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A concept that’s been bothering me since the Oscars. But here, a hastily written snippet of the long one-shot I’m working on in-between trying to get the next arc of In These Quiet Spaces up. 

(Snippet may not actually make the final cut of whatever materializes weeks from now.)


Viktor was something of a recluse amongst the Hollywood crowd.

“You’re a ghost Viktor. It’s like you don’t even live here,” Christophe Giacometti had said as they overlooked a pulsing crowd scattered around Christophe’s pool.

“Because I don’t.”

He didn’t. Viktor spent a combined month out of a year living in his 9 million U.S. dollar mansion in the Palisades. It was a muted pink color with stucco walls and it made for a pretty picture for tourists touring the homes of the stars. Reputedly, Spielberg was his next door neighbor. Yakov had said it, nodding with approval, when Viktor had shown him around. Viktor was 22 then and years removed from his Oscar win that Yakov probably meant for him to go knocking on Spielberg’s door, begging for a script, as if Viktor hadn’t spent the last four years learning how to make films.

Fast forward four years and Viktor was a ghost in his house, jumping from film set to film set to his apartment in New York City that everyone knew about to his apartment in St. Petersburg that only six people knew about. When his publicist made too many noises about Viktor dropping off the radar, Viktor would relocate to his Palisades home and pop into enough parties to give the impression he wasn’t a 60-year old trapped in a leading man’s body.

Reputedly, Spielberg had knocked on his door during one of Viktor’s Hollywood stints. Yakov had told him this, grunting about a war movie Viktor wasn’t interested in.

Viktor was 26, a four-time Oscar nominee and one-time winner, and in no hurry to jump into bed with Spielberg. First it would be Spielberg, then Cameron, and then suddenly Viktor was Every-Man Enough to be considered for a franchise and he’d be roped into a 9-year contract and… god, what would he be?

“Watch out!”

Viktor half-turned in time for a wave of chlorinated water to lap at his heels.

There was a blur of color in the middle of the pool and everyone was silent, waiting for whoever jumped into the pool to resurface and not be dead. Cheers broke out when—seconds later—Yuuri Katsuki broke the surface. He was grinning, clothes clinging against his body, as he turned with a sloppy grin on his face. 

Yes, if Viktor made the wrong choices, if he stopped caring about film, he may as well be Yuuri Katsuki: Japanese Playboy and quite-certainly Not-An-Actor.


“Maybe we tried to leave as much memories of ourselves with each other because we knew one day we wouldn’t be together anymore.”
― Makoto Shinkai, 5 Centimeters per Second.


Romeo Must Die {Aaliyah’s first big screen role} is released 17 years ago today {March 22, 2000}.

It is Andrzej Bartkowiak’s directorial debut with fight choreography by Corey Yuen. This film stars Jet Li, Aaliyah, Isaiah Washington, Russell Wong, Delroy Lindo, Henry O, Anthony Anderson and DMX. RMD had a budget of $25 Million but successfully grossed $91 Million worldwide and made it to the #2 movie on US charts.

The film’s setting is Oakland, California, but other than a few establishing shots, film production was entirely in Vancouver, British Columbia. The original ending of the movie was of Aaliyah and Jet Li’s characters kissing; a scene that did not test well and was ridiculed by the urban audience at a pre-release screening. Jet Li stated they filmed both {with and without the kiss} and dediced against the kissing scene because it was “somewhat strange and awkward” for Han to have witnessed his father’s suicide and then to come out and kiss someone. The studio modified the ending with Aaliyah giving Jet Li’s character a tight hug instead – did they walk away holding hands? — . According to a Filipino American director Gene Cajayon, “Mainstream America, for the most part, gets uncomfortable with seeing an Asian man portrayed in a sexual light.”

“I tried to play a trick on Jet, but it didn’t quite work. We were supposed to kiss and hug in the last scene. Right before we kissed, I put in these really disgusting false teeth and tried to shock him, but he is so focused, he didn’t crack a smile!” Aaliyah says on a failed attempt to prank her costar on the set of Romeo Must Die. “He didn’t flinch until the camera shut off and then he laughed. He liked it, but I felt like such a fool. I planned it for the whole movie and then, I couldn’t pull it off”.

Aaliyah enjoyed wearing her fake teeth on the set and pranked many of her costars on the set. Even off the set, she would wear her fake teeth and prank her best friend Missy Elliott. “One time, she put these big fake teeth in her mouth, the kind you get at a joke shop, and she came into my room and started doing the scenes from Romeo Must Die. Her personality was very playful, but she was also equally caring and compassionate” – Missy Elliott shares on her fondest memory of Aaliyah with this false teeth.

Jet Li was asked what his reaction was when he found out Aaliyah died. His response: “She was a very sweet girl and she was very charming. When she was on the set, she brought a lot of energy; she made everyone happy and would sing all the time. I was in China working on Hero and I heard the terrible news, we lost a best friend. She is still living in a lot of people’s hearts.”  When Jet Li was in New York being interviewed on the TODAY show. He commented “I have some memories of this very beautiful city … but it still makes me think about Aaliyah. She was such a talented girl and some locations when you pass by every day, you still think about her”.

I wanted to draw a little comic where Meyer brings her beautiful girlfriend Ara a some flowers as a romantic gesture. Ara exclaims “My FAVOURITE” and shoves the entire thing into her herbivore dinosaur mouth.

I then stopped myself cause I realized this was a gag already used in the classic film Theodore Rex starring Woopi Goldberg, and I didn’t want people to think The Aviary was a ripoff of the movie (when it’s actually a ripoff of the Mario Bros movie)

anonymous asked:

Time will tell if I'm a bit too optimistic in thinking this way, but I really believe the full story of what went down with Han and Leia has not been told and will be fleshed out further over the next two films. The reasoning we've been given for their separation may seem out of character at this point in time, but I also think we're lacking the full context. The first films in Star Wars trilogies tend to make more sense as the story progresses, so we'll see.

I do think so too, there is so much we don’t know and a lot of what happened to Ben has yet to be told, so maybe with more context things will seem a little better or easier to understand.

Director Steven C. Miller has taken to social media to reveal that actors Jesse Metcalfe and Pete Wentz have joined the cast of “Escape Plan 2” in currently unknown roles. The film, which also stars Sylvester Stallone, Jaime King, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Wes Chatham, Xiaoming Huang and Dave Bautista, is written by Miles Chapman and directed by Steven C. Miller. While it is unknown if Arnold Schwarzenegger will return for the sequel, a representative for Leomus Pictures (the studio distributing the film in China) told The Hollywood Reporter that “Schwarzenegger’s return is still under discussion”. What do you think of Jesse Metcalfe and Pete Wentz joining “Escape Plan 2”? Let me know in the comments!