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and now, a haiku for the holidays.


Cherish our present,

the gift that is Sam Wilson;

Keep him safe and warm.

unbreakable charlie smith: this is 100% what their first conversation was like

(i blame @napolecnsclc for encouraging me i spent too long making this)

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Really ? People think CB is too "sophisticated" for SH? I mean she is classy and elegant and beautiful and talented and speaks quite eloquently amongst other things but who was the one who started throwing candy at the back of someone's head at ECCC & who is holding the" Cahonas "in the pic & who is the one that said they both have the sense of humor of a 5 yo ??? Sophisticated yes but also childlike at the same time when needed BEST of Both worlds imo

Everyone is a yenta, eh? 
Everyone perceives life through their own personal filters and experiences. 
Clearly Sam and Caitriona are connected, bonded, and the best of friends. For anyone to say they aren’t each other’s type then they just have their own personal opinion on what type of person would be sexually appealing to these complete strangers. They don’t know; it’s conjecture.
Perceptions of them from fans are based on limited public information. Photos, interviews, acting, social media activity…
Meeting Caitriona was amazing. I don’t even know how to describe it. Yes, she’s tall, willowy, and tiny at the same time. But she’s also solid and aware. At risk of exposing my hippie commune background, seeing her in person let me experience her frequency, her music, the notes of her energy. She felt ethereal but also calming and solid and present and grounded, really steady and smooth and full spectrum. That doesn’t even make sense but she feels nice :) And when she gave me a hug it wasn’t a fluttery soft bird feeling seeing that she’s so tiny that my arms wrap around her back and to the front of her again when I hug her. It was engulfing and strong and encompassing. She told gross stories and threw things at Sam and she was also so connected to each person she met in the moment. She’s an amazing human. So is Sam. He emphatically insisted that he’s an introvert while regaling us with stories and anecdotes of his life. I know he can say a lot of words without actually giving away a lot of his person and that’s a talent. He knows how to set and maintain boundaries that are important to him, to protecting himself, while connecting with hundreds of thousands of fans. And then the ginga ninja stood right behind me to photobomb Cait’s selfie and I had no idea he was there. 
Are they perfect for each other? Is she too sophisticated for him? Is he too pretty for her? That’s up to them and no one else, isn’t it? I just love how they interact with each other and the way their energy interacts to form a complete experience. I’m here for that. 

In his introduction to “Moonlight” on Saturday, the theater artist Peter Sellars said: “African-Americans can’t just make movies. They have to make everything.” Did you feel pressure to make something representative, to tell the big story?

I think there was an element of that. The movie is about very specific characters, in a very specific neighborhood, going through very specific ordeals. In that specificity there’s something universal, but also there’s a statement on the black experience. That statement is filtered purely through my experience and Tarell’s experience. We just both happened to have been born in this neighborhood, and both our moms just happened to become addicted to crack cocaine, and we both just happened to go on and become artists. What Peter said is in some ways true: There’s no way to approach serious storytelling like this without addressing, or being spiritually linked to, this massive topic of what the black experience is.

The movie is also about Chiron’s different experiences of love.

And his difficulty in processing those experiences of love. I approach the theme of sexuality in the movie as an ally and through the prism of empathy. I don’t have a first-person perspective on what it means to be a gay black man in America, but Tarell does. So it’s in the source material. In a perfect world, when people see the film and spend time with these characters, they want to actively find more ways than I can even put into the film to empathize with them, and to have a more nuanced understanding of what it means to be black in America, black and poor in America, black and gay and male in America. One of the many things I love in this film that I didn’t do is the performances. Every time those people come onscreen, you think one thing, and then you get into their eyes, and you feel a whole other thing.

[Barry Jenkins on ‘Moonlight,’ a Tale of Black America and Personal Adversity]

Some Facebook dude: I think biphobia is a serious problem in the LGBTAI community, and I think it deserves a nuanced discussion.

me: :D

Same Facebook dude: And by nuanced I mean bi people can’t use their own terms and have to filter their experiences to exclude ones I can’t relate to. 

Me: D:

looks like it’s time to blacklist everything containing the words ‘mass’ and ‘effect’ and pray

Entry 235: How I see the Intuitive functions


The function of probability. Ni is by far the most internal and indescribable function. It also has the most grandeur of all the functions. It works diametrically to Se, turning information and data into insights and understandings by filtering through experience, generalities, trends, and knowledge.

Compared to the other functions, it can see the farthest into the future with reliable precision so long as it is supported well. On its own though, Ni is helpless, judgmental, and narrow-minded. It acts on a singular mode attempting to contort the real world into its eternally-evolving framework. Like Ne, it works in futuristic terms but with a more decisive and narrow scope of view, therefore it tends to be more far-reaching but prejudicial. Ni can be described as probabilistic.

I associate Ni with passive introspection where unconscious realizations from external data bubble up until they reach a threshold of consciousness.

Image credit

Ni is associated with a magnified vision and this convex optics diagram portrays why.


The function of possibility. Ne is the most expansive and sporadic function. Compared to the other functions, it has the most breadth and scope. It works in opposition to Si, transforming past experiences into potential. 

Ne can see all the likely events in a situation with comparable weight. On its own, Ne is scattered, random, and directionless. Ne acts on multiple modes attempting to account for all the branching points from present events. Like Ni, it works in futuristic terms but with more openness and broad scope of view, therefore it tends to be wide-reaching but shortsighted. Ne can be described as possibility.

I associate Ne with active theorizing where unconscious data from internal understandings branch out into potential insights.

Image credit

Ne expands from one focal point into many, and this is what this concave optics diagram shows.

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Eighteen gender options plus the ability to select your profile’s gender icon independent of your gender choice.

Custom Profanity Filter allows the player to control the game’s forums, chatroom, private messages, and profiles filter for their game experience. If you don’t want to see something, you don’t have to. The power is in your hands to control what you see.