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Two hundred years ago! When a country called Goryeo was about to fall, your ancestor came to see me. If he has my power, he can establish a country and become a king. Then if I help him, the next generation, and the generation after… He will make sure that they will serve me forever. So I killed everyone that was against your ancestor. And established this country. That’s what I did. 

Tom- Why am I doing this?

Tom- Well, I think Edd knows why.

Edd- Tom, you better shut your mouth…

Tom- Edd and Matt used to be a thing for about… maybe two weeks? Not very long,-

Edd- Tom-!

Tom- and Edd fell head over heels for Matt, but Matt didn’t feel the same way. Just thought Edd wanted to see what that kind of relationship looks like.

Tom- And I do care for Matt, he is our friend. Eventually I’ll just cut off the romance tie and it’ll be fine, I just wont tell him why.

Edd- I knew that was it you fucking asshole!

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2jae smut: they go from "ok I guess we're sharing a bed" to "this isn't that bad honestly" to "I KINDA WANNA KISS YOU AND WE SHARE THE SAME BED WHAT DO I DO"

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1.7k

Author: Miranda

did you guys enjoy the april fool’s version? if some of you dont understand the references made in the april fool’s ver., i suggest watching these two videos: one & two 

so this is the actual version finally with actual smut so without further ado~

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meanwhile at ABC headquarters

*muffled yells in the distance* “No one cares about Hook!”

“Aww, everyone’s talking about Hook. Better put him on the poster. Get those blue eyes front and centre. Hang in there Killian, Emma’s coming for ya.”

“Stop Once Upon A Captain Swan!”

“Oooh, ‘Once Upon A Captain Swan’? That sounds great. Someone write that down. Jimmy, write that down. That’s our new slogan. Love it. Man. Our fans are the best.”

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all of the drama questions are keeping my dad from reading your tumblr and learning things..

You dad can filter out drama from info that he is seeking right?

That is like saying we cant use the internet because it contains things we are not into.


I resisted even getting my hopes up at the green-tinted, apparently disembodied POV shots that start appearing here, because I was super-paranoid about it being just one last twist of the knife. Like, “Why do you keep trying to hurt me more, drama…”

(Also, I like to think that they left out all the green-tinted scenes of Shoutarou sleeping, Shoutarou changing clothes, Shoutarou in the shower… because you know Philip’s peeping in on that. For science.)