filthy hypocrite


i think it’s really funny how onision calls out idubbbz for ridiculous reasons while also being problematic as fuck. Every example Onision used for idubbbz being “racist” was actually Ian calling someone else out for being racist and using that slur, like in the Keemstar and Tana Mongeau Content Cops. Onision is using clips out of context to try and RUIN someone else’s career. How is that acceptable? There are tons of examples of Onision being misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, and ableist but of course he’s going to pretend none of that exists. Well, it does, and here’s the proof. Even if one person sees this, it will have been worth it.

Also I think it’s funny how’s he’s begging for a Content Cop because he knows his channels are dying and the Content Cop would give him exposure. Ian hasn’t- and probably still doesn’t- give a shit about Onision or his shitty content. Onision’s not going to get a Content Cop(even though I want one DESPERATELY) because it would just give Onision the attention he so desperately craves.

(and for him to say that filthy frank/george copied him is RIDICULOUS, for obvious reasons)

Anyways, here’s the evidence against Onision(a lot of credit to @shameshack because that’s where I got most of this- they’re amazing and you should check them out)

According to Onision, people aren’t allowed to speak their minds- unless he’s the one doing it. Fuck you @onision. Fuck. You.

Texan Keith

• had to learn line and square dancing as a gym requirement in elementary + the first year of intermediate school

• can only remember the choreography to “Cotten-Eyed Joe”

• taught lance how to dance the choreography to “Cotten-Eyed Joe” because lance asked him to immediately after lance found out

• says “bless your heart” at every possible situation

• is it sincere? is he wishing you’d suffer? no one knows

• says “all y'all”

• is simultaneously annoyed when other people say “all y'all” because “all you all” makes no gosh darn sense. filthy hypocrite

• saw the outside of NASA 1 (one) time through a car window

• can’t say the word “Texas” without a Texan accent. it’s just. it’s not possible when you’ve lived here so long

• keith, seeing northerners make fun of the southern dialect: don’t y'all know we don’t talk like that? i ain’t never heard a single person talk like you folks think we do,

Operational Security

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“…no-one would like to believe General Kenobi’s alive more than I would…”

It was a lie that was getting harder and harder as he watched his two jetiise struggle to find their way in this harsh, unforgiving galaxy; especially now that Ezra had somehow worked out exactly where his old friend was hiding out. And how that had happened was something Rex wasn’t even going to pretend to understand, firmly filing it under ‘weird Jedi shit’.

Arguments had been had about him hiding on Tatooine. Arguments that had ended in Rex being called a filthy hypocrite, and Rex having to reluctantly agree.

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if you think it’s possible to call something a sin and tell people they’re going to hell if they don’t repent from it, but then say you love people who commit this mortal “sin” and aren’t grossed out by them and would never attack them or condemn them, you are either a filthy hypocrite or a filthy liar. or just a complete moron, frankly. probably all three.

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“You’re such a bitch” Could you made it work with romione??? :p

You sure love a challenge, don’t you anon? Accepted - enjoy! :) 

He’d come home from a particularly long shift, several hours later than usual. He was bloody tired, both physically and emotionally. As he walked through the door, he slid his rucksack off his sore shoulders, and glanced up at his flat through his too-long fringe. Hermione was sitting on the couch, her legs bent up so that she could rest her head on her knees.

“Hey,” she said quietly, a small smile on her face. “Finally home?”

“Finally,” Ron replied, walking over to join her. He sighed as he let his body sink into the couch cushions, and he instinctively placed his hand on Hermione’s sock-clad feet, rubbing them gently. “What you been doing?” he asked, noticing she didn’t have a book or any notes with her.

She shrugged, and Ron frowned at how quiet she was.

“Anything wrong?” he pressed.

Her eyes met his and he could see the horrible thoughts swimming in her head. “Am I a bitch?”

“What?” he spluttered out.

“Am I, Ron?” she said, sitting up a little straighter, letting her legs fall in either side. 

“No!” he exclaimed. “Who– what– where– where did you get this?”

Hermione shrugged again, and it was the fact that she was barely talking that made him particularly worried - Hermione, his Hermione, would never be so quiet and uncertain and filled with self-doubt. “The case with that house elf I’ve been working on - Randy - we met with his ‘master’ today.” She spat out the word, hating the fact she still needed to use it. “And I knew him, actually, I’d worked with him back in the Magical Creatures department. He– he wasn’t very nice. But apparently I didn’t make a very good impression on him, either, because today when I finished explaining how his behaviour towards Randy breached the legislation in the House-Elf Liberation Act we introduced recently, all he said was ‘you’re such a bitch.’”

A silence hung in the air as Ron thought about what he’d do to this master. But a thought struck him - “but these idiots have never made you think twice, no matter what they say. Why– why now?”

Hermione had to look away from him. “Be-because that’s not all he said,” she admitted.

“What else?” Ron all but growled. 

“He– well he’s worked with me before, so he used a lot of examples about how horribly I treat people, that I never let anyone speak and never listen to anyone, that I’m Little Miss Perfect and a control freak…”

“He’s a git.” Ron said simply.

Hermione smiled slightly. “Ron–”

“Filthy hypocrite, he is,” he exclaimed, sitting upright, still rubbing her feet reassuringly. “Where does he get off calling you that when he’s the one that’s in trouble for abusing his house elf?” He turns to look at Hermione. “And you - why do you let them make you feel like sh-”

Ron,” she interrupted, but the smile made him feel as though he was saying everything she needed to hear.

“Look, you’re not a bitch!” he continued. “Hermione, you’re the complete opposite of what he said. It’s a load of rubbish - you treat everyone with kindness and positivity and all that stuff, and as for not listening to other people’s opinions, you’re the first person who ever bothered to listen to me and how I felt and that’s…” his voice trailed off, his ears turning slightly red, as they often did when he spoke about his feelings for Hermione, “… that’s why I fell in love with you.”

Hermione’s eyes softened, and she stared at him for a long moment before saying, “I love you, Ron.”

Ron tried to smile at her, but he felt rather awkward about it. Instead of replying, he squeezed her feet gently and hoped she’d understood everything he tried to say. It seemed she had.

And it also seemed she understood that he needed the moment to pass because things were a little too serious now, so she slapped his thigh lightly and said “but you really need to get your dirty shoes off the table, right now!”

Ron groaned and rolled his eyes, swinging his feet off the table and standing up to go take them off, shooting back a teasing “bitch” over his shoulder.

Hermione tossing her head back in laughter was the last thing he saw before a pillow hit his face. 

from the four word prompts!

Hypocrisy checklist

Do you preach about rape apology and rape society then hope a girl gets raped for not being a feminist?

Do you ask that males/whites/cis/heterosexual people be allies to your cause then tell them that they aren’t allowed to speak up on these issues because they aren’t female/poc/LGBT?

Do you campaign against racism/sexism/trans and homophobia then turn around and call all cis/male/white/hetero people scum on the basis of them being cis/male/white/hetero?

Congratulations, if you answered yes to any of these, you are a massive fucking hypocrite.

This has been a PSA.

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kotori and chuuya with the Good Hygiene™ brushing their teeth and taking showers regularly kai and dazai cant do shit they made a fort once and called it The Castle of Stink ((i can imagine kotori spraying dry shampoo into kais hair and the boy just s c r e a m s))

Kotori just chases her brother around with hygiene products. 

Like, Kotori has little bottles of perfume that she keeps on her desk, and Kai won’t leave her the hell alone, so she just turns around and sprays him with One Direction’s Our Moment and he runs out of her room screaming and smelling of fangirl.

Chuuya and Dazai, (that filthy hypocrite) had to make an ultimatum with Kai - either he showers, or he goes to bed early. He held out two weeks, but then he started gagging when he put his clothes on.

Kotori’s teeth require high maintenance, and Kai has never had a cavity. Which is fun because he’s also never brushed his teeth. She accuses him of being an alien, and Dazai chimes in, explaining that they made a deal with the devil to get Kai.

“We exchanged him with Papa’s height.” Dazai nods, sagely, and ducks as a shoe hits his head.

Xenophilius Lovegood

The books are full of characters who are willing to either throw themselves wholeheartedly to Harry’s cause or throw themselves wholeheartedly to Voldemort’s cause. But there’s something realistic about a character like Xeno. Xeno supports Harry’s position and understands the role Harry plays. But when the chips are down, he’ll chose his own daughter over Harry (and by extension, the entire anti-Voldemort movement). He knows how important Harry is to the cause, he’s been saying so for months. But he’s unwilling to sacrifice his own daughter, the only family he has left, to the cause.

And despite, you know, betraying the protagonists, Xeno is still painted with a wide stroke of sympathy. The reader can see the difficult position he’s in. It’s obvious that he’s making the wrong decision for the right reasons. JKR goes so far as to explicitly draws a parallel between Xeno and Lily Evans.

From the POV of Harry, what Xeno did was immoral. But plenty of parents would have done the same thing for their child.

And despite calling him a “filthy hypocrite” and a “coward,” Hermione, Ron, and Harry seem to understand Xeno’s perspective as well.

He’s a parent, and he did what he thought was right in order to protect his only daughter. And it’s incredibly hard to fault him for that.

Pokemon XY Alternative Episode Titles, part 2

21. Serena Becomes a YouTube Star! The Fennekin Costume and the Blank Stare!!
22. The Only Magikarp Anyone Has Ever Wanted (Except for James)
23. A Pokemon Literally Almost Melts to Death (but god forbid we use the actual word that would scare the children)
24. The Disappointment of AmourShippers! The Banned Episode was Overhyped!!
25. Calm your tits Serena jeez it’s not even your battle
26. That Which We Call a Battle by Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet…literally…it’s a bake off.
27. Flabébé and the Fairy Filler!
28. Augustine Sycamore: Pokemon Professor, Certified Creeper
29. Clemont’s Failure Saves the Day
31. Alright everyone, move in a bit! (Serena: *moves out* ssh I’m doing it for love)
32. Lucario Will Haunt Your Nightmares
33. A Wasted Opportunity for Amourshipping Hints, Part 2: Separation Edition! Now With Bonus LaserBladeShipping!
34. Flower-Pickin’
35. Mucha Hawlucha
36. 🎵 There are Big Tall Terrible Battles in the Sky 🎵
37. Canon AU with Crybaby Ash, Tsunderena, Clemont the Wizard, and Bonnie on ADHD Meds
38. You’d Think They’d Know By Now That Chespin Is Pretty Much Always Gonna Be The Cause of the Missing Macarons
39. Took You Long Enough, Serena
40. The Cliff Scene
41. Ash Almost Kills Himself and Bonnie. Thanks, Gay Prongs. Way to Be the Bringer of Everlasting Life.
43. Life Hax by Gurkinn
44. Moral of the Story: Embrace your Lack of Dancing Talent and You Will Succeed
45. Clemont is a Filthy Veggie-Hating Hypocrite
46. Wigglyspaz and the Immunity Showcase
48. The Electric-Type Gym Leader Catches an Electric-Type Pokemon Wow What a Concept
49. Grown-Ups Are Evil Monsters and I’m Going to Keep Slowly Killing This Lapras Whether You Monsters Like It or Not
50. Dancing and Explosions and JESSIE THIS IS A CHILDREN’S SHOW

How anything Laurel does is wrong to the Arrow fandom.
  • Laurel: Defends people and risks herself everyday with her day job as a Lawyer.
  • Laurel: Wanted to defend the city and good people BEFORE OLIVER EVER WANTED TOO.
  • Laurel: Brings her sister back from the dead (and Oliver did it 6 months ago (don't argue this because Marc even said that someone will die in 3x19)).
  • Laurel: Risks her life to save the city during the night.
  • Haters: Omg she's selfish and is not a hero.
  • Laurel: *Breathes*
  • Laurel: *cures cancer*
  • Haters: OMG SHE'S SELFISH FOR DOING THAT!(this is probably what's going to happen too).
  • Laurel Fans over here like: Y'all are just fucked up little immature filthy hypocrites

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any good zimbits fic recs?

Yes! And I would have answered this last night but I was on mobile and links aren’t a thing. SO! 

- Something Like This by @emmagrant01

This is one of my favorite fics and I don’t normally go for WIPs because I’m a filthy hypocrite. This fic makes me happy to wake up on Wednesdays. 

- A Little Bit Closer by @marswithghosts

Featuring probably Ace!Jack and also Bruins player!Jack, and kids’ librarian!Bitty, and all in all it’s a really wonderful fic that marswithghosts wrote for annundriel.

- Being in Motion also by @marswithghosts

Not to like, turn this whole thing into the marswithghosts appreciation page, but like. anyway. 

- New Skin by @rransom 

Oh god this fic killed me. 

(and going through my bookmarks for this attuned me to the fact I don’t actually read a lot of zimbits? But if you want like, PB&J recs I’ve got you) 

“no taxation without representation” scream the colonies to Great Britain. “we’re going to be independent now” they say.

but when bees are taxed and there are NO government positions that are filled by bees, everyone stays quiet. and when they say they’re going to be independent, everyone laughs.

well you won’t be laughing when all your honey is thrown into the harbor you filthy hypocrites

Imagine you’re sitting in a class which you neither find to be your favorite nor your most dreaded. Now, imagine your teacher gives you an assignment. A project, if you will. You have a few weeks to do it, but it’s just something you’re really not rushing to finish. I’m sure you may work on it a bit here and there, but I almost guarantee you will procrastinate as long as you can on this project. Maybe it’s because you just don’t feel like doing it since it’s not something you wanted to do in the first place, or maybe you feel like you have better things to do. Or maybe, just maybe, You’re a 22 year old male with a life outside of this project but you think that if you don’t do it at all you will be disappointing literally millions of people.

Dan Howell fans, I’m disappointed an appalled by your behavior. If you even for a second think you’re entitled to complain about Dan’s channel trailer, you are a filthy hypocrite. You pushed and pushed for him to make one, and when he finally does under your pressure you do nothing but complain about how you waited weeks for something you didn’t like. Well boo-fucking-who.

First of all, I highly doubt you sat at your computer 24/7 waiting for it to come out. You have a life outside of YouTube and, no matter how much your mind may think it does, your world does not revolve around Dan. So just stop saying shit like “I waited weeks for this??" You did not wait for shit. Plus, the trailer wasn’t even made for you. It was made for people who have never seen his videos before, and frankly I think he did a good job of explaining what his channel is.

Secondly, Dan does not owe you anything. Get that into your system right now. He. Does. Not. Owe. You. Shit. He’s given you hours of free entertainment, hours and hours of his life used making these videos, and takes time out of his life to go to events so his fans can meet him. He’s given up all of this time to make you happy.

Furthermore, have you forgotten that Dan is an actual living, breathing, feeling, human being? Have you forgotten the very basic rule that each of us it taught in our youngest years? (If you can’t say anything nice…) Yes, criticism is good for healthy human development, but simply bitching and moaning that you don’t like something isn’t criticism. It’s being a dick. What if I went to your blog and repeatedly told you that I didn’t like what you posted or that your blog has sucked recently. Over, and over again with hundreds of comments. It wouldn’t feel good, would it? Most likely it would be labeled as “hate mail” and people would call me a bitch and tell you to ignore it. Well that’s exactly what you’re doing.

You’re not helping Dan by telling him these things. If anything, you’re going to make him want to stop making videos. YouTube is an art, and I can tell you that, as a fellow artist, negative reviews without actual criticism are the biggest blows to one’s motivation. “If people don’t like what you’re doing, then why do it?” Now, I’m pretty sure Dan isn’t going to stop making videos because a few people left negative comments, but to all the people complaining about him uploading fewer and fewer videos, maybe this will help you understand that bitching about it isn’t the best way to ask for more.

And while posting this may get me anon hate or may even make people unfollow me, I’ll be damned if I just sit idly by while one of my all-time favorite YouTuber’s is berated by the ones who claim to love him. Now, I don’t know Dan, and I damn well bet 99.99% of you reading this don’t know him either… But he has left a huge impact on my life, as is similar for the rest of you. And you guys should be ashamed for treating him this way.


When I’m at parties I’m every overdone YA novel I read in high school and it’s not on purpose I swear but I just so happened to have a Smiths phase the first time I tried to kiss a girl and she said she was straight. Someone in my eleventh grade English class once told me “You seem to really understand where Holden is coming from.” First of all: how fucking dare he.

My problem if you want to get right down to it is that yes I’ll reach for a single glass of wine first but if it’s gone then sure Jack Daniels and Coke sounds fine but if you’re out of Coke that’s fine too. In line with avoiding cliches like the plague I’ve never so much as held a cigarette but I still carry a lighter in my purse where my caution ought to be.

Things happen to me twofold: what’s here and then you. I hardly ever get high unless it’s funnier if I do and calling you then is no different than it is on Tuesdays. (Maybe. Maybe it is. Maybe slower.) If I accused you of losing sleep over smoke in my lungs, would you make fun of my metaphors? You filthy fucking hypocrite. Come kiss me goodnight.

—  Our Thing, by Rachel R. Carroll