filo pastry pie

filo pastry pie

fry a selection of veg and a diced meat in saucepan (e.g. turkey, celery, mushrooms, garlic, spring onion)

make a white sauce - melt a knob of butter in pan, mix in a tablespoon of flour, then whisk in 3-400ml milk and add more milk if it gets too thick (all while on heat)

make up 140ml gravy (granules) and add to white sauce with salt and pepper and herbs (e.g. thyme) then mix in with meat/veg.

get an ovenproof bowl and filo pastry sheets, layer the sheets over the bowl. pour in the mixture and then fold the filo sheets ontop and twirl together if long enough. 

put in oven for around 20 minutes til pastry is cooked.