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Roadhog finding small notes and candies littered with sweet and lovey-dovey stuff on them. This goes on for a month and Roadhog finally catches who it was. It was his Crush.

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When it first began, he was confused.

A little more than confused, honestly. The hulking junker was downright baffled at the sudden presence of sweet treats and heart shaped sticky notes that rested against the candy boxes, his name written in stylized curls he didn’t quite recognize. Immaculate boxes of his favorite sweets with pachimari icons and adorable dancing mascots were soon found everywhere around his base. Even Junkrat had unknowingly found a few boxes and inquired as to what they were.

“Looks like someone’s got himself a secret admirer!” The other junker had joked with his high pitched laugh. Something about the way he said it made Mako roll his eyes under his heavy mask. 

Still, the eventual confusion gave way to normalization as, little by little, more sweet treats and cute packaging filtered into his life. Mako felt himself begin to look forward to what foods would be awaiting him when he arrived home from a heist. He couldn’t help but begin to smile under his mask as he read over the notes that came with it, padded with encouraging words and his name written with hearts and the encouragement that emanated off of the paper itself. Why someone would leave these things for him was beyond him, however, time passed by long enough for him to simply no longer question why and more be thankful for the presents left before him (and occasionally hit Jamie when he ate some without his permission). 

It wasn’t until a few months passed that he figured it out.

Or, rather, he caught you neatly organizing some notes around a particularly large chocolate pachimari that he realized what exactly was going on.


You jolted in place, eyes widening like a deer in headlights as you slowly turned around to spot Mako towering over you, his face unreadable underneath his mask. Sweat beaded on your forehead, but you could only give a light smile in response to your call out, a hand reaching up to wave a little awkwardly at him.

“H-Heyyyyy Mako! I-um. I was just leaving, really! Gosh this is embarrassing um-shit-well-”

He stopped you by leaning over and taking one of your smaller hands in his large ones. You momentarily admired just how big his hands were, heat rushing to your cheeks as you willingly stepped closer to him.

You were even more in awe as he moved to shift his mask to the side, revealing part of his face to you. His warm gaze and almost amused look made you smile sheepishly in return as he leaned down and pressed a kiss to your lips. His own body nearly consumed yours, wrapping you in his presence and holding you close. You felt warm. You felt protected. You felt like, of all the ways this could have gone upon being discovered, this was probably the best one you didn’t think of.

When you were finally released, Mako’s gruff voice sounded as if it was trying to hide a jolt of laughter.

“From now on, just give them to me yourself, all right?”

“Awww,” You pouted, “But I like leaving you notes! Can I still leave them…even if I give you the candies myself?”

“Hm….I guess that’s fine.”

You giggled and leaned back, picking up the candy you had prepared for that day and offering it out to him with a nervous gaze. Reaching out, the junker took it and admired its adorable packaging thankfully for a long time. Eventually, he gave a nod and a gruff ‘thanks’ as he leaned down and kissed you again.

“Let’s share it.”

ficlet: Before Her Coffee (Olicity, PG-13)

ship: Olicity
fandom: Arrow CW
prompt: #9
word #: 1,439

In her defense, Felicity sometimes forgot that Oliver was staying at her town house lately.  It had been a few months since the battle with Slade.  Oliver was still working hard to regain his family’s company but the fact was, he was still out of a place to live.   His family home had auctioned off.  Verdant had been purchased and was now being operated by another entrepreneur.  That meant that the old foundry base was now “under new management” as well.  Luckily, Felicity had lead her boys over there before the new owner moved in so they could move out of the basement whatever equipment they could salvage.  There wasn’t much but it was a start and it would tide them over until they were in better shape to fully outfit the new lair. 

Oliver had been able to sell off a few assets so he had some money to work with but they’d all agreed that money would be better spent investing in his big to reacquire Queen Consolidated.  

Dig had offered up his sofa to Oliver, but he’d turned him down, wanting to give Dig a chance to reconnect with his pregnant ex-wife before the baby arrived.  And Roy’s home in the Glades was barely big enough for just him.  Which left Felicity.  

She was happy to have him there, honestly.  She had plenty of room and it was kind of nice having him as a roommate.  He was more considerate about sharing than she would have expected and did his share of the cleanup and cooking.  The only snag was her tendency to forget he was there before she’d had her first cup of coffee in the morning. 

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