July 27, 2015 《Monday》
Woke up today to find a box outside my home from one of my lovely friends who is traveling over seas. True to his word, he got me some cute (and honestly cool) school supplies PLUS some stickers for my planner. It would have been even sweeter if i knew what the stickers said, but that will just make me more determined to learn different languages.

Hope everyone has an amazing day.

hey guys! so here we have a ton of resources that have helped me get my shit together + some tips from yours truly



want extra practice or got a shit teacher?


- learn languages for free

khan academy-

learn like anything for free

wait, that’s due today?


proof read your essays for you for free

get shit done playlists[1] [2] [3]

excellent calculator

organize your life


chrome extension thats really nice + aesthetically pleasing

start a bullet journal [1] [2]

plan ur time


- organize your time

self control

- basically stops you from being allowed to use certain cites for x amount of time

test prep

SAT questions everyday

make your own flashcards online (or use preexisting ones) for free


while studying- [1] [2] [3]

in general
what the fuck to make for dinner

okay y’all time for ~tips~

  1. They are amazing and you should use them!!! Use brainscape on your devices, make pretty ones on index cards, do whatever it takes. Just use ‘em to get information you need to know into your head!!
  2. Don’t make too many flashcards about things you already know. A few for review are okay, but don’t over do it!! I usually just make questions I get wrong on tests into flashcards. That way I’m not overwhelmed and am getting the info I need.
  1. I cannot stress how important this is. Like seriously, where you are can make all the difference. Instead of doing homework on your bed or on the couch, do it at a table or desk. Pull back your curtains and do some work by the window. Go to starbucks if you can work in there. Sit up straight.
  2. Make your space pretty and appealing but also functional. Make your work environment a place you want to work in. Clean your desk. Open a window. Just make sure you still have an organized and clear space to work. I find, the less clutter the better.
  1. This is probably my favorite part tbh. Make yourself a schedule and hang it up if that works for you.
  2. Make a conscious effort to stick to your schedule.
  3. Also, planners are great. Use them. Write your homework in ‘em. Write your due dates in ‘em. Decorate ‘em. Do whatever it takes to get you using ‘em.
  1. Try not to waste time on this, just jot stuff down that you need to do and hang it up somewhere you can see it.

time for ~photos~

under the cut bc this post is too long already

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4/4/15 2:21pm
Took a small break to decorate my Filofax, but now back to studying. Got three tests coming up this week and I need to get the A!! (90 or higher). Studying anatomy & physiology and finishing my homework while I’m at it. Later on tonight, Philosophy and Intro to Physical Therapy. Busy day today, but I got my list and I got my second coffee for the day. Hope everyone is having a great day

Tuesday, March 31 2015 - 4:55 PM

While I’m on spring break I finally had the chance to get somethings set up in my filofax and one of the things I set up is something that I’m going to start tomorrow! It’s a 30 day list challenge, everyday this week I’m going to decorate a page in my filofax based around a topic and then post it on here. It’s just a fun way for me to get to do something creative and for you guys to get to know me better. I’m really excited about this! :)

July 20, 2015  {Monday}

Now that classes are finished (and I caught up on my video games) I now have time to be able to organize all my previous classes (and notes), and future schedule, plus found some really cute stickers and some cute stationary items, and random trinkets at Target for a great price. Not to mention what better way to relax before classes than to start on my never ending (always growing) reading list. Hope everyone has an awesome day!