Timbertrain Coffee Roasters

Just around the corner from Revolver cafe is another one of Vancouver’s specialty coffee houses. Timbertrain Coffee Roasters opened about 6 months ago and is a magnificent cafe. Careful thought has obviously been applied to the layout and planning of the interior, with a clever bench system that accommodates extra people between each set of tables. The clean lines employed in most of the cafe mean that the crazy vintage brew bar towards the rear doesn’t clash but rather compliments the space. 

The coffee itself was some of the best I’ve tried in Vancouver. The Colombian Cocentral Especial espresso had a nice, rounded body and lingering stone fruit flavours. The Panama Ojo De Agua pour over was very interesting as it was extracted in a Kalita Wave, a fairly rare filter. In this instance, a Japanese barista from Timbertrain fluent in his native language orders in the gear required for the Kalita direct from Japan. The result from this filter was fairly smooth, though it may have seemed quite light after drinking the espresso. 

No doubt this fairly new cafe is a welcome addition for the people of Vancouver, throwing another rabbit into the hat of coffee lovers in the city. 


Reformatory Caffeine Lab

How can one cafe so consistently blow away all your previous thoughts on what was possible with coffee? Run by 4th generation Colombian coffee farmer Simon Jaramillo, Reformatory has been on the Sydney coffee scene since January and raised the bar to another level. 

Located on Foveaux St halfway between Crown St and Central station is this insane industrial/comic themed cafe, in what was once a large garage. Attention to detail is an understatement, with all the latest state-of-the-art coffee equipment adorning the main bar. In traditional Italian style, seats are non-existent and instead are small cast iron tables bolted to the wall at elbow height. On the entire stretch of one wall is an incredible comic feature painted by Melbourne artist Heesco, depicting a mad professor/Joker-type villain as a portrayal of Reformatory’s crazy pursuit of amazing coffee. 

And the coffee is amazing in every form. Single origin coffees from the owner’s own roasting and pulled on the custom La Marzocco Strada MP are mind-blowing. Some of the world’s best beans make regular appearances on the options for filter coffees, to be had in almost any form imaginable (aeropress, chemex, siphon, pourover, plunger etc). 

Simon and his team are also incredibly enthusiastic and ready to chat and explain almost anything about your coffee. Small touches of care further add to your specialty coffee experience; dry grounds served in a separate dish for a dry aroma of your coffee, cold drip coffee served in test tubes, and quality glasses and cups served on beautiful wooden boards. 

From what we’ve seen over the past few months, the standard is only getting higher as Refomatory pushes the limits of what is possible for a cup of coffee. If you’re in Sydney for any amount of time this should definitely be on your list to visit. 

Good morning all! Hope you’re all well caffeinated. Here is a #tbt to a great filter coffee from Peru , a full bodied slap round that face that is so suited for the morning cup.

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Who’s played around using different filters in different brewing devices? Used a 1 cup v60 filter here and there’s a noticeably juicier flavour to this brew. I find Kalita filters frustrating personally as they frequently warp. Any thoughts? specialtycoffee #filtercoffee #chemex #pourover #thirdwavecoffee #barista Specialty Coffee Blog

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