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Sam and Colin and I drove out to Joshua Tree to spend the weekend getting to know each other, reading the script and bonding a little bit. Colin was driving and he popped into a gas station and got a bunch of crappy food, and bought the hat the Sam wears. He said he was kicking himself afterwards, when he saw it in the film because the hat is a scene stealer.
—  Martin McDonagh

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A/N: Second time posting my writing, I had the idea at work and i wanted to write something so here we are. If you want to request anything for me to write, please do, i have nothing else to do. 

Part 2 / Part 3

Summary: Usually Jughead hates surprises, but you’re hoping this one might be different.

Word Count: 1,710

Warnings: none, you are safe 

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Finally Complete (Bucky X Wife!Reader)

Characters: Bucky X Wife!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Infertility


Request: Bucky x reader? They’re married and she finds out she can’t have a baby. So him and tony (her big brother) go adopt a little girl to surprise her. She gets in from work to see her super soldier snuggled up to a 4 yr old girl. She jumps up extremely excited and asks if your her new mommy. Reader is so happy she’s in tears.

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You’ve been married to Bucky for over 6 years now and you’ve been trying for a baby for a while. No… a long time… 4 years. You tried several pills to help fertility but nothing seemed to work. You finally decided after over two years to trying, you went to the hospital with Bucky.

Bucky was worried it was him. That his time frozen had affected his ability to fertilize… but it was you in the end. You had a genetic disease that meant your eggs stopped being able to fertilize. And even if you did, you would almost instantly miscarry, and it made you realise all those heavy periods… was you losing your baby.

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Shawn Mendes 
Words; 1,200 (I’m not very good at keeping to 500 words 😄) 
Warnings; Mentions of sexual themes 
Could you write a smut of Shawn and the reader being home with his family and Shawn is horny and frustrated they aren’t getting any alone time so Shawn takes the reader out for a drive into the country for some privacy and jeep sex????
Note; I changed the request a bit, but I hope you still like it anyway 😊  

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“Shawn! Get your ass down here or we’re starting the film without you!” Aaliyah yelled up the stairs before running back into living room, flopping down next to me on the sofa. Laughing, I wrapped my arms around her neck, letting her lean on me as she browsed through the different films available.

Heavy footsteps soon followed. A few seconds later Shawn appeared in the doorway, frowning when he saw the two of us already snuggled up and ready to press play.

“You stole my girlfriend!”

“Just shut up and sit down.” She sassed back. Pouting, he settled down on the empty arm chair.

We only made it about ten minutes into the movie (some generic horror film with shitty camera work and acting that would make Kristen Stewart seem Oscar winner worthy) before we lost interest. Saying that, none of us wanted to get up and change it. Instead, Aaliyah and I found amusement in taking the piss out of it. Shawn stayed oddly quiet.

“I feel like we should be playing a drinking game; take a shot every time that blond girl screams or cries.” The younger sibling laughed at the hysteric girl on the screen while taking another handful of popcorn from the bowl.

I didn’t want to condone underage drinking, but it actually sounded like a lot of fun, “Deal. Go get some cola and two glasses.”

Excitedly, she jumped up from my grasp and ran into the kitchen, mumbling something about drinking me into the group which made me laugh.

Looking through the bowl of popcorn, I picked out a few half-popped pieces and happily began chewing away. As I laid back down on the sofa, I caught a glimpse of Shawn looking down at his phone uncomfortably.

“You okay?” I asked only to get a nod back. Was he seriously that pissed off with me cuddling his sister instead of him? Like, he gets to hug me all the time, there’s no need to be that jealous over it.

Not wanting to deal with his childish behaviour, I turned back to the film. A few seconds later, my phone buzzed in my pocket. At first I wanted to ignore it but then it happened again, and again, and again, and again, until I eventually caved.

17 missed messages from TreeBoiMendes


“Shawn, I’m sat in the same room as you.” I huffed, but as I skimmed through his messages I felt the heat rise in me.

From TreeBoiMendes: ‘R u wearing new jeans?’

From TreeBoiMendes: ‘Yup defiantly new’

From TreeBoiMendes: ‘How dare u buy new jeans w/out telling me!!!!’

From TreeBoiMendes: ‘haha just kiddin! Luv u

From TreeBoiMendes: ‘but shiiiitttt u look hot’

From TreeBoiMendes: ‘Im guessin ur ass looks g8t’

From TreeBoiMendes: ‘Not sayin that it doesnt normally look good’

From TreeBoiMendes: ‘now Im thinkin of ur ass’  

From TreeBoiMendes: ‘have I ever told you how much I like ur ass?’ 

From TreeBoiMendes: ‘like last night when I had u bent over…’

I quickly locked my phone when Aaliyah came skipping back into the room, dumping the pop and glasses on the coffee table.

“Are you okay? You look a bit red?” She asked as I joined her on the floor.

“Huh? Yeah, it’s just a bit hot in here.” Shawn choked on his laughter, covering it up with a cough. Aaliyah flashed both of us an odd look, but just shook her head and began pouring the drinks.

For a moment, my eyes met Shawn, and I wanted to go over there and slap that smug little smile right of his pretty face.


I won the game. After about 20 shots Aaliyah threw in the towel, complaining about a stomach ache. By that time the novelty had worn off anyway. We ended up back on the sofa, me rubbing Aaliyah sore tummy as she played around on her phone, secretly showing me photos of a guy she’d been kind of dating for a few months. What made everything funnier was how defensive Shawn got when we wouldn’t tell him what we were giggling about.

“Fine, if you won’t tell me I’ll just leave.” He let out a dramatic huff while leaving the room, heading towards the kitchen.

“Aww, Shawnie!” I called out teasingly, knowing he hated whenever I used that nickname, complaining it sounded like something you’d call a baby, “I love you.”

There was a short pause followed by a muffled ‘I love you’ back.

“You guys are so disgusting.” Aaliyah complained, her nose scrunching up in the same way her brother’s does whenever he finds something gross.

“You won’t be saying that when you and that dude get serious,” I poked the side of her head playfully, but she wasn’t listening. Instead paying more attention to the text message that just came through, and I noticed the tiny little smile tugging at the corner of her mouth, “Speaking of the devil…”

Even in the dark-ish room I saw the red flush highlight her cheeks. Once again leaving me alone of the sofa, she sat up, yelling to her brother as she grabbed her shoes, “Shawn! I’m going to see a friend!”

“Call me if you need anything.” I told her, giving her a quick hug.

“Wait, what friend?” Shawn called out, but the door was already slamming behind her. Feeling lonely, I made my way into the kitchen to find Shawn in the middle of making a sandwich.

“Hey, can you make me one too please?” I asked sweetly while pressing a kiss to his cheek before taking a seat on the counter next to him.

“You just ate, like, three mini bags of M&Ms,” I gave him a look as if to say ‘sooo’ that made him chuckle. Dropping the knife, his hands soon found their place on my waist as he slipped between my legs, “I swear you can eat for a small army.”

“I just really want a sandwich, okay?” I defended myself.

“You know what I really want to eat?” The smirk was back as his hands rubbed along my outer thigh, hitching my legs around his hip. Meanwhile his thumbs created slow circles along the inner part, ever so slowly inching higher and higher. Shaking my head no, he ducked down, his nose brushing against mine. Our lips were so, so close, barely touching as he spoke, “You.”

I didn’t have a chance to respond before he captured my mouth in a fiery kiss. It didn’t last long, but when we broke apart both of us were breathing in little pants.

“Do you want me to eat you, Baby?” I just about got a nod in. This time, I pulled him down to meet my lips, using the belt loops on his jeans to tug him closer. I don’t know if it was because of the texts or just how bloody needy I always seemed to be, but I just craved to be closer to him.

Without another word, Shawn lifted me up. Playing with the baby hairs at the nip of his neck, my other hand found his shoulder as he carefully carried me up to his room, only nearly tripping up once on the way.  

“You all think you have stories people won’t believe but I got you all beat. My two best friends and I saw an alien (or el chupacabra because we live in the south), on the way home from the movie theater after seeing SIGNS.

I’m keeping it simple and short. We went to the midnight showing of SIGNS (completely packed and awesome) and left the theater around 2:15am. My two friends are in the front seats and I’m sitting in the back. On the way to one house, the headlights shine on this creature walking on four legs on the side of the road. Even from the backseat, I could clearly make it out. It was hairless and covered in gray skin. I assumed it was a dog. But like a scene from a horror film, it turned and looked at us. It had no mouth or nose, just big eyes. Then I kid you not, it stood up on its hind legs and walked into the woods…. 

Now like I said, I saw this from the backseat, clear as day. My two friends sitting in the front seats didn’t say a word though so I stayed quiet. But when we got one to guy’s house, my friend that was driving turned his car off and sat for a second, looking at his hands (they were shaking). I saw that and just started screaming. We all saw it but none of us could could say what it was and we told ourselves we would never tell anyone because we had just watched a film about an alien invasion on the same night. We’re all in our 30s now but none of us have forgotten and we still get uncomfortable discussing it.”

By: Koko_Hekmatyar (What is the creepiest, scariest, strangest unexplained experience/ story you’ve had, heard or know?)


I just bought the soundtrack CD to The Book of Life so I could listen to it in my car whenever I had a bad day at work… or any time, really… and I was charmed when I read director/writer Jorge Gutierrez’ liner notes:

“Gustavo (Santaolalla) brought in his friend Paul Williams… to collaborate in writing two original songs for two HUGE moments in the film. The first time I heard his demo for “I Love You Too Much” I cried alone in my office. And when he sent “The Apology Song”, my wife Sandra and I had had a rough day on the film. We were driving home and we pulled over to hear it. We both cried. Our son Luka, four years old at the time, saw us crying and started crying too! But they were all tears of joy.”

“And my beloved Diego Luna, who had never sung on film before, poured out his heart and soul into the songs. You can hear all of Manolo’s vulnerability in his performance. Magic again.”

Wheel of the Worst Starters (1/??)
  • “Okay, so, we’re going to give this thing three spins and whatever it lands on, we’re gonna watch no matter what.”
  • “If it doesn’t feature him being nude, then I don’t care.”
  • “Whose idea was it to marry candid camera and softcore porn?”
  • “You gotta be cool about fire… safety.”
  • “My pants need changing.”
  • “They should make a video about rap safety. Don’t rappers get killed a lot?”
  • “The time has come for me to shut this off.”
  • “Why don’t they slap me in the face with more feminist bullshit?”
  • “They found homeless people, scooped them off the streets, put them in a hotel room, and then had naked ladies come in.”
  • “I just smoked some crack at the bus stop and now this is happening.”
  • “It’s a window into the sad, depressing last years of Alan Fundt’s life.”
  • “I would love to find out when this was made and when he died.”
  • “When I was younger I almost burned down my grandmother’s house cooking french fries.”
  • “My first instinct was to throw it in the backdoor out into the snow.  What happened was I just burned my hands and dropped burning grease all over the house.”
  • “The dance of birth is the greatest film David Lynch never made.”
  • “It was fifty minutes of people flailing around awkwardly.”
  • “It was shocking. It was hypnotic. And I hated it.”
  • “She’s saying nonense and she thinks she’s smart for saying complete, utter nonsense.”
  • “The babies looked embarrassed.”
  • “That poor baby is trying to escape.”
  • “Some of these babies are ugly. They look just like their parents.”
  • “We have birth, sexual desire, and self-preservation.”
  • “You can do all the hippie dancing you want, you may still give birth to Alan Fundt.”
  • “It’s a cesspool of human filth.”
  • “I want to murder this movie.”
  • “Can you imagine this without the laugh track? It would be like watching a snuff film.”
  • “These people are having a great time dancing, flailing around and having babies.”
  • “Elderly men will get to masturbate, so there is a service to be provided.”
  • “Elderly men can’t get erections.”
  • “This is like going to church. Everybody gets together, they pretend there’s a big man in the sky, andthey go home feeling happy.”
  • “You go home, you undulate with your pregnant belly–”
  • “I would be ok with blowing up both of them becuse why not?”
  • “I’ve forgotten all that I’ve learned about fire safety.”
  • “The dance of birth is no more! The dance of birth is no more!”
  • “Smile. You’re on candid camera.”
  • “I don’t know what happens when I’m not here.”
  • “How to have a key party – no, wait–”
  • “I have a feeling everyone is going to regret it, and by everyone, I mean us.”
  • “We’re going to learn about being a latch-key kid.”
  • “Do they live in a prison?”
  • “Guys, did you just see her just reach her finger into a grill and get burned?”
  • “Can we watch another thing on another screen?”
  • “Hide the body from your parents.”
  • “Let’s make it exciting – light it up, boys!”
  • “Everything about this is so awkward.”
  • “I learned… No, I didn’t learn anything.”
  • “I just can’t wait for the wall to fall down in the background.”
  • “People come in all colors, but if you’re Hispanic you still talk with an accent.”
  • “This is one of those kinda subtly racist videos.”
  • “Having kids looks like a lot of work.”
  • “I forgot about the ginger kid.”
  • “Are we being safe from Gary Coleman?”
  • “No one is safe from Gary Coleman. He has eyes everywhere.”
  • “The premise of the video is that Gary Coleman plays an all powerful deity.”
  • “Did she say the mayor was tryng to get in her back door?”
  • “She said the same thing when she turned 18.”
  • “He got pulled over drunk driving a very small car.”
  • “Oh, you mean like his penis.”
  • “Go get a neighbor to get killed first.”
  • “How did you guys do this last time with these fucking videos?”
  • “As the man who burned down his grandmother’s house making french fries, did you learn anything about safety?”
  • “I’m sure I saw a video like this at some point and still almost burnt down my grandmother’s house anyway.”
  • “My personal favorite part of the movie when the woman decides to peg the guy from behind.”
  • “It was filmed on location at a Value City furniture display.”
  • “Wait, he said what fun would be life without MTV?”
  • “Look, they had forty minutes to shoot this video.”
  • “When you were watching, you had to put yourself in the mind of the late nineties when none of us knew any of this shit.”
  • “I usually only make sandwiches.”
  • “There are things that you will not be able to unsee on the internet.”
  • “You’ve never seen cakefarts?”
  • “–But also, prepare to be destroyed.”
  • “We are recording, I have a motherfucking cookie, <name>’s got a beer. Let’s drive.”
  • “This is fucking frightening.”
  • “Gun it! Gun it! Gun it!”
  • “Take that, racism!”

Fragments - (Saw gif of guitar kiss scene. Imdb’d Bye Bye Man, found actor. Found title to short. Found the short.) So this one is a different short. Certain aspects I just don’t understand and am ok with that. It’s definitely got a more artistic vibe. A pushy girlfriend tries to drive her boyfriend to get the most out of life. Someone needs to take the two male leads and put them in an epic gay themed film, I ship it.


These are a few of the pics I managed to make today. We weren’t able to see a lot, but there was a scene in front of granny’s between Emma and Henry which seemed like a tearful goodbye. Emma drives away after the conversation. Henry has is arm in a cast.

Sarah was there (as ever! 😊) happily spreading leafs. Adam and Eddie also came to say Hi! I gave them my captain Swan poem/art thingy and they said they really loved it! Eddie said he’d put it in the writer’s room.

There is a scene where Emma and Killian are in Emma’s car. They put a red police light 🚨 on top of the bug and drive off.

There is a big dramatic (fight?) scene in the evening in front of the library. I saw Jennifer, Jared and Giles there and we thought we heard Josh. Other people said they saw Ginny. We couldn’t see anything going on there, but there was smoke and fake lightning at the end of the scene. During practice it seemed like they were practising to fall and there was a lot of hugs and happy cheering.

During and after filming Giles came for photos, hugs and autographs.

I’ve had to remove all of my Tom content from Youtube due to copyright reasons so I’ve uploaded my edits into my google drive.

These are not full films or episodes - just Tom’s scenes so “bitesize” Hiddleston portions if you like.

Plus some appearances on British Television.

Enjoy! (There’s more to come in time, I’ll link this post in a new post)

Unrelated (2007)

Return To Cranford (2009)

Wallander (Season 1 (2008)

Wallander (Season 2 (2010)

Archipelago (2010)

Thor (2011)

The Deep Blue Sea (2011)

War Horse (2011)

The Avengers (2012)

Exhibition (2013

Thor : The Dark World (2013)


Top Gear (9.2.2014 - Star In a Reasonably Priced Car)

Artsnight (6.11.2015 - I Saw The Light)

BBC News 24 (4.5.2016 - Unisef, South Sudan)

BBC News 24 (29.11.2016 - Unisef, South Sudan)

The One Show (1.2.2017 - Kong Skull Island)

A year ago today my buddy Garrett Danz and I left our homes in Oklahoma with about $800 and the hopes of getting to Washington for a month and making a little film about it. That month turned into seven, and after 21,000 miles of driving and camping - all the way to the Arctic Circle in Alaska and back, leading to a complete lifestyle reevaluation and change. Thankful for all of the blessings I’ve been given in life, and for the family and friends who saw more in me than I knew was there. Always learning.

EXO’s reaction to their celebrity crush admitting she thinks he’s hot. (OT9)

You’re their celebrity crush and has admitted to liking them. Hope you enjoy~


He was just casually listening to a radio show, while driving through Seoul with Chen, when suddenly you appeared in an interview. He got so awkward and pretended not to listen, but Chen was loving it. 

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MC: If you had to pick any actor in the world to be your love interest in your next film, who would it be?

You: Suho from EXO… I’ve had a bit of a crush on him ever since I saw him for the first time in person at an award show, so… Yeah. He’s hot.

The MC and you laughed, but Suho was worried to death. How was he going to handle this? Should he get your number from someone and call you or do nothing at all? This poor baby just really didn’t want to mess up.

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SO HAPPY! Literally just walks around with a smile on his face for the rest of the week. Talks about it in an interview and says he feels very honored to be “the chosen one”. Everyone ships the two of you, but the first time the two of you actually meet he keeps fidgeting and gets really nervous and oblivious. But is hella cute.

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Blushes so hard when it gets revealed to him in an interview and everyone in EXO teases him. Eventually you ask him out. He tries to act funny on the first date but ends up getting so flustered and can’t control himself.

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Chen: Wait, what?

Everyone was staring at you. 

You: I’ve just always had a thing for cheekbones, and like… Chen’s cheekbones are pretty much legendary.

All of EXO were staring at you, when you were asked to rank EXO according to who you thought was hottest on weekly idol, when you were the guest host, because Doni was sick. You had answered Chen right away, and it was safe to say, that everyone was rather shocked, since he had ranked so low the last time. Chen quickly sat on his assigned chair, but not before blowing you a kiss, that made you blush. 

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You were a famous and highly respected painter, who had caught the attention of Chanyeol, after it was revealed, that you liked EXO, and that he was your bias. He would go undercover and attend all your exhibitions and buy a ridiculous amount of paintings, and act all art-interested, but in reality he didn’t even like your paintings. They were too complicated and abstract for him to understand, but he liked the thought of you hearing about this mystery man, who bought all your paintings. 

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Chanyeol’s reaction to your new and well-praised painting, that to him looked like a bunch of stripes, but was named “hip thrust”.

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Didn’t know what to do when you; an academy award-winning actress said you didn’t really think any of the guys Ellen Degeneres came up with in her game “Who’d you rather?” was your ideal type. 

Ellen: Who is then?

You: Have you heard of EXO? The Korean boy band? Their singer D.O is extremely hot and incredibly talented! Oh God! I live for his smile.

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Kai was dancing on the stage at an award show and was of course doing amazing. He was body rolling, hip thrusting and ending every move with a sexy as hell smile, when the camera cut to you. You quickly closed your mouth, that was wide agape due to a mixture of shock and bliss, and blushed, but then decided to have a little fun with everybody. 

You: So hot.

you blinked at the camera and the next day people couldn’t talk about anything else. Fans were deciding whether or not you two were ship-worthy and good enough for each other, but Kai couldn’t help but hope, you meant it. 

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Brags about it, whenever he can.

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MC: So the fans seem-

Sehun: Yeah, I just got a new fan. Y/N, you know her? Just the best songwriter in the world. It’s really no big deal. 


Suho: Just let him.

Sehun: She thinks I’m hot, you know. Hot… I mean I get it, but she doesn’t have to be so extreme about it. 

*acts all cool and disinterested*

on the inside:

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I hope you like it<3 

Recap Filming (February 21st 2017)

1st Scene: Lana, Jaime, and Bex (Regina and BF have some kind of standoff between them, Bex driving her car which I assume was the one that hit BF)

2nd Scene: JMo, Bobby, Emilie (Gold comes out of the shop looking pissed, poofs something (saw a newsstand flipping), Rumbelle talk and then Emma calls them to go inside Gold’s

3rd Scene: Colin (He was just walking while talking on the phone)

Last Scene: Jaime and Bobby (filming in the alley by bakery)

anonymous asked:

Could you possibly elaborate on alternative endings for the scenes we saw?:) I haven't been around during setlock so I have no idea about suspicious shootings that hasn't made it for the final cut. Thank you:)

Oh, Gosh Nonny, there were quite a few; I know that there is a post going around somewhere about all of this. For sure:

Setlockers, feel free to add some you know for sure are missing or different from the filming.

EDIT: ALSO Mint and Mustard (Thank you @folkyfaery !!) and The mirrored ending to TFP.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales- MBTI: Carina Smyth (ENTP)

I just saw the film two days ago, and I found it to be immediately necessary to type the characters, specifically the new ones. So here we are! I’m typing Carina first, but I’ll have the rest under the same page. (warning: spoilers!)

Carina Smyth- ENTP

I honestly think someone could make a strong case for Carina being either an INTP or ENTP, but what ultimately made me conclude that she’s an ENTP is her tertiary function, as well as where her energy seems to be focused, and her interactions with other characters.

Dominant Ne: Carina seems to have dominant because her drive to figure out the map stems all from the possibility of what it could lead to. She’s been focused on the future her entire life, and her Ne fuels her quest for discovery.

Auxiliary Ti: Carina’s dominant Ne and auxiliary Ti pair together to form her NT rationalist characteristics: her curiosity, analytical capabilities, and her intellect. Her Ti drives her Ne, allowing her to acquire the information necessary for what she wants to do with it. Her logic system is strongly independent and not affected by the status quo of her island.

While Carina draws from her introverted thinking process, part of what solidifies her as an extrovert can be seen in some of the final moments of the film, as she quickly bounces ideas off of another character, whom I presume to be a fellow dominant Ne user (Henry), to solve the riddle of the trident. Her dominant Ne, combined with her auxiliary Ti, give her the ENTP trademark of the rapid, and vocal, process of either brainstorming, or in other situations, bantering, as she sees possibilities for arguments and answers at a high speed, and shapes them with her Ti on the spot. 

Tertiary Fe: Beneath her top two functions, Carina displays a decently developed layer of Fe. Although her first instincts are to turn to logic, her feelings focus primarily on the people around her, even someone she doesn’t know: her dad. An example of her tertiary Fe can be seen when the pirates threaten to throw Henry off board, in order to get information from her. It’s interesting that they chose to threaten Henry’s life, and not her’s, as they thought that it would best trigger a response, indicating her Fe. In this situation, she first attempts to outwit the pirates, but when that appears to be unsuccessful, her Fe leads her to give in because of her consideration and feelings for Henry. In addition, despite not ever knowing her dad, she feels connected to him, cares about him, and defends him against other people’s assumptions about him. When her dad is revealed to her, she is strongly emotionally impacted, and following the aftermath of that situation, she shares her feelings with Henry. Her feelings’ external focus indicates that she is an Fe user, while her ability to adeptly read others’ feelings, and vocalize her feelings, indicates that her Fe function is tertiary, rather than inferior.

Inferior Si: ENTPs can tend to develop weird relationships with their past due to their inferior Si. Some ENTPs are so focused on their past that it causes them to neglect their pasts all together, but for other ENTPs, circumstances can cause them to see more of an importance in the past that allows them to use their Si to drive their other functions. Carina does see value in her past, yet it pushes her towards the future and all its possibilities even more. 

Extroverted over Introverted: Carina’s function stack makes her an ENTP instead of INTP, but her external energy can be seen in her interactions with others. She tends to be more open with her thoughts and feelings than an INTP would generally be, with her generating thoughts, ideas, and arguments out loud, instead of seeking to internalize them first. She does a good job at reading other people’s emotional cues and behaviors when she looks to her Fe to assist in outwitting, arguing, or connecting, and she’ll vocalize her own feelings as well. She feeds off of those around her, and her interactions help to fuel her discoveries and choices.

The Charade; Part Seven

Summary: Two journalists strike a bargain with Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles to get the article they need, and end up getting more than they bargained for.
Pairings: Misha x OFC, Jensen x OFC
Word Count: 1791
Warnings: None?
A/N: Ash’s and my new collab! @d-s-winchester​​


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So I made a website on Foodfight! for class.







Horrible Animation!

Witness the shocking visuals!

Corporate Espionage!

Unlikely theft, or scandalous lie?


Experience one man’s shortcomings!


The disaster of a movie, Foodfight!, has developed a following as one of the worst animated movies to have existed.

Not only did it take more than a whole ten years to make, it had a 45,000,000 budget, and only made $73,706 at the box office.

The film was a massive failure, with a lot riding on it during production. The studio planned on making toys, lots of merch, a cereal brand based off of the characters, and even a Foodfight! on ice show.

Now, the animators who worked on this won’t even put it on their resumes.

Explore the rest of the site to discover just what the hell this movie is.

“It needs to be 30% better.”~Lawrence Kasanoff, Director

  • $45,000,000 Budget
  • 10+ years
  • 1.7 on IMDb
  • $73,706 at the box office


One day, producer at Threshold: Lawrence Kasanoff, or Larry, saw Toy Story and were inspired. “What if, instead of familiar toys, we made a film with familiar brand names that you’d find in the grocery store?” he pondered. Well, he expected the Wreck-It Ralph of grocery products (or rather, Casablanca, seeing as how there are numerous references in the film), but instead, we got an apparent case of “corporate espionage” in 2002 (which I personally think is a coverup for Larry spilling his drink on the hard drives), and then, “Foodfight!”.

Those working under Kasanoff, found him very… peculiar in his directing. Animators would get orders from him like “make this more awesome,” or “make this 30% better,” and often treated scenes as if they were live action, telling the animators to do “another take,” implying he didn’t exactly know how animation even worked.

A lot can be said about the director and his role in how bad the film is. It was his desicion to use motion-capture animation, while still trying to keep the Loony-Toons-esk “squash and stretch” style, even though that’s comparable to using a philips-head screwdriver for a flat-head screw. This is also why everyone emotes like C-3PO, and has a near-dead, lifeless stare.

God help me, I researched all this

Screened capped cause it’ll be gone by the end of the semester

The Story of How I Became Reylo Trash

How/when did it happen to you? Was it during the bridal carry scene? The moment he asks to be her teacher? When the camera is pulling back from him in his final scene and he looks like an injured puppy in the snow whose master is driving away? Was it two months after you saw the film as you’re lying in bed on a Thursday night, browsing the internet and youtube keeps recommending videos with thumbnails of naked Adam Driver?