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Fill-a-Page February day 10!

Today’s page is dedicated to the best partner-in-crime a person could ask for, @notallballs, on her birthday. Bb, bless you for being a filthy enabler and encouraging me at every turn <3 

bucky hates moose and loves cycling 2K17

Okay so long story short: today at the cycling competition I was directing the traffic for, a moose tackled one of the cyclists into a ditch (justfinnishthings.jpg). Because grav is a filthy enabler, I now have 500+ words of a road cycling fic in the works, because the magic words Bucky in spandex were uttered. It’s gonna be posted when I eventually get it finished, but here’s a terrible, terrible example of what I use my perfectly good Sunday evenings for:

Sam and Steve stare a little. 107 pulls off his scuffed, slightly cracked helmet and throws it towards the moose, making it hoof it back to the forest. He has an incredibly good aim. Steve is a little impressed.

107 is also insanely pretty under that helmet: sweaty dark hair on a French braid, wild and furious grey eyes, a straight nose and an angry, wide mouth. Steve takes it in, his gaze sliding slowly down at the very, very clingy spandex suit and the lean body under it, and suddenly not getting hard in his bike shorts is really damn difficult.

107 screeches as he notices the road rash on his arm: a mess of bloody scrapes, mangling the tattoos on his forearm. “What the fucking fuck,” 107 screams in baffled fury, ripping his gloves off and throwing them to the direction the moose went, too. “Come back you fucking glorified forest cow, I will turn you into a fucking fur coat! Do you know how much this tattoo cost, you motherfucking flea nest!”

Sam makes a weird, winded noise, like he’s choking on something. Steve can’t stop staring at the furious, injured man spewing profanities at forest animals while wearing the colors of the bisexual flag on his torso, and a huge logo of Barton’s Bi&Cycle across his chest.

Steve’s pretty sure he’s a little in love.

“Steve!” Sam hisses as he scuttles to Steve’s side, stuffing his camera into the bag swinging on his shoulder. “The dude just collided with a goddamn moose, don’t just stand there making gooey eyes at him but take him to the medic, damn it.”

“Yeah,” Steve says, blinking, still slightly stunned by the moose of love Amor just launched his way.

squirrely83  asked:

I know you're not taking requests but....I'm gonna need you to elaborate on Niall turning his hat around so he can go down on you...😜

A/N: This is what happens when I have no self control, and friends that enable my filthy mind.  I was so caught up in this image today I almost forgot to pick up my own child at daycare.  I hope this sort of makes up for the fact that I still haven’t posted chapter 2 of MTG.  Enjoy.


It was bound to happen.  In all the years you’d been with Niall, an airline had never lost your luggage.  So when the turnstile at Heathrow was empty and there was no sign of your suitcase, you accepted your fate with a heavy sigh.  Niall was barely able to hold together his glee, bouncing up and down on his feet not even trying to hide the cocky grin on his face.  You glared at him and held one finger up.  “Don’t even fucking say it, Niall.”  With a sigh you trudged to the waiting car, slipping Baz a quick hello as he held the door to for you.  Niall clambered in behind you, and pulled you into the crook of his arm.  “Sorry they lost your luggage.  I texted Kimmie, she’s going to take care of it.”  You slumped at his words, exhausted from the flight and ready to collapse into bed.  As the car pulled away from the terminal you closed your eyes and took a deep breath.  It was at that moment that Niall opened his big mouth to mutter, “Luggage karma’s a real bitch, love.”  You growled and jabbed at his slim torso with your elbow, barely muffling the rolling giggles coming from his pink lips.  He leaned down and nipped at your earlobe playfully, whispering, “S’too bad your bag’s gone.  Guess you’ll have to sleep naked.”  His hot breath sent a tingle down your spine and you couldn’t help the smile that ghosted over your lips.

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Rian Johnson is a filthy enabler who gives light to my hopes, dreams, expectations, and desires for Ep VIII. That can’t be allowed. Rian you need to stop. Rian you are killing me. RiAN-

in a conversation with @kurisuumakise​ (who is a filthy, filthy enabler), we decided this will be the most likely way adachitoka will “make yatori canon”–if they choose to do so at all. enjoy. : )

something to say

After dinner, Yato tugged Hiyori aside into the empty kitchen, where the remains of their meal still littered the sink. She turned to him, surprised to see his eyes were downcast and his ears had darkened to a scorching red.

“What is it, Yato?” she asked. Then, in deep suspicion: “Did you say something weird and now you need me to protect you from Yukine?”

The blush spread from Yato’s ears down the back of his neck. Hiyori saw blotches of crimson appearing on his cheeks.

Whatever he had done, it must have been really bad.

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i really want to see modesty and credence reunited, maybe having a place in newt’s case

  • modesty stays sad, scared and resentful for a few weeks, but she finally realises credence had never meant to hurt anyone

she is such a little rebel, when she’s finally allowed to express herself i bet she’d do it by, among other things

  • immediately cutting her hair short “like miss Tina”
  • trying to pet the nundu and surviving 
  • being a filthy enabler to the niffler
  • for some reason turning out to be an unicorn magnet and trying to get newt to take one with them on no less than twenty two occasions
  • insisting on riding the graphorns and them actually playing along

at first credence would be constantly terrified of someone getting mad at his little sister, but when she gets in all sorts of trouble and newt never even once raises his voice at her, he slowly becomes more open

  • when the siblings stage an epic battle on the graphorns’ backs, newt is not sure whether he did something very wrong or very right
  • (except not really, he is overjoyed)

(( What’s up, sluts? Guess who just got out of prison!

You can call me Isa, and I have finally released this gay archer named Leon from my hellscape of a brain to be plastered onto the Internet. If you’re interested in this fabulous man, give some of those buttons down there a tap. Reblogs are always nice, but not necessary. I’ll give everyone a look-see, get some followers, and hopefully Leon will be plaguing everyone with his drama queen self soon! ))

fuujinlol replied to your post “um??????? EPISODES 20 AND 21 OF NIRVANA IN FIRE ARE SO…”

I LOVED MARQUIS YAN HE WAS SO DETERMINED TO BE CHILL TAOIST AND LET HIMSELF BE PUSHED AROUND AND BE BAD DAD and then when he finally stood up for what’s right and was like no fuck this i love my son and ur a dick it was so cathartic

he’s my favourite older guy so far tbh. the way he just gives absolutely no fucks in the face of such opposition?? man. if it hadn’t been like 4am i would have yelled

andreaphobia replied to your post “um??????? EPISODES 20 AND 21 OF NIRVANA IN FIRE ARE SO…”

: - D


WIP Meme

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The first line of the fic in the closest to finishing, lol

“You are blessed by the faeries.” Steve’s mother said it every night when she tucked him into sleep, “They watch over you, and love you, just as I do.”

Let’s see that’s… 29 words?? I don’t even know that many people. How about I tag @chiyume , @tisfan , @yetanotherobsessivereader and @velvetjinx (along with anyone else that wants to do it 😉 )