Kidnapped boy escapes using tricks learned from crime films

A 13-year-old boy from China’s Sichuan successfully saved himself after being kidnapped, thanks to the crime movies he had watched.

Xiaoyi was kidnapped on his way to school on September 24, and was then kept hostage at an abandoned house in a remote village, Sichuan Online reported on Friday. The kidnapper covered Xiaoyi’s eyes and mouth with tapes, and then left to call his father for ransom.

Realizing that the kidnapper had left the house, Xiaoyi managed to free himself from the rope, and made his first attempt to escape. However, he ran into the man right outside the house, who was texting at the time.

The kidnapper dragged him inside, tied him up tighter and left again. In his second attempt, the calm boy shouted twice before making sure that the kidnapper was actually gone, and then snuck his way out of the house.

Exhausted from the escape and with both hands tied up and face taped in a plastic bag, Xiaoyi couldn’t but sit on a driveway nearby waiting for rescue. Luckily, a local driving along saw him, called the police and brought more villagers to save him.

The kidnapper, who had demanded 130,000 yuan (20,462 US dollars) from Xiaoyi’s parents, was arrested at a local cyber café later that evening.

Xiaoyi told reporters from Sichuan Online that he had learned his escape tricks from crime movies, of which he’s a big fan. “The movies taught me to cooperate with the kidnapper to buy more time, and wait calmly until there’s a chance to escape,” said the smart boy.