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Can I just get some positivity? I might be bi? Or pan? Not really sure but I'm also not cis (transmasc? maybe a demiboy? Maybe just nonbinary...honestly idk) and I'm in a relationship with a nonbinary person whom I love very much but I live in a house where being any part of this is "wrong" and "disgusting" and even just not believed. To my parents I'm a filthy liberal. I just need some positivity.

Of course you can!! I’m so sorry that you’re in such a toxic environment. You are so strong. Remember that it won’t be like that forever. You are going to make it through this. You are not disgusting. I’m going to make a couple posts for you, okay? I just did some nonbinary ones, but I’ll make a transmasc one and one about not being cis and also a one about liking multiple genders. That’ll hopefully cover it. Remember that you can always come here if you need support. Stay strong.

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I love how you whine about PC while ignoring the fact that conservatives dominate censorship cases. Almost like you're a filthy hypocrite

Liberals are worse and you know it because your the product of what is fundamentally wrong with liberals. Keep wearing your cape and cowl pretending to be Batman. I’m not a part of your cultural Marxist cult. I know I get the bullet too. Stay salty my friend.

Liberals: “you run an anime blog, you’re obviously a pedophile. Can’t wait to slit your throat and then pull down my pants and drown you in gallon after gallon of my frothy warm yellow judgement. You shall cower before me filthy conservative.”

Also Liberals: “man I want to masturbate and piss on underage children so bad.”


I’ve decided to make a post of FAQ’s that I’ve come across so far since posting about my daughter and her hair.

The post is here.

I might need to update it in the future, but here goes:

(FYI: these are links–in case you didn’t know)


Will you redye her hair or keep it natural?

Isn’t dying a child’s hair bad/damaging?

What color did you use?

Why didn’t you tell her that she shouldn’t throw things at the cashier?

Personal choices and social norms–I don’t let my daughter do anything she wants:

Raven Marie fan art:

How do I convince my parents to let me bleach/dye my hair?

Your story is bullshit/I don’t believe you because you’re not allowed to have unnatural colored hair in school:

Why the name Raven Marie?

Who’s the bio parents / you’re straight, or…?

More pictures/stories of Raven?

Were you raised in a nontraditional home/environment?

Advice for new/teen mommy’s-to-be:

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wait. so when rose didn't let bismuth use the breaking point, she's a filthy liberal, but when we learn she did shatter a diamond she's suddenly evil and a horrible manipulative person? what?