filson leather

How to dress like an art student

Here everyone has amazing fashion, and I’ve noticed trends that everyone seems to follow:

  • Black skin-tight jeans (wear these guys almost everyday), and preferably they should be nice jeans such as J Brand, vintage Levi’s, Hudson, Madewell, Sevens, Citizens, etc. But no decoration of any kind, and all tears must be from long nights in the studio, not store bought.  
  • Everything must be black, if not, it must be dark
  • Black lace up combat boots. Doc Martins are very common, but any leather boots are fine. My choice is Frye Veronicas because they are made so well. Engineer boots are acceptable too. No one wears tall boots or Uggs. Ew. Also if they have a zipper they don’t count. These black leather boots can be worn with every outfit. 
  • Oversized sweaters that look like they could be from a vintage store but are actually extremely expensive. 
  • Dark colored fur lined parka with a fur trim hood for those really cold days, like Canada Goose if you are really cold. 
  • For those less cold days a charcoal or black wool peacoat is a nice outer layer. 
  • Black leather booties with a chunky heel for when you can dress it up a bit. 
  • A neutral color beanie with no words on it.
  • Ray-Ban or nicer sunglasses. Right now clubmasters are in or Persols. I like Shwood because they are made from wood veneer and that a nice material touch. 
  • A cute black crossbody leather purse for nights out (think Proenza Schouler). For school a canvas or leather backpack. Lots of kids tote Herschel Supply, but I’m a fan of Filson. 
  • A black REAL leather jacket. People here can spot pleather from a mile away. 
  • White oversized tshirts
  • Cold weather boots. A lot of guys have LL Bean duck boots, and I do too because they are so warm and they just work. Some kids wear their black Hunter rain boots with thick socks. Sorels also work well. 
  • Crop tops for weekends/summer. 
  • Torn up to hell and back jean shorts for summer. 
  • Black leggings for when you are sick of wearing black jeans, but the spandex kind not the cheap cotton ones. Black tights for wearing under dresses in the winter/fall. 
  • Don’t worry about makeup; not many girls seem to care. Also people don’t tend to shower all that often. 
  • Nice warm scarves
  • More sweaters
  • Real fur jackets if you are extremely rich and want to flaunt it. 
  • Black tshirts for the days where you will be getting dirty in studio. Which is at least once a week. 
  • Lots of warm wool socks. I like my socks to either be black or dark charcoal grey. 
  • An elegant haircut, nothing trendy. Either a bob or long layers. 
  • Don’t bother with nail polish, just keep your nails very clean and short. 
  • While you’re at it don’t bother with bras. No one wears them. In the summer get used to go going braless everywhere. 
  • Layers!!! Everyone here knows how to layer so well. Everything is layered to perfection. 
  • Jewelry must be rare and either permeant (like body piercings). It cannot be cheap and tacky.