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Do you ever write something, think it's awesome, and then get 0 reaction to it? And then just jot something down and people think it's AMAZING? How do you deal with this kind of disconnect between yourself and your audience?

This feels like a question that speaks to two different communities at the same time.

As a professional author, writing books and stories for which I am paid money, I very rarely get zero reaction.  Sometimes I get negative reaction, either sincere (”this didn’t work for me”) or metatextual (”the author is a filthy fucking SJW liberal bitch and I hate her personally and she smells”), and I’m not going to pretend that doesn’t sting.  At the same time, all the negative reviews in the world won’t cancel my checks, so I still get paid, and that takes some of the sting out of things.  I write for myself, for the people who like my stuff, and to feed my cats/pay my bills, so as long as those boxes are checked, I don’t feel the disconnect.

As a fanfic author, writing stories for which I am not paid money, but am paid in “comment cookies” of positive feedback, I do sometimes have things land with a resounding thud.  This can happen for so many reasons.  Maybe the fandom is really small and there are only six people in my potential audience (”Flowers for Barry Ween,” for example).  Maybe the fandom is huge, and I’m not a BNF there, so I can’t find the readership (my very few Harry Potter pieces).  Or maybe people just don’t realize that, as someone who exists in both spaces, I still crave feedback and praise the way I crave candy corn: constantly and in sickening quantities.

You can’t predict the audience.  You just can’t.  I’ve been writing and sharing fanfic since I was fifteen and joined my first ElfQuest fanzine.  You just have to keep going, and remember that unless you’re getting paid, you’re under no obligation to keep writing anything that doesn’t make you happy.

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I love that "maybe we should make it harder to kill people with guns" is like a super bipartisan political opinion these days. But I'm just a filthy "liberal" what would I know.

Us: Maybe, just maybe? Military grade, high powered, semi automatic and automatic firearms and modification devices?? Shouldn’t be available for private, civilian, and recreational use???


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why do conservatives whine about taxes being theft and get shook when others talk about rent being theft?

OK. The short version: they understand the social contract differently from liberals and leftists. Liberals tend to see the social contract in terms of what people can do for each other. Conservatives tend to see it in terms of what people can’t do to each other.

Long version: 

The social contract, for anyone who hasn’t hit World History and/or Philosophy 1001 yet, is a theory about the origins of government. Basically: in the ‘natural’ state of things, people are free to do whatever they want, including hurting or killing each other. Most people figure out pretty quickly that this is not a good way to live, and come together to form a society. In society, you give away some of your rights and recieve responsibilities- but you also recieve some rights and privileges for being a member of society.* It’s like each citizen signs an unspoken contract when they become an adult: “I promise I’ll do xyz, and in return I get xyz.”

People left of centre tend to see this contract as a list of things people will do for each other. “I promise to help support people who can’t support themselves, speak for people who have no voice, and build up a strong community; in exchange, I’ll have the help of other people in the community if I’m ever in trouble.” Taxes fit perfectly into this model- you put a little money into the pot and use it on whatever the community needs, everyone benefits from the results. 

This seems self-evident, in a ‘why would anyone see this differently’ kind of way. But conservatives don’t tend to think like this. 

Conservatives often don’t trust people they don’t know. This is partly because they’re authoritarians and anyone they don’t know is probably not in proper submission to the right authorities, and partly because conservatives have often inherited a history of persecution– from distant ancestors getting their heads beat in by other kinds of Christian for being the wrong religion, or, more depressingly, because they’re poor and/or elderly and/or disabled and/or are ‘hicks’ and thus have the wrong culture to be taken seriously by mainstream America. They’ve got a fortress mentality going on. Some of it is justified; a lot of it ain’t. 

So conservatives often just want to be left alone. They do not want people they don’t trust up in their business. Most of them would like to live in the State of Nature where you don’t have any civil society beyond your family and, maybe, your local church or a very small hometown you defend from attackers.**  But they (correctly) intuit that living in the State of Nature sucks.

So the philosophy behind conservative thinking on what government should do is that it should mostly be a justice system- an arbiter of crimes and punishments- and not much else. The military exists to police the world outside America and punish other countries who do something wrong. The police and fire department exist to keep you safe from other people and acts of god. Other than that, everyone needs to trust in themselves. 

Government, in this model, exists to protect you from other people- not to help build up a community. You want your communities as disconnected from the outside world as possible, if you’re thinking like a conservative, because you don’t know who you can trust in the outside world, but you know who you can and can’t trust in your community.***

Income taxes, in this version of the social contract, are theft- they are taking money away from you and giving it to strangers. Because of years of conservative propaganda, most conservatives think the biggest chunk of government spending goes to welfare, and specifically welfare for black people so that Democrats can cynically buy their votes. They do not want their money to be spent this way, and are about as angry about this as we are about the military-industrial complex, even though it’s demonstrably untrue. And … while a lot of money in the form of welfare goes to people in the sticks, they’re not seeing a lot of the other benefits of taxes, because the American government’s system of handing out money is screwed up. 

Rent, on the other hand, is a contract you enter into of your own free will, and conservative propaganda says it’s good because capitalism is good. Also– a lot of the time, rent in small conservative towns is pretty cheap, because no one wants the land it’s on. For example, a studio apartment in Chicago is, on average, around $900 a month; in Kokomo, Indiana, that will get you 3 bedrooms.  The costs of living out in the sticks are mostly ‘having a car’ and ‘getting food and other essentials’, not ‘rent’. So rent isn’t nearly as big of a concern for conservatives in the sticks- besides, it’s just part of the cost of living, that’s the way life has always been. Conservatives really believe that you have to work to survive, and if you think otherwise, you’re either stupid, lazy, or both. 

So yeah, that’s why they get shook. In their heads, you’re basically saying “the way you think society should be is wrong on a fundamental level”, with a side of “I’m going to rip you off and then tell you you should be grateful because I’m ‘helping’, even though you’re seeing no benefit from it” and “I deserve to get to lie around and do nothing while you work for a living, because someone’s got to work for a living for the world to keep going”. 

*There’s some dispute, particularly on the Far Left, over whether this is accurate, because social contract theory tends to assume that everyone is a rational actor working out of enlightened self-interest and all that Enlightenment stuff that the Far Left hates. Being a filthy liberal, I think it’s a decent framework for this kind of discussion, if only in a spherical-cows-in-a-vacuum kind of way.

**As a side note, I think this is why zombie apocalypse stuff is SO POPULAR with a certain kind of conservative guy, especially when it comes with a side of racism. It’s the fantasy of being back in the State of Nature and getting to be a BADASS!!!!!1!! and not get your ass kicked by the Mob.

*** Of course, this ironically leads to higher rates of abuse.  

(Side note: I don’t personally understand the logic behind ‘rent is theft’- other than maybe ‘any transaction you can’t avoid in a capitalist economy is theft’, which, I disagree but I can see where you’re coming from. Personally, I’ve rented most of my life and the thing that I’m paying most of my money for is ‘having my utility bills covered’ and ‘having someone on-call to let my dumb ass inside or get the tree roots out of my toilet’. But hey, we don’t have to agree on everything.)


I’ve decided to make a post of FAQ’s that I’ve come across so far since posting about my daughter and her hair.

The post is here.

I might need to update it in the future, but here goes:

(FYI: these are links–in case you didn’t know)


Will you redye her hair or keep it natural?

Isn’t dying a child’s hair bad/damaging?

What color did you use?

Why didn’t you tell her that she shouldn’t throw things at the cashier?

Personal choices and social norms–I don’t let my daughter do anything she wants:

Raven Marie fan art:

How do I convince my parents to let me bleach/dye my hair?

Your story is bullshit/I don’t believe you because you’re not allowed to have unnatural colored hair in school:

Why the name Raven Marie?

Who’s the bio parents / you’re straight, or…?

More pictures/stories of Raven?

Were you raised in a nontraditional home/environment?

Advice for new/teen mommy’s-to-be:

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wait. so when rose didn't let bismuth use the breaking point, she's a filthy liberal, but when we learn she did shatter a diamond she's suddenly evil and a horrible manipulative person? what?