filth cakes

Frank: I’d like to see you in a silk dress.
Max: Would you?
Frank: So I could tear it off you ;)
Max: You rip my pretty silk dress and I’ll blacken your eye.


Just got back from a night out with my friends dancing. It was Lovecraft themed, so I used my fiction-myths vest, which I had finished the night before and it’s currently my favorite. I don’t even care my glittery bat messes up the “Ghoul Power” or that my back patch is not properly centered, I just love it. <3

There’s an Elder Sign on one of the sleeves and a Halo of the Sun (Silent Hill) on the other one. On the front pockets some band symbols: Ulterior, Scary Bitches and Sopor. The back patch is by filth cakes, from etsy! :3

I’m also using my Cthulhu skirt <3

I had fun, even though the playlist was not my favorite ever. A friend I’m not able to see much was able to go and I was very happy! He is a very good dancer, I must say. Also, I had my bff there and everything is fun when she is around. 

Well, gotta go sleep, it’s super late! But I was so happy with this outfit and make-up that I decided to share it first! :3