anonymous asked:

any really well-written smut?

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ask me what’s my best side, i’ll stand back and point at you by rimjobenthusiast  [Taekook, E, 5.7k]

Got You On My Lips by buttstrife (orphan_account) [Taekook, E, 2k]

Not my delivery by AnonymousXJWIFE [Taekook, E, 19k]

Two Can Play This Game by ulthosucc [Yoonkook, E, 3.5k]

I Look for Ways to Say I Love You, but I Ain’t Into Making Love Songs by WooJico [Yoonseok, E, 5.4k]

Falling, catching by chihiro [Junghope, E, 6.7k]

take it or leave it by mianderings [Namgi, E, 40k]

To the naked eye by mecchayabai [Jikook, E, 5.9k]

i wanna feel you in my bones by Bangtanbananas [Jikook, E, 7k]

Shots Fired by eclairdeluxe [Taegi, E, 33k]

Sixth Position by Anonymous [Junghope, E, 3.5k]

be a good baby (do what i want) by switchtaeguk [Taekook, E, 8.5k]

Bad Decisions by Bangtanbananas [Yoonmintae, E, 5.8k]

Call Me Sir (Or A Good Boy) by musclekink [Taekook, E, 15k]

kiss kiss, bang bang by Bangtanbananas [Taekook - Yoonmin, E, 48k - 6 works]


-Admin Nana