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George wanted to see Anakin in a costume similar to the one that Luke wears in Return of the Jedi… I want to tie to Princess Leia’s white outfit and Padmé’s all-white outfit in Attack of the Clones. I wanted to make it extra sad. so I added the gift the japor snippet Anakin gave her in Episode I (x)

C3psnoke and Visual Storytelling

Star Wars films are all about visual storytelling, dark vs light etc. Using camera angles, close-ups, colour and even hidden symbols, there are loads of little messages in TFA; especially about c3psnoke.

Choker Shots

Choker shots are camera angles that show the facial features of the characters up close, making their emotions more prominent.

One of the most prominent close-up shots in TFA are those of C3po and Snoke:

In this image, you can clearly see the depth of emotion on Snoke's face, a mixture of relentless determination as well as true curiosity for the events unfolding. In this, he is no ordinary villain, a look of intrigue and awe showing intrigue in the events C3po (and the others I guess) are caught up in. 

Now look at this close up of C3po, he clearly has that same determined look on him; valiantly explaining about his red arm with the up most importance it deserves. He appears as no bumbling droid, but a key member of the resistance, stood alongside the path of destiny (though they may not recognise him).

Now your probably wondering what the significance of these shots is.
Well, the use of Choker shots is not common in Star Wars. Never in one of these seven films can I remember a shot of this angle besides this one…
Apart from this bit;

And maybe that rey and kylo scene, but eh, they don’t matter.

Choker Shots are commonly used in romantic films, which makes sense considering they’re used to show emotions up close. But why would this be needed in Sci fi/ space opera movie? We should already know their emotions, right? Well, maybe this is to draw parallels between the two characters, who both show incredibly similar emotions…


Scenes where C3po or Snoke are present together always seem to hold hearts in the background. Though at first, it may just seem coincidental, more and more show up. The filmmakers had to have deliberately put them there.
(I’ve only posted a few pictures with the hearts, there are many more out there)


Hidden implications in TFA show that a romance may occur between C3po and Snoke in the future films. Thanks for reading, please add things that I may have missed :) 

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