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100 Ways To Get Over A Breakup.
  1. Deny any and all emotion
  2. Sleep less
  3. Ride your bike at 3am
  4. Without a helmet
  5. In the middle of the street
  6. Fuck the people you thought about fucking when you were in a relationship
  7. Fuck the people you never thought about fucking
  8. Eat healthier
  9. But only after eating really unhealthy for a couple weeks
  10. Stretch more but don’t call it something with spiritual implications because you aren’t very spiritual
  11. Consider alcoholism
  12. Stop romanticizing addiction
  13. Find other self-destructive coping mechanisms
  14. Convince yourself no one really likes you
  15. Cry a lot
  16. Maybe in public
  17. Sleep more
  18. Spiral into crippling depression
  19. But say yes when people invite you to do things
  20. Pretend you’re not sad
  21. Talk like an asshole
  22. Go out of your way to be jaded and cynical
  23. Criticize everything
  24. Tell yourself you’re going to exercise more
  25. Tell yourself you deserve a break from physical activity because you’re depressed and your body needs to rest
  26. Take long showers
  27. Take cold showers
  28. Masturbate in the shower
  29. Masturbate a lot
  30. Get your nipples pierced
  31. Consider making an OkCupid
  32. Consider reactivating your Facebook
  33. Consider the fact that maybe you measure your self-worth in relation to other people
  34. Consider the fact that maybe you don’t know how to live for yourself
  35. Lie to impress people
  36. Lie to make people like you
  37. Be so honest it makes people uncomfortable
  38. Swallow your filter and word vomit a lot
  39. Sell your things
  40. Leave town for a while
  41. Tell everyone you’re leaving and not coming back
  42. No one will miss you
  43. Move to a new city
  44. Change your name
  45. Cut your hair
  46. Consider spending twice as much money on rent just to live alone
  47. Wonder if living alone will make you feel more or less lonely
  48. Stop texting people who don’t want to hang out
  49. Stop thinking about people who don’t think about you
  50. Stop texting
  51. Just “forget” your phone one day
  52. Pretend it’s broken
  53. Break your phone
  54. Get a new number
  55. Call your mom
  56. Just kidding don’t do that
  57. Read a lot of graphic novels
  58. Watch a lot of movies
  59. Pet a lot of dogs
  60. Make a smoothie
  61. Start using tinctures
  62. Pretend you’re high
  63. Take a dance class
  64. Don’t talk about it all the time
  65. Clean neurotically
  66. Spend a lot of money on Lush products
  67. Use them generously
  68. Wash your sheets
  69. Don’t look at their instagram
  70. Use your friend’s fire pit to burn everything that reminds you of them
  71. Don’t read all of their letters
  72. Just set them on fire and forget
  73. Don’t wonder how this was so easy for them
  74. Don’t wonder if maybe they never really loved you
  75. Don’t call them
  76. Don’t ask for closure
  77. Don’t expect them to wonder how you’re doing
  78. Don’t tell them how you’re doing
  79. Get tattoos on the most tender parts of you
  80. Breathe deeply because the pain is sort of cathartic
  81. Do not fuck your tattoo artist
  82. Learn a new language
  83. Start a cool hobby that will make you seem super interesting
  84. Buy a motorcycle
  85. Stop letting people manipulate you
  86. Be really sad
  87. But like be really tough about it
  88. Drink juice out of the carton
  89. Take a lot of bubble baths
  90. Take a nap inside the duvet
  91. Drink herbal tea
  92. Buy new boots
  93. Get a professional massage
  94. Read non-fiction
  95. Go on a hike by yourself
  96. Go swimming
  97. But not if you just pierced your nipples
  98. Call in sick and spend the day in bed
  99. Listen to the bands you listened to in high school
  100. Sing along loudly even if you’re crying a little bit
Mixed up relationship (daveed x reader)

{a/n: so this started as a fic that would be angsty but turned into kink filled smut…also its daveed so like…yeah…um enjoy you filthy sinners}

Warnings: SMUT! Daddy kink, choking, Daveed being the sex God he is, sexxxxxx!

Tapping your pen against your desk, you sighed, no lyrics came, sometimes you wished you had daveeds talent of words, you closed your notebook, grabbing your phone, clicking it open, you had quite a few texts from various friends
‘Um..daveeds new podcast interview is up… maybe don’t listen to this one…they sort of talked a whole lot about you and daveeds very….quote mixed up relationship end quote’ sighing you rolled your eyes, it wasn’t uncommon for a tweet or a passing conversation to be thrust into your face of how very odd people found the fact daveed was dating as one person said ‘a stale piece of white bread’ nice, but people were always like that when the person they love starts dating someone who isn’t them, and it was maybe one person two at worst, for you things seemed fine, and daveed never hid his affection for you, never let people’s words sway how he felt, he had the attitude of a stoned brick, calm, collected and can not be swayed easily. You looked at your texts more from friends about the podcast, and a few about his morning radio interview about the upcoming EP clipping was about to drop. Before too long you found yourself sitting at your laptop, headphones on and hitting play on the podcast, they hosts sounded nice and made you laugh, when daveed came in the questions seemed to turn, many had learned of the split between him and his ex, it wasn’t messy, it was just a natural thing, people shift and move apart, with clipping and acting jobs, daveed was pretty much a Skype boyfriend, you didn’t mind, and neither did his ex, but they had decided, time had run its course. But five years is a long time, and in a seemingly too short period of time, you had become a staple in daveeds twitter and instagram, a few snap story take overs had many wondering where you popped up from, sighing you listened to them talk.
‘So mister daveed diggs, I hear someone new has captured that heart of yours’ you smiled hearing daveeds laugh knowing the flushed smile on his face well,
‘Yeah, she’s…she’s amazing, she makes life very interesting, many clipping songs have come from things her brain has spit out’ you laughed shrugging he wasn’t wrong many times you had no word vomit filter on your brain.
‘Yes, well people have been shouting at us, about the very mixed up relationship, seeing as you stared as Jefferson in Hamilton, the barrier breaking musical, people seem to see this as you sort of slamming a giant sort of white stamp on things’ you sat up turning the volume up slightly
‘I don’t know about that, i wouldn’t say our relationship is mixed up per say’ one of the hosts laughed
‘People said, that this was you conforming to the standard set back in the day, and many listeners say you should find a strong woman of color to keep breaking the world’s barriers, in music and stage and life’ you hit pause sighing. It wasn’t uncommon for people to say stuff like that, many woman at restaurants or bars, seeming to think you could never be daveeds actual girlfriend, and even when he says you are, they never fail to give their number with a comment of ‘when you see the light call me’ you never let it get to you, ever, but some days you felt bad…bad that you weren’t the one people wanted daveed with, sighing you shut your laptop standing. It was quiet in the apartment just you and soccer, who currently was asleep on the couch feet up ears down
‘Well don’t you look comfy’ the only response was a snort from the dog, sighing you looked around the apartment, deciding to just go lay down for a while you tugged your Oakland hoodie off, pulling a loose tank top out, rolling your eyes as it also read in large print ‘oakland’ you tugged off your leggings feeling free again bending over to grab the clothes from the floor, yelping as arms circled your waist lips pressing against your shoulder as you stood still caged by very strong arms
‘Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you,’ you laughed shrugging against his chest looking up towards him smiling as he leaned down pressing his lips to yours, he pulled back as you sighed leaning back against his chest feeling safe as he held you tightly
‘Mm can we like never leave this spot’ he laughed his chest vibrating against your back
‘I wish but the bed like five feet in front of us looks hella more comfy than standing’ you nodded as he uncaged you pulling his hoodie off, soon he was in sweats and leaning against the headboard arms open for you, smiling you climbed onto the bed, straddling him, his hands coming to rest just below your butt, looking up at you
‘So how was your day? Many exciting legal tour things?’ He laughed leaning his head against your stomach
‘Oh yeah so exciting as I signed so many documents my hand was going to fall off’ you laughed your hands moving through his curly mane of hair, scratching your nails against his scalp, he groaned happily as you did so
‘God I love it when you do that’ you smiled
‘Taught from my mom, any day can be made better by head scratches’ he smiled his hands moving up and down the back of your thighs soothingly as you hummed and played with his hair
‘So…I listened to some of that podcast you did’ he sighed pulling his head up to look at you eyes tired, you ran your thumbs under his eyes sighing
‘Yeah? I tried to get your friends to make sure you didn’t’ you sighed
‘I know, I got curious, i’m not like upset, I was, but I mean i’m used to those kinds of comments,’ he looked up at you eyes looking into yours, one hand coming up to hold your cheek
‘You shouldn’t have to be, people should just not worry who I fall in love with, who I write songs about,’ slowly he rose finally ending with you being flipped under him his hand moving down your neck and down your shoulder stopping to intertwine your fingers
‘Who I make scream till their voice is gone,’ his lips brushed against yours, causing your eyes to flutter shut, your breathing picking up slightly
‘Who I fuck till they can’t think or see straight let alone walk straight the next day,’ you whimpered slightly as his teeth grazed your pulse point his lips pressing against it feeling your pulse raise
‘Whose sounds make me want never leave this bed’ you opened your eyes as daveeds hands moved to your waist slipping under his tank top, slowly moving up until the shirt pooled right above your breasts, daveed ran a finger down over your bra, smirking
‘The one who if they went through my photo roll, would see the beauty of how very photo talented my girlfriend is, and how much she can make me go insane on tour’ you smirked as he leaned close before his lips took yours causing your back to arch into his chest, eyes closing as his hands moved to unhook your bra tossing it somewhere, you would find it later, his hand moved cupping your breast, his finger lightly circling your nipple, causing a small gasp to come out of your throat, he took his chance his tongue pushing in and dancing with yours, pulling back you whimpered looking up at him as he kissed his way down your body, kissing your breasts, before slowly kissing the beauty marks your clothes hid, his tongue ran down past your belly button stopping at the waistband of your panties, you watched him, breathing heavy as he hooked his thumbs into the band slowly pulling them down, his lips following down your right leg, tossing the panties for you to find later, he kissed up your left leg, his hand hooking under your thigh bringing it up to hang over his shoulder as he kissed your skin, biting softly, causing soft whimpers as he got closer to your core, his eyes held yours as he lowered his mouth down his tongue flicking against your clit as you inhaled sharply back arching hands flying to his curly hair tugging as he sucked it into his mouth his tongue circling it as you moaned, whimpering his fingers moved down before you felt him slowly push two into your entrance, pumping them slowly as he worked his tongue over you. You cried out as he brought the fire in your stomach closer to exploding, your fingers tugged his hair as he worked,
‘Da-fuck…daveed…i’m close please…please can…can I cum…please’ daveeds eyes found yours his eyebrow arching up his way to say no when his mouth was busy
‘Please oh god….daddy…daddy please I need to cum…please…please’ your legs shook as you held yourself back, he pulled back moving up his thumb moving to replace his tongue, eyes watching you like a lion hunting prey, lips moving down hot against your ear
‘Cum for daddy, let daddy hear how he makes you feel, cum all over daddy’s fingers’ you didn’t need any other words before you screamed out back arching as he finger fucked you through your orgasm, his lips kissing your neck, sucking a love bite into your skin, slowly he pulled his fingers out causing you to twitch, he pulled back looking at his fingers before sticking them in his mouth eyes shutting as he did
‘God, you taste like everything I have ever wanted’ you watched him as he slid off the bed tugging his sweats off, grabbing something from the top dresser, the foil wrapper falling as he turned crawling back up on the bed
‘Baby girl, daddy wants you to ride him, show him your pretty face when you fuck his cock’ you moaned nodding as you sat up slowly, he laid down as you moved to straddle him his hands coming to your waist before fully yanking your tank top off tossing it as you aligned yourself with his member, whimpering as you slid down on it, his hands tightened on your hips as he groaned,
‘Fuck, you feel so good around daddy’s cock’ you moaned as he helped you move your hips your, hands going to his chest to help steady you, his eyes never leaving your face as he moaned thrusting up to meet your hips, his head falling back
‘Fuck, daddy…’ he ran his hands up and down your waist as you moved your hips quickly,
‘Fuck, daddy, please, choke me’ he didn’t need to be told twice as his thrusts slammed into you his hand clamping around your throats as you moaned loudly
‘Fuck daddy’ he slammed up into you faster
‘Cum…right now, cum for me again, fuck let me see your face when daddy makes you cum’ you looked at him a mouth opening as you cried out cumming around his cock, your walls clenching around him, his thrusts became sloppy as he fucked you through your climax before finally groaning as he came, slowly thrusting to a stop, his hand moving from your neck to pull you down against his chest, his hand running down your back breathing heavy
‘Fuck I love you, no matter what people say,’ you smiled nodding weakly
‘I love you too, so much’ let’s just say you walked a little funny the next day and the love bite on your neck was not one daveed let you cover in his instagram posts.

He Think He Fly [George Weasley – Golden Trio]

[Requested] When a prank takes a wrong turn, George Weasley and Y/N L/N get stuck in a game of cat-and-mouse with some underlying sexual tension.
♥ A/N
Hope y’all enjoy, and as always, make your requests and give me feedback! As you see below, I’ve added a new section to my imagine introductions! Love you all! Hope you enjoy this, lovely anon :D
What’s your Hogwarts house and Ilvermorny house? I’m a Ravenclaw and a Pukwudgie!
Swearing, Fluff

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1. “You know what they say about wand span, right?”

The plan was simple: take the dungbombs, place them in position within Filch’s grubby fortress, and get out before the bombs had a chance to go off. It was something they’d decided on doing just an hour ago, and though Y/N warned Fred and George to be careful, the two didn’t listen and were not the least bit paranoid of Ms. Norris—Filch’s annoyingly observant feline—and that was where the problem first started.

Y/N was on guard, taking a few seconds to glance in the room and watch her best friends place around the dungbombs. It was thirty minutes into the plan, and the place was nearly filled with the dungbombs; Fred had managed to somehow charm them into being timed, which was something that honestly amazed Y/N when she contemplated Fred’s lack of an attention span. And she was intrigued to know how many dungbombs they’d manage to place before they had to make an escape, but the answer came to her when she heard a hiss from down the corridor.

“Oh, shite,” she muttered to herself, catching a glimpse of Ms. Norris’s dark tail swishing past a statue. “Boys! Get out of there!”

“My sweet, is it students after curfew?” came Filch’s filthy voice, cooing to that git of a cat. Fred and George gave Y/N amused grins and finished placing the dungbombs. They ran out of the room to meet Y/N at the opposite side of the wall.

“So what’s the plan, you bloody idiots?” Y/N asked, slinking her hair to the farthest corner of the wall, trying to edge away from where Filch was slowly carrying over.

Fred shrugged. “Guess we just hide.”

George smiled and nodded. “You go one way, Fred; we’ll go the other,” he told his brother, and before Y/N had time to process such a strange request, the boy was grabbing her by the arm and shoving her forward. Filch came quickly around the opposite corner, and a shriek of outrage escaped him at seeing students out of bed.

Ms. Norris meowed loudly, and Mr. Filch cooed at her. “We’ll get those blasted brats!” Fred had already hidden behind a nearby curtain, and he was waiting with bated breath and a held-in snigger as he eavesdropped on Filch shuffling down the hall like a dwarf weighted with chains. And just as Filch was about to pass his office and run after the two fleeing students, a foul odor seeped into the corridor—and a steady steam looking a bit like vomit filtered its way past the door of Filch’s fortress. “What in the name of Merlin—” The office door burst open before Filch had a chance to contemplate the mysterious anomaly, and dungbomb after dungbomb began to explode, turning the corridor into a sewage system. “Students out of bed, students out of bed.”

Fred cursed to himself quietly, knowing that the old man had finally lost his damned mind.

Meanwhile, George and Y/N ran quickly down the corridor, only one of the teenagers laughing at the predicament they were currently in. It happened all the time—Filch catching them in the middle of a prank. They never really feared what would happen when caught, but Y/N was always quick to think the worst, and that was something George both loved and hated about her. What was the good in a little fun when everything only evoked your worries?

Filch’s angry crowing came into hearing range, and the two shared a panicked look. Without a thought put into a better plan, Y/N gripped George hard by the ear and dragged him to a nearby broom closet. The door snapped shut and Y/N placed a palm over George’s mouth to keep him from saying anything.

They stayed in that position for minutes, but stiffened the moment they heard Filch go running past their door. George gripped Y/N’s hand softly, and though the two were great pranksters that reveled in being caught, Filch… wasn’t the one they’d like for the job. Even being in his office could make someone wish to leave the premises of Hogwarts and never return. And so, knowing Y/N had a deep repulsion for Filch, he held her hand and kept her close, giving not a chance for himself to rethink his choice for reassurance. And he held her like so until they heard the telltale sign of silence entering the hallway.

Y/N sagged against the left side of the closet, letting out a loud breath of relief. “Thank Merlin,” she muttered. And then, she turned stiff and tense—like a board, but with slow tremors of realization traveling down and across her skin. She gave George a strange, strange look. “Oh, my God.”

George raised an eyebrow. “What’s the face for?” The darkness was obscure to a tee, but certainly couldn’t blot out the way that Y/N reddened. A bemused smile crossed George’s freckled face.

Y/N’s flush intensified, and she bit her lip—hard. “Well… um…” She went quiet.

Suddenly, it struck George just the predicament they were in. A tight space, bodies flush together, an embarrassed companion, hands intertwined… He dimpled. “So… Y/N…” he began, giving her a dashing smirk meant to kill. “You know what they say about wand span, right?” He fished out his wand and held it up for inspection. “I’d say this is about ten… eleven.. maybe even twelve inches. Interested yet?”

Y/N looked absolutely speechless, staring at him with wide, unseeing eyes—almost like a ghost. She looked away from him with that same Gryffindor-red blush coating her cheeks.

George leaned closer, feeling more and more daring as Y/N continued to behave awkwardly bemused. “Oh, you should be.” His voice was hoarse, and this didn’t feel like a regular moment with his best friend—no, this was entirely different.

Y/N closed her eyes at the feeling of him drawing closer, and before she could restrain herself, she reached forward and grabbed him by his tie. “Why don’t you shut up about wand span and actually show me,” she whispered hoarsely.

He didn’t need to be told twice.

anonymous asked:

I am loving the berena kiss prompts!!! Could you maybe do the "friends aren't allowed to kiss each other" one?? <3

Thank you for the ask anon! I hope you like this, it’s a little out of character but was done in good fun. Wanna see F2 versions our favs? How bout drunk Jac and Mo trying to get equally drunk Bernie to snog Serena? Then by all means, read on…

Always a Flirt

Serena was, by nature, a flirt. Her humour, her demeanour, her self confidence, her friendly manner, it all added to the flirtation. She seemed to flirt with everyone who came into contact with her, patients, staff, even complete strangers in the pub. The problem this left Bernie, was knowing if her flirting was real.

It had been six months since Serena had transferred to Holby to continue her training as an F2, and Bernie had been in a constant confused dance with her, the flirting leaving her breathless at times. It was intense, it was fun but it was always baffling. There were times when Bernie thought that Serena liked her but then she would see her doing the same thing with the other F2’s.

Just as she was right now, flirting with Ric at the bar in Albie’s.

Bernie blew her hair out of her eyes just as a glass of scotch was placed in front of her.

“For god sake, would you please just snog her and get it over with,” Jac said. “I’m sick to death of watching your sad puppy dog eyes whenever you look at her!”

Bernie shook her head. “Friends aren’t supposed to kiss each other,” she said, thinking about a conversation she’d had with a patient earlier in the day.

“Said who?” Jac scoffed.

“A patient,” Bernie replied, knowing that Jac didn’t really care who said it at all.

“Well they were talking a load of bollocks,” Jac exclaimed, taking a big gulp from her wine and looking down at Bernie. “There are no rules if you both like each other.”

“I hate to say this,” Mo said from Bernie’s other side. “But Jac’s right.”

“I’m always right,” Jac swayed slightly and Bernie reached up a hand and pulled her down onto a chair.

“Serena’s just as mad about you, as you are about her,” Mo continued as if Jac hadn’t said anything.

“She’s never given me any solid indication that she likes women,” Bernie began.

Jac scoffed. “She told me she liked my cheekbones,” she said as if it were the only proof she needed.

“Everyone likes your cheekbones,” Bernie patted her knee and Jac smiled proudly, obviously pleased with her bone structure. “Serena and I are very good friends and I don’t want to ruin that, no matter what my feelings are.” Jac snorted.

Mo shot Jac a dirty look before she turned her attention back to Bernie. “Are you really going to deny yourself the chance to be happy?” She asked. Bernie was quiet for a moment.

“For crying out loud!” Jac slammed her glass down on the table. “Mo, keep a look out.”

Bernie frowned at her two friends but before she could say anything, Jac grabbed her face and pulled her in for a long, intense kiss. Bernie couldn’t help but admire Jac’s kissing skills… she wsa pretty good. Better than good.That wasn’t something she ever thought she’d think about.

Eventually, Bernie pulled away. “I know you’re drunk, Naylor, but what the hell was that?”

“I’m proving a point,” she said, looking over at Mo. “Anything?”

“Oh yeah,” Mo grinned from behind her glass.

“You can thank me later,” Jac picked up her glass and toasted Bernie before she drained the last of it.

“I…” Bernie was more confused than ever.

“Oh, watch out,” Mo straightened up in her chair and nodded as if someone were approaching them. When Bernie looked in the direction Mo had nodded, she froze.

“Bernie, could I have a word?” It was Serena.

“Er…” Bernie didn’t have chance to get any words out before Serena turned on her heel and marched toward the toilet.

“I’d go if I were you,” Ric said as he pulled up a chair to their table and sat down.

Bernie stood up but Jac grabbed her hand. “Wait!” She pushed the scotch into her hand. “Drink that.” Bernie downed it.

“Go get her tiger,” Mo winked at her.

“Right,” Bernie said, taking a deep breath before she followed Serena toward the toilets. She felt sick.

Serena was stood in front of the mirrors, leaning heavily against the sinks with her head bowed.

“Serena?” Bernie tried to keep her voice soft, smooth but she wasn’t nearly sober enough to keep her emotions in order.

“What was that I just saw with you and Jac Naylor?” She asked, looking up at her through the mirrors.

Bernie slipped her hands into her pockets and leaned against the door. “I didn’t get much of a response when I asked her,” she replied honestly. She really had no idea what was going on at the time but her inebriated mind was slowly beginning to catch up. Jac wanted to get a reaction from Serena to prove her theory… Bernie didn’t think Serena would be best pleased with that little bit of information.

“I thought…” Serena looked down again. “I thought we… I thought you liked me..?”

“I…” Bernie paused. Was she talking about liking her as a friend or…? “I do.”

Serena spun around to face her, anger and jealously flashing in her eyes. “Then why the hell are you out there kissing someone else?”

Definitely not friendship. “I didn’t… I mean, I did but… I’m not… she started it.” It was a pathetic excuse and she knew it but it was all she could come up with.

“But you didn’t stop it…” Serena pointed out.

Bernie shrugged. “She’s a damn fine kisser.” The words were out of her mouth before she could stop them, her brain unable to filter out any word vomit.

“She’s…” Serena shook her head, she was furious. “Are you serious?”

“Well I…” Bernie paused. She needed to fix this. “I don’t…” She rolled her eyes at the fantastic job she was doing.

“For someone as brilliant as you, you can be really dense,” Serena said in disbelief. Bernie frowned, confused by the juxtaposition in her words. “I have been dropping hints and flirting with you for months and you still haven’t asked me out!”

Bernie’s mind was reeling. She wished she’d downed two more of those scotches. “I’m sorry… what?”

“I fancy you, Bernie,” Serena let out a frustrated sigh. “Have done since I met you.”

Bernie stared at in stunned silence. “What…?” She let out a groan and ran her hands through her hair. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I didn’t know if I was your type…” Serena shrugged and for the first time since they had met, Bernie watched her blush. “I thought, maybe, if I dropped a few hints…”

Bernie couldn’t help it, she started laughing. Serena’s face became angry and Bernie quickly made her way toward her. “We’re idiots,” she said as she leaned against the sink next to Serena. “I’ve fancied you, really fancied you, for a long time too.”
A tiny smile tugged at Serena’s lips. “Really?” She asked. Bernie nodded and laughed again.
It took a moment but eventually, Serena began to laugh too. “You’re right,” she said between giggles. “We are idiots.”

Bernie nodded, suddenly bolstered with a bout of confidence. “So…” she stepped closer to Serena, their laughter sobering up the closer she got. “You’ve been wanting me to ask you out…?”

Serena smirked. “Yes,” she said, taking a step toward Bernie to close the gap. “But before we do that, I think you should know that Jac Naylor isn’t the only skilled kisser.”

“You flirt,” Bernie grinned and lowered her lips against Serena’s. Jac’s kiss was quickly forgotten.

I’d really like to think that Bernie is good friends with Jac and Mo. I don’t know why, I just like it. It gives me warm fuzzy feelings. Hope you all enjoyed reading this! xxx
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