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I got tagged by @ralph-mountainlodge and @thatnerdyblondegirl to do the bias selfie tag! Thank you, guys <333

I saw that black cap and face mask filter on Snow and immediately thought how perfect it would be to use for this lol

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Sub!BTS collab

pairing → Taehyung x Reader

genre → roommate!au + sugar baby!au, smut, angst

warnings sub!taehyung, skype sex, masturbation, orgasm denial, possessiveness, slight breath play, oral sex, dirty talk, thigh riding, tae ends up sort of a switch? idk

☆ word count → 11.2k

☆ summary → As a college student struggling to make ends meet, Taehyung resorts to a less than ethical method to satisfy his appetite for expensive treats. The last thing he wants is for you to find out how he acquires the Gucci in his closet… however this proves to be difficult when you are his roommate.

or : Taehyung is a sugar baby and somehow thinks he can keep this a secret

☆ a/n → ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I will pay you to write about Roadhog kissing Junkrat’s bald spot and maybe Junkrat being self conscious about it, but in the end it becomes the epitome of affection between them

Thanks @sillyscrunchy for commissioning me!

(mostly fluff but with some discussion about mortality)

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#38 - I redesigned the Colonist outfit from Alien Covenant, man to think a simple headset and filter mask would’ve avoided such a catastrophe. Miss when Alien was ‘hard’ scifi. 

  • Recording cameras moved to a place that the back of the head doesn’t obscure the shot
  • Rebreather to filter foreign particles
  • Headset for better situational awareness, and harmful noise reduction.
  • Original gun prop (instead of dressed up existing gun)
  • Eye protection 

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What the FUCK how are u so attractive... whats ur skincare routine

good natural lighting and a filter that masks imperfections lol. no but seriously i’m super into skincare, my basic night routine involves:

  1. removing makeup with micellar water
  2. cleansing with sulwhasoo snowise ex cleansing foam
  3. drying face and applying a BHA or AHA or retinol serum (i alternate)
  4. applying a thin hyaluronic acid toner (there’s loads out there but i like hada labo)
  5. i sometimes apply a brightening serum here, sometimes don’t bother
  6. apply a heavier night cream (i like lush’s gorgeous cream or sulwhasoo overnight vitalising mask)

i try to remember to always apply a 50 SPF sunscreen in the morning and drink lots of water because my skin is super acne prone, especially when my period is due -___-

Roadhog does some thinking | Junkrat has some cake

A present for @marcus-and-carter

Author’s Notes:
1) So this is what happens when you fall in love with the characters you’re writing: you don’t STOP writing.
2) This is mostly all headcanon - just warning you now. 
3) My only real criteria for this was “I wanna read the cutest cute.” I hope I delivered.
4) I sincerely hope you enjoy this, Marcus!
5) There’ll be a part 2 to this soonish…

Wordcount: 5940-ish
Copyright: Overwatch is property of Blizzard. No copyright infringement is intended; this is a work of fanfiction.

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First Todomomo kiss? asldkfadfjlkjf these are cute

I’m glad you like them! I hope this is cute enough for you!
This is set in the future – when the two of them are pros. 
You might consider this a continuation of this little ficlet.

;Beautiful Things

Shouto paused at an intersection. Masked villains filtered in from the right, terrorising anyone caught in their path. Civilians ran screaming to his left. If he ran towards the people, many more would be slaughtered on his behalf. If he ran towards the villains – the people would still be slaughtered, without a hero to bring them hope. Damn it, what was he supposed to do? This would be a lot easier if he were alone.

But he wasn’t. 

Momo lay unconscious in his arms, wisps of dark hair plastered to her glowing face. Her skin was bruised and battered, like broken bristles of a brush she’d once used to create. It would take some time for her to rouse from her injured state. Time he didn’t have to spare. 

‘Don’t do this to me, Momo,’ he urged, casting about for signs of escape.

You’re a hero now, he heard her say in his mind. The civilians should be our first priority. They’re defenceless. 

He was doing it again, he realised. Letting his heart – his feelings – rule his thoughts on the battlefield. Balancing her weight against one arm, Shouto raised his right hand and created a glistening wall of ice, hoping to slow his pursers down. He then forged a slope at his feet and proceeded to ride it over the heads of the civilians. Seeing him above them, close enough to fight, gave them a glimmer of hope. He saw it flash in the way they smiled underneath him. 

‘Come on, Midoriya,’ he muttered, thinking back to the SOS he’d posted. If anyone could pull through on his behalf, it was All Might’s successor. ‘Momo needs you.’ I need you

It would be nice if Shouto didn’t have to rely on anyone else, but there were times, such as these, when one hero just wasn’t enough. Of course, he and Momo couldn’t have known that their primary hideout was close by. They’d only intended to flush out the leader during one his anti-hero tirades. Cut them dead at the source.

Settling on a flat rooftop in the distance, Shouto laid Momo on the ground and turned back towards the chase. His barrier of ice exploded behind them, sending eliciting screams from anyone the shards hit. 

What should I do? His gaze flicked to Momo, who still lie unconscious beside him. What would she do?

She seemed so at peace despite her injuries. If she were awake, he knew for sure she’d have an answer. Her strategies had gotten them out of worse messes than this.

‘Think,’ he cursed himself. ‘What should I–’ That’s when he spotted it, the pipe leak flooding out onto the street below. 

When he was certain the villagers were clear of the street, he eased himself onto the edge of the rooftop and sat, waiting, for opportunity to arrive. Sure enough the villains poured out of a side street, hoping to ambush Shouto and his injured friend, and stumbled right into his trap. 

Ice began to rise from the water, trapping their feet, first, then their waists, spiralling in tendrils all the way up to their hands. The water enhanced the speed of his quirk, sending it shimmering in all directions like a spark of flame dancing on a puddle of oil. It wrapped itself around each and everyone one of them, securing their bodies – and their hands-on quirks – within it. The element of surprise had been enough to prevent them from stopping his quirk. 

It wouldn’t hold forever, he knew. But it would hold long enough for them to be detained. Heaving a sigh, Shouto dropped to his knees beside Momo, suddenly aware of how exhausted he’d become. Being a pro hero wasn’t something to be taken lightly. It had only been a year since graduating and neither he nor Momo had made a name for themselves yet. But fame didn’t really matter. Not if they could save people from harm.

‘Did you…succeed?’

Shouto fixed Momo with a worried stare. Her eyes fluttered open to meet his gaze. She winced against the sunlight, then at what he could only assume was the pain riddling her body. Regardless, she eased herself up onto her elbows and pierced him with a hard stare.


Shouto nodded. ‘See for yourself.’

Glancing over the edge of the rooftop, Momo’s lips twitched up into a smile. ‘There sure were a lot of them, huh?’

‘Yeah. More than I can count.’

‘Are the people safe, too?’ she asked.

That was so typical of her – while he was worrying for Momo, she was worrying about everybody else. She’d lose a leg or an arm or her entire quirk just to protect one single person. It was a quality that made her a much better hero than he was.

‘Midoriya and the others are on their way.’ Sirens whirred in the distance, as if summoned by his words. ‘Let’s keep watch until then.’

Momo shuffled closer to him on the rooftop. Her hand knocked his own as she moved, and he became suddenly aware of how happy he was to see her mobile again.

‘I was worried about you,’ he confessed. 

‘Why? You handled it yourself, didn’t you?’

‘I had your help.’

Momo raised a brow in questioning. 

‘I mean,’ he explained, ‘the plan. I tried to think of something you would do. Something you might create.’

Momo let out a gentle laugh. ‘You say that like I’m the only one capable of creating things.’

‘My quirk is that of destruction,’ he said.

‘Really? Because that looks pretty beautiful to me.’

Shouto followed her gaze to where the ice had lapped up a nearby chimney top and erupted in the form of a geyser. It shone an array of different colours where the sun touched it just right. 

This time, it was Shouto’s hand that brushed Momo’s, and when he felt the warmth of her skin against his own, he gave it a more purposeful push in her direction. Turning her hand to interlock their fingers, he said nothing as he watched the colours glinting off the solid geyser.

Momo squeezed his hand. ‘People all around the world use ice to sculpt beautiful things, you know. I only really know how to make weapons and tools. Those aren’t necessarily beautiful.’ Tilting her head, Momo smiled at the shimmer of colours on the chimney top. ‘But I’ve always believed that we should cherish beautiful things. Especially during times like this.’

Shouto’s attention returned to Momo. Her eyes melted under his gaze, exposing layer after layer of untapped emotion – of wisdom and courage and all the things he’d always liked about her.

Leaning in, he hesitated for just a moment before closing the distance between them. Her lips were soft against his own; gentle and sweet. Just like her. 

Alarmed at what he’d done, Shouto drew back and stared at her, warmth tingling up the back of his neck. He tapped into his quirk to regulate the sensation, but no matter how hard he tried to cool himself down, his heart had other plans.

Momo peered at him through misty eyes. ‘W-what was that for?’ she asked.

‘You said we should cherish beautiful things.’ Shouto cleared his throat. 

Momo’s face turned as red as her costume. ‘T-that–’

‘I cherish you, Momo,’ he whispered. ‘I always will.’ 

Lúcio lets go of Genji’s neck and disengages his visor, setting helm, mask and filter aside as he leans in for a quick kiss. “You’re so good to me, gatinho.”

Genji pulls back a bit, his expression playful and just the slightest bit disbelieving. “I should be the one saying that to you,” he murmurs, pressing his lips to the underside of Lúcio’s jaw. (x)

I screenshot scenes from fics I think are cute so I can draw them later…

Also a bonus genji I doodled as a break