Who knew?

Asking actors to film a love scene is a weird thing. It’s like going up to two people and saying, “You’re in committed relationships, now go make out with someone else for half a day.” Because that’s not awkward. 

Thankfully, Lindsey Morgan and Steve Talley are the best. They were totally professional about the whole thing, so while it was still awkward, it was less so than it could have been. The two of them get along and they’re both hilarious in their own right, so putting them together is like watching a two-person comedy show in between takes. I still laugh reading over the notes and quotes I jotted down. I do hope something of theirs makes it onto the blooper reel.

Now, this love scene was always meant to be as passionate as we could make it. I actually wrote in the script, “Off the hottest sex we can show on 9pm network television…” That meant losing Raven’s bra. I believe our director, Uta, actually wanted to go further than that, but we ran out of time. 

So we get to the point where Wick unhooks Raven’s bra. In the midst of all the jokes Lindsey and Steve are volleying at each other, Steve mentions that he can get a bra off one-handed. The implication being, this’ll be no problem.

And that, my friends, is called tempting fate

In real life, Raven’s bra is one of those Nike sports-style deals with, like, 6 hook-and-eye closures in back. It is the Fort Knox of bras. Not only was there no way to get that thing off one-handed, Steve couldn’t get it off with two hands! He joked his way through a couple tries, Lindsey giggling all the while, until he graciously admitted defeat. I suspect others might not be so laidback about announcing you can do something to a hundred people and then kinda failing at it. Not Steve. He laughed it off, which let everyone else laugh it off. 

We decided to cheat the moment, calling in our costumes guy to unhook all but one of the closures. (You’ll notice that in the show we only see the last closure come undone, which is really the important moment anyway.) It even took him a bit of time to get it undone. 

And then it was tough to rehook the damn thing in between takes! Steve’s laughing comment, “I don’t put them on!” received hilarious teasing from Lindsey. It turned out he could, though, and it was a victory shared by all. Not to mention a helpful time-saver in resetting our shots. 

Fort Knox of bras, you guys. Who knew?

I wish I could convey how hilarious it was. As it happened, I was just grateful that these two are so cool, that they spent the whole time giving each other shit, because in another world where it was Serious Drama all of this would be so much more awkward. Thank goodness for people who don’t take themselves too seriously. 

And if it all sounds terribly intimate…yeah, you’re not wrong.