Wish me luck.

I´m off to my second Linguistic partial. I had a bad time studying because I had 0 motivation to do it, not even the usual guilt of “I´m not studying and I´m gonna fail”. No. The more I read and try to pull it through this damn subject the more I hate it and the more I feel impulsed to drop it. I have a 10 to back it up so technically I can fail a couple questions, or hell, I can even dissapprove this fuckery and go to the Take-back exam which is usually waaaaay easier. But no. Very ironically, my sense of responsability is telling me I should still go to todays examn with the little to nothing I´ve studied and trust my good fortune in which the excersise part ( ¾ of the partial ) will be very dumb, as usual. I swear I cannot wait to leave this painful subject behind. I never hated a subject so much. I had never studied such a quantity of filosophical nonsense with their nonsensical reboots and then more complex sensical but utterly uselss refutals and it drives me insane.

On Thuersday I have my next partial, so I´ll still be off for another 2 days.

At least I already promoted a subject, so even if one of these examns dont go well, I´ll still be tranquil.

But FUCK. I really want to drop Linguistics for once.