filthy metal

Egg-Laying Hens:

  • Caged hens are crammed into tiny, filthy metal cages where they have as much room as an A4 sized piece of paper. They basically go insane with stress, and although their beaks are usually seared off when they are born, they often pull out each others feathers or go bald from being so sick. They are slaughtered after their egg production drops, which is around 9 months to one year. 

  • Barn hens are crammed in their thousands into filthy windowless sheds. There are so many birds they can have very little room to move. Like battery hens, these birds feathers fall out or are plucked out by others from stress. These sheds are often so dirty the birds can have severely painful infected feet and underbellies. Like battery hens, they are slaughtered when they around a year old, after egg production drops.

  • Free range hens, like barn hens, are crammed in their thousands into dirty windowless sheds. They are allowed access outside, however, there are usually so many of them, the majority of hens aren’t able to get outside regularly and are confined to their filthy ‘barn’. Like other laying hens, free range hens are often debeaked shortly after birth. 

Other things to consider

  • Millions of male chicks are ground up alive or suffocated after birth as they are a by-product of the egg industry.  
  • Worldwide, there are currently 6.6 Billion egg-laying hens suffering right now in these awful conditions.
  • Chickens are more affectionate, intelligent and interesting than most people think. Just watch the video below. 


So in Art this year at school, we had the opportunity to make something out of metal, like cut it with a saw, solder, buff, and everything. [I didn’t really know you could just easily cut metal with a tiny blade, but you can. It makes a horrible noise tho.]

Anyways, being the filthy Homestuck trash I am, I made a cancer necklace!!! :DD The one on Whatpumpkin is way too expensive. :// So I used two layers of silver colored metal for this!! :DD [We had certain requirements to fulfill for the grade; thus being two pieces soldered together and not just one]

Sorry for the bad quality pics >.< I’m super excited! No it’s not perfect but I’m proud of it for a first-time metalworking :DD

Here’s what the back looks like; since I needed two layers:

I’m not really a jewelry person[even the word is gross. lfj;sdjfkjf;], but I’m so happy with this! Wanted to share :33