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I love how supportive of Caddy you are!

Well, I just believe that everyone should be treated with the same respect that I’m given! As my Abba would say, what you sow is what you reap in the garden that is life!

Uh…what? *He frowned deeply, gritting his teeth lightly as he re-read the ask.*

I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU, SHADES!! CADDY IS AN UPSTANDING MONSTER!! HE WOULD NEVER EVER… *He stopped in his tirade, and gasped softly; putting his hand over his chest suddenly.*

Oy…Ikh ton nit filn azoy gut, aun meyn nshmh kherts… *He leaned forward in the chair, rubbing his chest.*

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Go cuddle with Elihu for a little while. You'll both feel better for it. :c

Heh… that sounds like a great idea… 

Elihu!  ikh ton nit filn gut beibi… kenen ikh leygn mit ir far vayle…? meyn kop kherts…

((I don’t feel good baby… Can I lay with you for awhile…? My head hurts…))


It’s finally finished - Manufactured Alliances :3

Welp, it’s only taken forever, but hey, here it is a year after I started the project - Manufactured Alliances, the origin story for N7 Team-172 Bravo Echo Echo and the Cerberus Rebels on planet Avexis, during the events of Mass Effect 3.

Through particle effects tests, broken hard drives, and some sick adlibs from the fam, this film’s been through hella foolishness. Made with no budget, just by group of passionate M.E fans and cool cats. Hope you all enjoy it! (And thanks for waiting!)