hustled along in the middle of a jostling, laughing group of Ravagers who are tossing back and forth the leather sack containing the jewels Peter just crawled through approximately forty miles of vents to obtain.

(Lots of dust in the vents, too. That’s not helping either.)

He gasps, stumbles – if he could just stop for a minute –

Yondu, bringing up the rear, almost trips over him. “Move, boy,” he snaps, catching Peter by the collar of his coat and hauling him forward. Unlike the rest of them, Yondu’s not sharing in the party atmosphere, except for an occasional brief, sharp-toothed smile. He keeps looking around, glancing over his shoulder, trying to hustle them back to the ship and offworld before the museum’s security notices they’ve been robbed.

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Tale As Old As Time: A FinnRey AU

Chapter One

A/N: Okay, so I’m really nervous about posting this. This is my first fic written with two canon characters, and my first fic I’m posting publicly, so please be gentle! However, feedback would be much appreciated. This first chapter is a lot of exposition to get the plot rolling, but I promise chapter two will be much more interesting. It’s also very short, so sorry about that! Hopefully its enjoyable :)

Warnings: None :)

Word Count: 794

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Alec’s hidden emotions toward Magnus being kidnapped in City of Heavenly Fire

Ok, I just wanted to talk about how Alec expressed his emotions through very tiny motions, gestures or statements. He isn’t really the type to talk about it but his emotions, the hurt all of it showed quite well in this following examples:Alec pulled him {Jace} closer by the sleeves and hung on, his knuckles whitening around the fabric 

- Alec is clearly worried about Magnus, he’s terrified for him and doesn’t know what to do. He’s in despair.  He feels alone and hopeless and needs someone to hold on to

Someone should keep watch, just to be safe 
- ‘I’m not going to sleep anyway’
- Alec is so scared and freaking out because of Magnus being gone he can’t even sleep. He is unable to.  He can’t find any piece or relaxation until he’s reunited with Magnus.

Along with Alec’s blood, Simon could taste the metal of fear, the spark of pain, and the eager flame of something else, of something he had tasted the first time he had drunk Jace’s blood on the filthy metal floor of Valentine’s ship. Maybe all Shadowhunters did have a death wish, after all.

- Fear, pain, sadness emotions he feels inside so strongly that they seem to be part of his blood. Magnus’s absence hurts him so deeply inside that Simon can even taste it. The death wish is another important part. Alec was never much of a daredevil or had a death wish. BUT for Magnus he would do anything including giving up his own life and fighting whoever he needs to. Magnus brings out the wish in Alec to give up his own life in order to save Magnus’s. He inspires that death wish because Alec can’t live without Magnus.

‘God my head’

‘Maybe you shouldn’t have drunk so much last night,’ Jace said.

- Alec doesn’t really know what to do and even drinks to make himself feel better. On more than once occasion is he seen drinking wine. He succumbs his aching feelings with alcohol because he’s trying not to feel. Not feel all the hurt and pain and agony without Magnus. So even in the dangerous realm they find themselves in he drinks in order to get by and put up with his inner struggle and feelings.

Alec wondered what would happen if he made a sacrifice to the dark demon gods of this world in exchange for not being constantly reminded that he was single. And not just single. He didn't only miss Magnus; he was terrified for him, with a deep constant, aching terror that never went away completely. 
- Terrified for him, deep constant aching terror that never went away completely- says it all. This is what he’s feeling inside yet he’s trying not to let it show in front of anyone but all these emotions are there, inside him, nonetheless. 
Which brings us to the famous quotes that shows him expressing his crushing feelings about Magnus to Jace: 

This, this is me in pieces
He’s tried and is still trying to keep it together, keep his hurt and pain contained but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. It is. And it is killing him inside. Tearing at him and leaving, as he said, in pieces. 

Even though Alec might seem like he’s composed and more of a ‘cool’ guy, he gives a lot of clues about how he truly feels. Especially in this case. This is why I wanted to point it out. 


So in Art this year at school, we had the opportunity to make something out of metal, like cut it with a saw, solder, buff, and everything. [I didn’t really know you could just easily cut metal with a tiny blade, but you can. It makes a horrible noise tho.]

Anyways, being the filthy Homestuck trash I am, I made a cancer necklace!!! :DD The one on Whatpumpkin is way too expensive. :// So I used two layers of silver colored metal for this!! :DD [We had certain requirements to fulfill for the grade; thus being two pieces soldered together and not just one]

Sorry for the bad quality pics >.< I’m super excited! No it’s not perfect but I’m proud of it for a first-time metalworking :DD

Here’s what the back looks like; since I needed two layers:

I’m not really a jewelry person[even the word is gross. lfj;sdjfkjf;], but I’m so happy with this! Wanted to share :33

Egg-Laying Hens:

  • Caged hens are crammed into tiny, filthy metal cages where they have as much room as an A4 sized piece of paper. They basically go insane with stress, and although their beaks are usually seared off when they are born, they often pull out each others feathers or go bald from being so sick. They are slaughtered after their egg production drops, which is around 9 months to one year. 

  • Barn hens are crammed in their thousands into filthy windowless sheds. There are so many birds they can have very little room to move. Like battery hens, these birds feathers fall out or are plucked out by others from stress. These sheds are often so dirty the birds can have severely painful infected feet and underbellies. Like battery hens, they are slaughtered when they around a year old, after egg production drops.

  • Free range hens, like barn hens, are crammed in their thousands into dirty windowless sheds. They are allowed access outside, however, there are usually so many of them, the majority of hens aren’t able to get outside regularly and are confined to their filthy ‘barn’. Like other laying hens, free range hens are often debeaked shortly after birth. 

Other things to consider

  • Millions of male chicks are ground up alive or suffocated after birth as they are a by-product of the egg industry.  
  • Worldwide, there are currently 6.6 Billion egg-laying hens suffering right now in these awful conditions.
  • Chickens are more affectionate, intelligent and interesting than most people think. Just watch the video below. 

The Other Side of The Archer [Daryl Dixon x Reader]

~ Imagine where the reader almost gets bitten by a walker, but Daryl comes to the rescue. ~



“There’s got to be some stuff in there. What if there’s medicine or something? Something that we need! We can’t let that slip away…” I insisted, pleading with Daryl to bust open the doors of the abandoned store. He grunted at me for the fourth time, but he couldn’t fight back any longer.


“We said we’d come out here, look for gas, then head back. You’re wasting your time,” He huffed, before handing me the crowbar and grabbing a cigarette from his pocket, “Tap on the door first. If there’s any walkers in there we’re leaving, I ain’t takin’ no risks.”


I knocked on the door to check if there were any walkers inside. After waiting a few seconds, I heard nothing so I instantly curved the crowbar around the gap in the wood and pulled it towards me. Daryl blew smoke everywhere and turned around to face away from me, as I forced the door open with as much strength as I could muster in the heat. The sun shone directly onto us, blinding us both as I continued to attempt to open the door. I heard a crack as a piece of wood fell from the door, before the latch finally gave way and it opened up. I dropped the crowbar as my arms flopped to my sides like jelly.


I turned to check if Daryl was going to join me, but he’d sat down on the ground and was too busy staring into the distance to notice I’d opened the door without his help. All day I’ve been relying on him to open doors and get us into places, but now I’ve done it on my own and he didn’t even witness it happen! It’s not like he would’ve congratulated me for it, but I would’ve liked to have him see that I’m perhaps not as weak as he might think.


I slowly walked into the store, my eyes darting around the room in every direction, checking the area for any walkers. I pulled out my knife and had it in my hand, pointing outwards, ready to use at any given moment. “Found any thing yet?” I heard Daryl call as I strolled further into the abandoned room. I tutted at his question, as I tried to think of a sarcastic reply but admitted defeat when I couldn’t.


The room was dark, and the windows were boarded up with old slabs of wood that’d been hammered into the walls with rusty nails. My free hand traced the edge of the counter, collecting dust and dirt from the filthy metal surface. I rubbed my fingertips against my thumb, dust flaking off of my skin and floating down to the ground. Shelves were falling off of the walls, hanging on by singular brackets as other cabinets sat empty in the corners, with only a few boxes of miscellaneous items stacked on them; items that would be useless to us. I heard noise outside as Daryl groaned to himself, and told me to hurry up.


I turned around and looked towards him. He was still sat down in front of the doors, his arms behind him as he lounged under the sun as if he was on a beach holiday. “Hey come on!” He yelled over to me, not even bothering to look back over his shoulder at me. I squinted my eyes so I could get a better look at him, but as I went to step forward, I was grabbed forcefully. The familiar sickening texture of a walker’s peeling and rotten skin connected with my arm and I instantly tried to yank myself away from its deathly grip.


I tugged and tried to resist, flailing my knife around and trying to stab the walker in any place I could. It held my arm tightly behind my back, restricting me from being able to turn my body. I can’t turn around or I’ll twist my own arm and possibly break it in the process. I tried kicking my legs out behind me in an attempt to strike the walker in the legs but all I got in return was the disgusting moan of the undead soul in my ear. I leaned forward as far as I could so it wouldn’t be able to lunge and bite my neck at any second. I began to panic as the walker’s grasp only got tighter and my arm felt as if it was being pulled out of its socket.


I looked out to the doors at Daryl who was completely oblivious to the attack that was taking place behind him. I immediately called for his help as I heard a loud creaking sound behind me that signalled someone or something else was now in the room. No matter how much I didn’t want to seem vulnerable, I knew I couldn’t get away. “Daryl!” I yelled, still thrashing my body around insanely as I heard the roaring of the walker getting louder. There definitely has to be more than one in here now. Where the hell have they come from?! “Daryl!” I practically screamed as I threw myself forward again, dropping my knife and cursing loudly as I did so. My voice cracked as the humidity in the room felt as if it was wrapping around my throat, preventing me from passing air properly.


Daryl finally turned around and his eyes widened as he jumped up from where he was sitting, pulling out his knife from his belt as he ran towards me. My heart began to race as he plunged the knife into the walker’s eye, my face inches away from the razor-shape blade. My breathing hitched as I fell forward onto the floor, coughing and spluttering, trying to take in as much oxygen as my body would allow me to. I squeezed my eyes shut to calm myself down as the sounds of Daryl violently grunting and stabbing multiple walkers surrounded me. I wiped my eyes with my wrists, rubbing them until the noises stopped and the last walker fell to the floor with a thud. I looked up to see Daryl panting, wiping his knife on his jeans before tucking it back into his belt. He sighed, running a hand through his hair.


He spun around and saw me sat in a ball on the floor, my breathing somehow unable to return back to normal as I inhaled and exhaled loudly like a cat spitting a fur-ball. He crouched down and grabbed my hands, flipping my arms around to see if I’d been bitten anywhere. I shook my head to tell him I hadn’t, and he sunk to the ground and sat beside me. “Are you okay?” He asked between his short breaths. I couldn’t quite find a reply, so I nodded again as I turned to face him.


“Thank you…” I murmured, reaching over to him and touching his arm. He brought his hand up to his bicep and placed it on top of my own, an unfamiliar smile creeping onto his lips. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile like this before.


“It’s nothin’,” He shrugged, patting my hand before standing up, helping me up too. He wrapped his arm around me as we walked out of the store, and I felt like I’d connected with him more in that short space of time than I had throughout the past few months in his presence. He rubbed the space between my shoulder blades gently, as I began to control my breathing once again. I looked at him, only to find him looking at me also. His gaze locked in with mine, as he stared at me through the gaps in his long, messy hair, “What’re you starin’ at?” He asked, looking away from me, breaking the connection between us.


“I could’ve asked you the same thing.” I muttered. He stopped in his tracks, placing his hands on my forearms and holding me in place. He looked me up and down before letting go of me and slouching, “What? What’s wrong?”


“I don’t know… You could’ve died in there!” He suddenly shouted, throwing his arms in the air and letting them fall to his sides, slapping his thighs, “I told you not to go in there.” He lowered his tone once again, as he slid his hands into his pockets and looked at me with the same dark eyes he usually does. I guess smiley Daryl from a couple minutes ago doesn’t want to stick around.


“How was I to know there were walkers? Daryl you watched me knock on that door, we heard nothing. It was just, a misunderstanding…”


“Yeah, a misunderstanding that could’ve ended up with you dead. Or both of us for that matter.”


“No - Just me.”


He looked at me with a confused expression as if I’d just spoken a completely different language. His hands fell out his pockets and hung by his sides lazily, “What do you mean?” He asked me, walking towards me. I felt intimidated by his closeness to me, but I also kind of liked it.


“I mean… That… If either of us was to have died in there, it would’ve just been me. You would’ve gotten away easy.” I explained, shrugging.


“What makes you say that? We were both in the same amount of danger.”


“Daryl we both know you’re ten times stronger than I am. You would’ve killed those walkers in there the same way you just did and returned to Alexandria without a scrape. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about…”


“You’re wrong.”


“I’m not.”


Yes you are… You’re wrong, maybe not completely wrong but, you’re not completely right. I wouldn’t have left without a scrape, because I wouldn’t have left at all. Do you really think I’d watch you die then just walk out?”


He looked at me with hurt in his eyes and I felt a stab to my heart as I watched his face alter from tough to somewhat vulnerable or upset, “I wouldn’t be able to go back without you with me. Imagine how much of a coward I’d look… People would blame me,” He said, reaching out to grab my hand. I was too busy studying his facial expression to notice him squeezing my hand and stroking the back of it softly. I looked down, watching him gently touch the rough skin on the backs of my knuckles, “That’s why I didn’t want you to go in there. I wouldn’t know what to do if you’d have gotten hurt or worse…”


I looked back up at him and I felt as if his eyes were glaring deep into my soul. Then, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in for a hug. I allowed my body to sink into his, as his strong arms held me there for a moment. I felt as if the world stopped around us, as I took in his scent, my face settling into the crook of his neck comfortably. I wanted to stay like that forever, and never let go.


He eventually pulled away and sniffled, tucking his hands back into his pockets casually. I stood there dumbfounded, trying to find something to say back to him. I’ve never seen this side to Daryl before, he’s always so aggressive and tough, “Daryl I… I’m sorry. I should’ve listened to you. You’re so right, I don’t know what I would’ve done if the situation would’ve been reversed and you were the one in trouble.”


He laughed slightly at my reply, throwing his head back and sighing before chuckling a little louder to himself. I tilted my head in confusion as he just stood and laughed, not looking at me, “What?” I asked in amusement, a slight laugh creeping up on me for no reason.


“You seriously think I’d allow myself to get in trouble like that?” He replied sarcastically, now folding his arms over his chest, “Come on Y/N, let’s be real here…”


“Alright, no need to be cocky… Can we just go home now?” I almost whined like a small child. He just nodded in reply and we began walking together, suddenly closer than we’d ever been before. We vowed to keep his ‘spill of emotions’ as he called it, to ourselves. I couldn’t agree more when he suggested we don’t mention it again, because not only would we have our first inside secret together, but I’d be able to have that version of Daryl inside my mind for the rest of my life. The side of Daryl that no one has ever had the privilege of seeing apart from me. And if that’s not pretty damn special, I don’t know what is…


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Boss of Me They Might be Giants you’re not the boss of me now and you’re not so big // The Outsider Marina & the Diamonds and i grinned at you softly ‘cause i’m a fucking wild card // The Beast Tech N9ne everybody around me always thinks they know what’s going on inside my mind, they think i’m mr. nice guy all the time… you think you know, but you have no idea // Shut Up Simple Plan don’t tell me who i should be; don’t try to tell me what’s right for me // Time for Tea Emilie Autumn one day, that little girl may find a filthy metal spike and drive it right in the middle of your forehead; for she and her friends this is very, very good, but for you the game is over; this is revolution // Get Back Ludacris hey, you want what with me? i’m gonna tell you one time, don’t fuck with me // This Little Girl Cady Groves don’t you know you should never treat a girl like that? cause the next one’s gonna have the hammer pulled back // Get Over It The Eagles the big bad world doesn’t owe you a thing, get over it // U Can’t Touch This MC Hammer stop, hammer time // You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid The Offspring and now you steal away, take him out today; nice work you did, you’re gonna go far, kid // My United States of Whatever whatever

clem, the adults are talking