Created a divider / tab with a real ruler instead? Used my Little Twin Stars wrapping paper to customize a pocket to hold this kawaii bejeweled Twin Stars ruler from my stash.


Planner Organization

Many people are curious as to what to put into ring planners, what sections to have, and what inserts to use. Other people who have spiral planners are curious on how to organize all of their tasks and prioritize their schedule. Time is scarce and both types of planners can optimally maximize your time and allow you to organize your priorities. 

  • 1. Create a system. Decide if you want your planner for all activities (work, school, and personal life) or if you want a planner for each category. This is a personal preference and simply depends on how many tasks you need to prioritize.

Once you decide on a system, determine what tasks are in your routines. Try to develop a list for each category, such as:

Personal Life: family activities, appointments, meals, birthdays, etc

Work Life: deadlines, meetings, trainings, schedules, holidays

School Life: tests, projects, breaks, homework assignments, class schedules

  • 2. Develop a code. Say you are using a planner for school and need to separate by classes. It is much easier to have a color coding system that gives each class a unique color instead of writing the course’s name each time. With a quick glance at your calendar, you can easily distinguish which class has work due the next day. If you’re not too big on colors, try stickers or doodles. On your monthly overview, draw a tiny pencil to signify you have a test on that day, for example. Remember, this can be applied to areas outside of school. Say you have a big project at work, use a star sticker to remind yourself of its importance and place it on its due date and maybe another star sticker a week before it is due so that you know you have an upcoming deadline.
  • 3. Prioritize by importance and due dates. When listing activities, put the most important tasks at the top, which should also be the activities due the soonest. If you only have a few seconds to look at your planner, you want to make sure you are aware of what really needs to be done.
  • 4. Mark off things as they are completed. Crossing off tasks that you have accomplished is satisfying and gives peace of mind. You’ll feel better knowing it is done and does not need to be worried about anymore.
  • 5. Personalize it! Do not be shy! Decorate it with cute post-it notes, stickers, washi tape and the like! It will be a pretty accessory for your desk that will motivate you to actually want to complete those tasks!

With midterms and finals coming up for most university and college students (maybe some highschoolers too?), I thought I’d share my preferred methods for studying effectively. Now, I don’t claim to be a genius at this but this is what works for me. Everyone learns in different ways so you might find that other methods work best for you. 

My favourite way to view all of the upcoming things that I have to do is from a monthly perspective. I love month at a glance study schedules like the one pictured above because they allow for me to see everything before it hits me. I recommend giving each one of your classes a different colour on your calendar! 

When a test outline is received, I break down my study schedule into chapters. Say the test is on chapters one through three. Sunday would be my day off. Monday would cover chapter one. Tuesday = day off. Wednesday = chapter two. Thursday = day off. Friday = chapter three. Saturday = day off. You get the point. I’d also give myself a day to summarize everything after all is said and done. Use a monthly calendar to plan this out well in advance. 

To make studying a little more exciting, decorate your calendar with washi tape and your favourite stickers!

Once you’ve broken down your study days and times, consider breaking down the specific chapters with a planner. The one pictured above was created by me and has a few neat features.

Organization is key. The top left features spaces to write your class name, test date, chapters covered on the test, time and location of the test, weight of the test and your average going into the test. All incredibly important info! 

The rest of the document contains spaces for chapter summaries, formulas and drawings to help you remember specific things, definitions and a miscellaneous space for whatever else you need to remember.

These are great because you can hole punch them and add them to your binder or planner. They allow for you to condense your school notes down into something concise and easy to study from. You’re able to filter out the information that you don’t need and have the stuff you do need right in front of you! 

09 March 2015 / 7:21pm

Tonight’s Starbucks setup. I’m almost done with my case digest, but my macbook ran out of battery. So now, I’ll start working on some flashcards for tomorrow’s remedial law class. I have been doing really badly in my classes lately, so I need to work harder.

Also, I love how the colors of my things match! 💕

Planner Supplies

There are so many supplies I cannot live without when it comes to planning and decorating my planners. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Sharpie pens: I love how vibrant they write and the ink quality is amazing.

  • washi tape: washi tape is super easy to use, and best of all, it is repositionable so it can be used over and over again! It is a quick and easy way to add some color an images to your planner simply by tearing a piece of tape off.

  • stickers:there are so many cute and functional stickers out there. Personally, I really enjoy using color dots to mark certain events, such as events to attend at college in red and paydays in green. there are also many image stickers you can use to represent different events in your schedule, such as a pencil for homework or a heart for a date night.

  • project life cards:I like to punch these into my planner and make quick lists on. If I am in a hurry, I can jot it down on a card and stick it in a pocket in my planner. Or, if I have a weekly to do list, I can move the card from one section in my planner to another section without rewriting the entire list again. there are many cute designs and quotes that are so inspirational!

What are your planner supplies?!


First divider for my Filofax is complete! Will stick to the NANA theme and Japanese aesthetics. Oh! And also added my bobbi pins for decor / paper clip purposes and a touch of girly fun and glam!

(IG / @roaringbrightlights)


Ask and you totally will receive! Meet the Daily Doodle Planner. Hand drawn by me, this planner has a ton of cute features that are sure to help you plan out your day better. 

  • Features a cute little bunting flag to write the date and little faces that can be coloured in to describe your mood
  • This planner features a hourly planner that starts at 7AM and goes until 12AM. Perfect for scheduling your meetings, classes or simply planning study time. 
  • A small to do list with check boxes
  • BLD boxes to track and plan your breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • A ‘Little Reminders’ section for an inspirational quote or those things you just cannot forget
  • Hydrate cups
  • Workout and No Spend checkboxes to help you stay on track

Love what you see? This printable is available for download on my Etsy shop, The Average Blonde (click the name to head there). If you order before Sunday, you can use the code TUMBLR to get 25% off of your purchase! <3


These Little Twin Stars paper clips from Seimon-cho are just perfect for my kikki.K lilac planner! Added some pastel colored ribbons from Spotlight to the clip to create a page divider (or bookmark) and streamers for my wand! The star-shaped clip with the pastel ribbons somehow resemble shooting stars, which makes it even more magical! 😁🌠🌌 As for the dashboard, it was measured and cut from a wrapping paper to fit my ‘fairy kei’ pastel theme!



First illustration entry in my mini sketchbook. Have decided to turn this into a ‘manga sketchbook-journal’ and fill it up with drawings and favorite scenes of my anime heroine - NANA. Instead of journaling with words about daily happenings, I thought I’d extract and reference scenes from the manga that reflect and relate to my day or mood. Pen used was from MUJI and it is amazeballs. Art therapy.


My kikki.K lilac planner all dolled up! 💋 (IG / lipstickchapsticks)

The aftermath of dolling up my kikki.K lilac planner with pretty lace that I searched for at Spotlight. And also sewed an extra elastic lace band for the planner as well (which kinda resembles and reminds me of a wedding garter belt though 😏😭😑 ). But it’s something that allows you to interchange and play around with for a different look / style from time to time to switch things up! (And unleash the DIY goddess within!) Channeling le inner ‘Lolita / dolly kei / hime gyaru’ inspo here! Sweet gyaru dreams! ☆〜(ゝ。∂)