fils amie

Deny women and gay people the same basic human rights you unthinkingly afford heterosexual males?  Definitely!  And make sure to only “change your mind” because your PR turns negative! 

As Jesus always said, be nice on the surface!  What’s truly inside doesn’t count!

(Those policy changes have also been greatly overstated/flat-out don’t exist, depending on who you ask.  But for the sake of the benefit of the doubt…)

Il arrive qu'un individu devienne le centre de votre vie, sans que vous ne soyez lié à lui ni par le sang ni par l'amour, mais simplement parce qu'il vous tient la main, vous aide à marcher sur le fil de l'espoir. Ami! Frénétiquement.
—  Fatou Diome
Oh allez je t'ai payé le resto tu me dois bien ça!
—  Mon meilleur ami à l'époque après qu'il nous a payé un jap’ un soir. On avait déjà couché ensemble quelques fois des mois auparavant mais j'étais passée à autre chose, je ne voulais pas. Lui voulait, il a baissé ma tête et m'a forcée à lui faire une fellation. J'avais 17 ans et j'ai presque eu l'impression que “je lui devais bien ça” sur le moment. Je n'ai jamais rien dit à personne, c'est le fils d'amis d'enfance à mes parents, ça fait bientôt 5 ans et j'ai toujours autant honte. 
E3 2015 Predictions: Nintendo
  • Everyone posts that stupid hype train image for the 5th year in a row
  • First thing shown: smash bros dlc
  • Nintendo makes self-referential jokes about themselves/their employees/miiverse
  • Nintendo fans try to force these into memes that last for about 3 hours
  • Something stated to launch in 2015 gets delayed to 2016
  • Xenoblade gets a new trailer and a release date
  • Devil’s Third gets a release date and is talked about for less than 2 minutes
  • Mario Maker gets talked about for at least 7 minutes - they show off level sharing
  • Splatoon gets a mention and they talk about dlc
  • Star Fox finally gets revealed
  • The 3DS gets more atlus games and nothing else
  • “Third party” sizzle reel consisting of indie games, skylanders, and just dance
  • Nintendo shows off exciting new games that won’t be released this year or any time soon really
  • Nintendo of Europe gets something cool that America doesn’t because of Reggie
  • Someone makes a “please understand joke”
  • Miyamoto Shoots Reggie Fils-Amie With A Real Gun

Nintendo’s Hitting The E3 Game Mighty Hard This Year

Not only will we be getting another great Digital Event, but Nintendo will be bringing back the Nintendo World Championships where the best of the best will compete for the gold. Just like Fred Savage did in The Wizard.

After the event, the live treehouse will be streaming games as usual, and you’ll be able to play Mario Maker at your local Best Buy later on in the week. I could explain the gif to you too, but it’s best you watch the reveal video for yourself here.

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