filthy enabler

Fill-a-Page February day 10!

Today’s page is dedicated to the best partner-in-crime a person could ask for, @notallballs, on her birthday. Bb, bless you for being a filthy enabler and encouraging me at every turn <3 

i really want to see modesty and credence reunited, maybe having a place in newt’s case

  • modesty stays sad, scared and resentful for a few weeks, but she finally realises credence had never meant to hurt anyone

she is such a little rebel, when she’s finally allowed to express herself i bet she’d do it by, among other things

  • immediately cutting her hair short “like miss Tina”
  • trying to pet the nundu and surviving 
  • being a filthy enabler to the niffler
  • for some reason turning out to be an unicorn magnet and trying to get newt to take one with them on no less than twenty two occasions
  • insisting on riding the graphorns and them actually playing along

at first credence would be constantly terrified of someone getting mad at his little sister, but when she gets in all sorts of trouble and newt never even once raises his voice at her, he slowly becomes more open

  • when the siblings stage an epic battle on the graphorns’ backs, newt is not sure whether he did something very wrong or very right
  • (except not really, he is overjoyed)

anonymous asked:

here i was minding my own damn business and up pops pia with her horse dick-sized augus and i'm like, doubletake what now? i'm down for that shit.

Lol, I can just imagine your Tumblr dash experience now…

I got you folks covered, I’m gonna try and make this happen. :D

At some point. It’ll certainly be a new, fun tag to use on AO3