help tumblr user uoltaire get art supplies!!! 🎨✨

Hi guys! I’m currently a high school student going into my junior year, and I’m planning on majoring in fine arts once I get into college. Art supplies are expensive, but an opportunity arose where I have the chance to win free acrylic paints. My sister was kind enough to enter in one of her portraits into the competition. But I need your help! It’ll only take a few seconds out of your time.

All you need to do is vote here.

And (for bonus points) reblog this post.

Voting lasts from July 20th to July 26th. You’re allowed to enter a vote every 24 hours, so if you have the time to remember to vote more than once, I’ll be eternally grateful.

If possible, please tell your friends and family about this and get them to vote too.

I can’t offer anything more, because I’m not supposed to be offering any incentive, but if you shoot me a message telling me that you voted, I’ll give you a quick thank you.

If we got someone a fluffy chicken, I know we can do this too.