One of the things I like about the Internet is when I see these kinds of things. You can see that there are two subjects, namely, the photography enthusiast (a.k.a shutterbug) and the subject of the former. I admire the concept because it shows the innate desire of the person to place moments in still frames and that there are plenty more of ideas that you can create in terms of photography. Truly, this and a lot more, is an example of the saying; ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’.

As you go through the tunnel, hearing the lingering screams of the people who were already experiencing the heart-stopping feeling of the ride, the sound excites you more as it lures you deeper into the tunnel. One step over the other and another excited step towards the dividing rails. You expected it to contain an intimidating line of equally excited teenagers but, much to your amusement, it had little to no people at all. Trying hard to stifle a giggle, you run up to the front and your eyes light up the moment you see the ride as it goes to a complete halt. As the passengers disembark from the ride, you grab your company’s hand and lead him to an empty seat, putting on all the needed contraptions. The ride prepares to take on another exhilarating journey and as it does, you clearly know that it’ll be one of the most life-changing thing that could possibly happen–but only in a life span of bubble.