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Yikes! It sounds like you moved into a real hellhole! Also, it's okay, you didn't have to explain your choice to get a gun. Don't worry about potential haters. You stuck to your guns (pun intended), and made a decision. I think that it was a good one considering the circumstance. Also, I would feel bad for any zombie (or anyone else for that matter), that would mess with you. ;)

Very clever.  You’re punny xD  Thank you for being understanding!  I feel like everything gets so politicized all the time.  When I told my friends from high school that I got a gun, some of them legit asked me of I was joining the NRA.  But anyone who really knows me knows that I am filthy liberal scum :D  Yes, I agree that any zombie would be foolish to mess with me!  And you too for that matter : )

pathfinderofhyperion replied to your post “ppl who are mean to others bc they think they’re being funny or some…”

did u mean right-wing libertarians who keep posting offensive memes in the group chat, never pass up on a chance to make a “did you just assume my gender?!” joke, and go around calling non right wing libertarians on campus “filthy liberals”?
i’m sorry that was So Specific

it’s okay, I understand your frustration that’s just…y i k e s