filter set


  • you can mute accounts if you don’t wanna block them. this basically keeps them from ever appearing in your notifications. if you mute someone you follow, you’ll only see tweets that they @ u at.
  • you can disable retweets for accounts, which means that whatever they retweet will not show up in your timeline, and you’ll only see their original content.
  • in your settings, you can also mute words, so any tweets with those specific words won’t show up on your timeline.

I got a really cute headcanon idea grell having her friends as her phone lock screen/background like like Ron one day setting to a picture of him from snapchat with the dog filter and she just leaves it! Like she thinks its cute and friends ask her like oh your boyfriend!? Ans shes likes pfft nah fam just my dumbass bestie


He’s tired after a succesful day of crime.

This is the last drawing I coul dsketch on digital before my tablet died for good, I managed to slap some weak plain colors into it with my laptop’s trackpad (which is why it took me so long to post it) and then covered it with terrible photoshop “filters”.

Anyway, I won’t be getting a replacement for my tablet until 3 weeks later so, no fancy coloring until then!


noah is my puppy son so i drew him with the puppy filter(s)


Who is this? Are you the same person? Come off anoooonnnnnn :) 

These have been sitting in my inbox for a while (sorry) I combining them bc I’ve given up on the whole, ‘5 sentences’ thing and also I don’t have it in me just yet to write two! (sorry again) This was supposed to be funny and got out of hand. My bad.  


The grains have been scooped and the filter set.  Coffee gurgles and sputters to life but only out of habit, for this morning she is in no need of caffeine. She just needs something to do. She is already ball of foot tapping, lip-chewing, nervous energy, startling when she thinks she hears her bedroom door creak…..nothing. Her terry cloth robe is wrapped tightly around her middle to ward off the chill, unaccustomed to mornings on her kitchen tile barelegged and bare-footed. She really should’ve put on her pajama pants, but something has fundamentally shifted this morning, and she’s feeling bawdy. All at once a particularly visceral memory from the night before surfaces, and her hands are covering her face, suppressing a giggle and a look of sheepish disbelief crosses her features before a smile and a shake of the head. 

 "Good morning.” 

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North Pole - Mars Express

by Justin Cowart
Mars Express HRSC image of the Martian north pole, along with water ice clouds streaming south across Borealis Planitia. This color composite uses images taken through HRSC’s blue, green, and panchromatic filters. This image set was taken on March 17, 2010, during the spacecraft’s 7950th orbit of Mars. This image has been heavily processed to align the images from this observation, which were distorted by the method by which HRSC takes pictures. The geometric corrections and color should be relatively accurate to what a human eye would have seen. Image Credit: ESA / DLR / FU Berlin / Justin Cowart