Driver is exactly my kind of movie character, with the sort of dilemma that I think is inherently cinematic. His dilemma is that he doesn’t belong to the day or the night. He’s caught between two worlds, he doesn’t know which one to belong to, and he ends up transforming himself into what he was meant to be, which is a hero, which he wasn’t aware of.


A lot of people want to be in control in the cinema, to be made to feel secure. I go against those conventions, for good or bad. I want to create a permanent state of unease. I want the audience to ask, ‘What the fuck is going on?’ If they ask that, they can start to let go a bit. Some people don’t. Some people can’t. But if you go with it, then trust me: you’re in for a ride.

happy birthday to NICOLAS WINDING REFN;
the killer of cinema, the pornographer, the lover of carrot pie and hot chocolate, and the director who lights up a room like nobody does.

I knew I wanted a satin jacket because I wanted him to shine at night. When you deal with very good actors, you often let them figure out their wardrobe themselves because that’s very much how they build their characters. So Ryan would go out and find a jacket that he’d feel comfortable in and he’d bring it back and we’d make it satin. A lot of them were old military jackets with symbols of eagles and other iconic American symbols, and I thought, “Oh, that would be great if he had a symbol on himself, like a logo!” We decided we were going to put some kind of animal on the jacket, but then by coincidence I was with the costume designer in a garage looking at how mechanics dress. Ryan was there working on his car because he was building his own car at the time, and he said that I should show the costume designer my visual reference for the Drive, which was Scorpio Rising. The film starts with the logo of a scorpion, and the telekinetic minds of myself and Ryan simultaneously said “it’s a scorpion!” Then Ryan had the idea that we could use this design to incorporate this story about the scorpion and the frog, and it turned out really great. - Nicolas Winding Refn