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Anyway that Melissa Mcarthy movie “spy” about her being a secret agent is very underrated as both a spy film and a comedy film and everyone should go watch it.


1. Jason statham is surprisingly hilarious and also her love interest?????

2. She genuinely has 3 great fight scenes, flips dudes over her shoulders and stabs two people. All the fights are realistic to her body type and her fighting style is kind of like what a heavy would do in a video game. Really cool.

3. There is hilarious German pop in it.

4. Jude law pretending to be American

5. She spends a lot of the film fending off another agent’s romantic advances.

6. Lots of swearing and costume changes. Melissa McCarthy looks unexpectedly great with bangs.

good amazing great films

My Own Private Idaho // Gus Van Sant - 1991

Bad Education // Pedro Almodovar -2004

Inside Llewyn Davis // Joel and Ethan Coen - 2013

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou // Wes Anderson - 2004

Dead Poets Society // Peter Weir - 1989

Midnight in Paris // Woody Allen - 2011

Into The Wild // Sean Penn - 2007

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind // Michael Gondry - 2004

Reality Bites // Ben Stiller - 1994

Mister Lonely // Harmony Korine - 2007

Frank // Lenny Abrahamson - 2014

The Motorcycle Diaries // Walter Salles - 2004

Benny & Joon // Jeremiah S. Chechik -1993

The Basketball Diaries // Scott Kalvert - 1995

Shutter Island // Martin Scorsese - 2010

Girl, Interrupted // James Mangold - 1999

Beetlejuice // Tim Burton - 1988

Y Tu Mama Tambien // Alfonso Cuaron - 2001

Moulin Rouge! // Baz Luhrmann - 2001

Hector and the Search for Happiness // Peter Chelsom - 2014

Mona Lisa Smile // Mike Newell - 2003

The Addams Family // Barry Sonnenfeld - 1991

Back to the Future // Robert Zebecks - 1985

Corpse Bride // Tim Burton - 2005

Mr. Nobody // Jaco Van Dormael - 2009

The Prestige // Christopher Nolan - 2006

American Psycho // Mary Harron - 2000

The Skin I Live In // Pedro Almodovar - 2013

Fright Night // Craig Gillespie - 2011

Her // Spike Jonze - 2013

Crimson Peak // Guillermo del Toro - 2015

Boyhood // Richard Linklater - 2014

The Game // David Fincher - 1997

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo // Neils Arden Oplev - 2009 

Volver // Pedro Almodovar - 2006

The Royal Tennebaums // Wes Anderson - 2001

Amores Perros // Alejandro G. Inarritu - 2000

The Others //Alejandro Amenabar - 2001

Sleepy Hollow // Tim Burton - 1999

The Lobster // Yorgos Lanthimos - 2015

All About My Mother // Pedro Almodovar - 1999

Ex Machina // Alex Garland - 2015

Fight Club // David Fincher - 1999

The Great Gatsby // Baz Luhrmann - 2013

Nowhere Boy // Sam Taylor-Wood - 2009

The Breakfast Club // John Hughes - 1985

Across The Universe // Julie Taymor - 2007

The Shining // Stanley Kubrick - 1980

The Beach // Danny Boyle - 2000

Requiem for a Dream // Darren Aronofsky

Trainspotting // Danny Boyle - 1996

I’m So Excited // Pedro Almodovar - 2013

Cinema Paradiso // Giuseppe Tornatore - 1988

Suburban Gothic // Richard Bates Jr. - 2013

Lost in Translation // Sofia Coppola - 2003

Band of Robbers // Adam and Aaron Nee - 2015

Talk to Her // Pedro Almodovar - 2002

Before Sunrise (trilogy) // Richard Linklater - 1995/2004/2013

Django Unchained // Quentin Tarantino -2012

Romeo + Juliet // Baz Luhrmann - 1996

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty // Ben Stiller - 2013

endless list of favorite movies 7/???

Ernest and Celestine (dir. Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar, Benjamin Renner - 2012)
“In winter, the big evil bear sleeps. And when he wakes up…?”
“When he wakes up, he is hungry!”

Riverdale at SDCC info



  • Jughead narrates the entire pilot and possibly the rest of the series
  • Jughead and Archie have had a major falling out, but Jug is still willing to help Archie out with something
  • Betty has ADD
  • Cheryl calls Jason her “soulmate”, twincest details will be gradually revealed over the course of the season
  • A body (probably Jason’s?) is found in the pilot
  • Veronica is very supportive of Betty
  • Josie and the Pussycats play at the school dance and have an additional musical number in the pilot
  • the pilot includes a threesome, spin the bottle, and a dance montage
  • Betty and Veronica kiss (many viewers seem to think it was just for show but that is TBD)
  • Veronica and Archie play 7 minutes in heaven and kiss/makeout
  • Archie is generally boring/a jerk/cheesy according to many people who saw the pilot (classic Archie)
  • Jughead’s beanie is “pronged” to stick with the classic look but in a more modern fashion
  • Jughead and Betty are going to be investigating the murder(s?) together
  • Betty and Veronica may kiss again 
  • episode 7 includes a “taboo slumber party” in which many of the kids will be kissing
  • Midge will be in episode 2 and she is Moose’s girlfriend
  • Moose has a thing with Kevin (possibly meaning Moose is the closeted character that has been mentioned in a previous interview)
  • Sabrina will be brought in at the very end of the season as an escapee of a cult
  • KJ says Archie will be more decisive than in the comics and that he will choose between B&V by the end of the season, but also mentions that he’s pretty sure it won’t be permanent, as this is Archie Andrews we’re talking about here
  • There is going to be love triangle with the grown ups
  • KJ prefers having orange hair now, he and his cast mates think it looks weird now that he’s got it back to black
  • There will be a big halloween episode that will be a sort of homage to Afterlife With Archie
  • Archie writes a song about his relationship with Ms. Grundy in the pilot
  • The show will film for 6 months starting in September
  • “Josie is a very driven and stern character. We’ll find out why she’s like that and why she doesn’t let men specifically get in her way”
  • Cole says the show will have a lot of film noir genre elements
  • the showrunners teased that almost every character will be involved with each other at some point


  • Roberto says that the show wasn’t directly inspired by the New Riverdale comics and was set up before the comic reboot was announced
  • There are currently no plans to follow comic book storylines but that may change as season one progresses
  • Expect more of a B&V friendship than a rivalry
  • Cole and KJ are most excited to explore Archie and Jughead’s relationship, and their introduction was KJ’s favorite scene to film for the pilot
  • Madelaine was drawn to the project due to Cheryl’s “villainous nature”
  • Cheryl’s vulnerabilities and cracks in her façade will be revealed over the course of the season
  • There is a yet to be disclosed “insane hairstyle” for the Pussycats which Ashley loves
  • There are plans to write original music for the Pussycats that will hopefully be released as an album at the end of the season
  • Luke is incredibly impressed with all the young actors on the show
  • The show really wants to focus on being an ensemble rather than focused on just Archie
  • There will be other classic side characters brought in
  • Cole thinks it’s really important that Jughead is asexual in the comics
  • The show is working off the Mark Waid comics where Jughead does not have a defined sexuality, so that is still unclear for the show
  • Cole thinks Jughead will be a romantic interest/pursuit, but that first and foremost his love is for food
  • Jughead is a budding writer, a photographer, and an amateur sleuth
  • Jughead’s main concern is what’s going on in the town
  • Jason was shot
  • Jughead has been viewing everyone’s reaction to the murder from the outside, taking pictures, and asking “weird, piercing questions”
  • Cole says the show is very similar in tone to Rian Johnson’s film Brick (sidenote: fantastic movie, everyone should go watch it) and that Jughead is very much like Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character in it
  • Roberto says the show is inspired by Twin Peaks and Fargo and the aesthetics of The Virgin Suicides and Heavenly Creatures
  • The show has also been compared to Pretty LIttle Liars and Friday Night Lights
  • Cole watched a lot of film noir to prepare for the role and says he tried to mimic Morgan Freeman’s narration as best he could
  • Roberto’s favorite character is Betty because she is good in the middle of the chaos
  • Betty will be coming into herself and discovering her voice in season one
  • KJ has to dye his hair every week while shooting to keep the color
  • Roberto is hoping for a January 27th release, but that is TBD

i’ll update when/if more info is released! 


They never found his body, but they say his spirit lives in the forest. This forest. A maniac, a thing no longer human. They say he lives on whatever he can catch. Eats them raw, alive maybe. And every year he picks on a summer camp and seeks his revenge for the terrible things those kids did to him. Every year he kills. Right now he’s out there. Watching. Waiting. So don’t look; he’ll see you. Don’t breathe; he’ll hear you. Don’t move - you’re dead!

OMG....send help...

I finished watching two seasons of Sense8 and dying for 3rd season. Netflix has not renewed it…or does anyone know otherwise? Everyone should watch this show. The character development, filming locations, chemistry between all the actors, storyline, fluid sexuality etc - simply superb. Many shows can learn from how the writers overturn stereotypes at every opportunity. And Kala and Wolfgang? Damn, they are simply gorgeous together, and even when apart.

Good vs. Evil

Request: @whispersandwhiskerburn Congrats on 300! This quote is from the film Secondhand Lions (hilarious, everyone should watch it). It’s part of a speech called “What Every Boy Needs To Know About Being a Man”. Here’s the quote: “Sometimes the things that may or may not be true are the things a man needs to believe in the most. That people are basically good; that honor, courage, and virtue are everything, and that power and money mean nothing. That good always triumphs over evil and true love never dies.”

Pairing: Demon!Dean x reader, Sam, Bobby (See disclaimer)

Warnings: Demon!Dean, angst, cursing

Word count: 1325

A/N: A huge thank you as always to @avasmommy224 for being such an awesome beta. Thank you Angel for this, It was one of my favorite requests!! Hope you enjoy! Also, the gif is not mine, I found it on google images!

Disclaimer: The quote she sent me was such a Bobby quote I had to use him, I am WELL aware that Bobby was gone by the time Dean became a demon but there was no one else more qualified to speak this than the man himself….

It had been months since you’d seen or heard from Dean. After Metatron killed him and Crowley stepped in, things had been pretty upside down in your little family’s world. You, Bobby, and Sam had done everything you could possibly think of to bring him back home. It seemed to hit you the hardest, as you and Dean had become a couple during his battle with the mark.

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American live action/animated crime film written and directed by Ralph Bakshi, about an African American rabbitfox, and bear who rise to the top of the organized crime racket in Harlem, encountering corrupt law enforcementcon artists, and the Mafia. The film, which combines live-action with animation, stars Philip ThomasCharles GordoneBarry White, and Scatman Crothers, all of whom appear in both live-action and animated sequences. 


This is one of the big ones folks, one of the most prolific of forgotten animated films. A cult hit by legendary animation god, Ralph Bakshi that is unmatched by any other animated film in its style or its portrayal of its subject matter.

I could do a whole week dedicated to the works of this animator but I feel I should spotlight one of his works sooner rather than later. Why not rush in, guns a-blazing with one of his most controversial and personal of films, Coonskin.

Now with that title, and this trailer I shouldn’t have to explain why the film was met with a mountain of controversy both pre-and-post-release. I shouldn’t, but I will. The movie shows a massive amount of depictions of “black” characters as violent gangsters, con-men, sociopathic monsters, drug addicts, etc, etc and doesn’t shy away from blackface caricatures, and stereotypes that have aided in marginalizing Blacks in America for several decades. 

Some people out there will argue that even though Bakshi grown up in the epicenter of Harlem, New York during the time of segregation in America, lived and worked with Black Americans his whole life, specifically wanted black artists, animators, and voice actors that the film is bad for showing such imagery.

Even if it’s all presented in a satirical way (which it is), it’s still bad to show these caricatures and black characters acting in a stereotypical way because it only helps to reinforce those stereotypes and keep them alive. That’s pretty nonsensical since the entire point of the movie is to show that these types of things manufactured by Hollywood and ingrained in the popular culture are bad. They’re thrown in your face in a way that’s striking and horrible and you can’t believe it exists, or that such a thing was ever ok. Its meant to be raw, gritty, and spit in the face of White America that doesn’t know what Blacks have had to contend with and what their culture has been forced to be like.

Then again, nobody is really depicted in a positive light; White people in this movie are stereotyped, Gays, and Jews are HEAVILY stereotyped, and cops… well, cops are cops, ain’t no changing that.

Despite the controversy, and how it received a limited release it became a cult classic among animation fans and is heralded by Bakshi as one of his best works, if not his best work.

Nowadays– in all honesty while the film should be watched by everyone as a genius work of satire, it’s more on the artistic side rather than the entertaining side. Bakshi is one of those directors who is in love with his rough and gritty style and loves to linger on his visuals for the audience to absorb.  In every one of his movies he has this problem with pacing; drawing out some scenes that look great or are meant to convey a message. Other scenes just kind of get zipped past or don’t have much to them, making the movies feel longer than they actually are.

This makes his movies, particularly Coonskin more along the lines of something to be enjoyed for the art rather than the story, which isn’t a bad thing but kind of kills rewatchability. 



I dig this movie, I dig it a lot. I saw it for the first time years ago when I took a course in college about The History of Writing & Cartooning In American Culture.

In short, I would definitely recommend it. Go see this movie, in fact, go hunt it up on youtube right now, you owe it to yourself.

Go on.

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Everyone should watch how many times it took Grant to enter through a door, say “oh boy my favorite” and give his girlfriend a kiss

“Everything worth anything is both terrifying and beautiful. Like the first time you do something that you know is wrong. You know it’s wrong and yet you do it anyway. There was a ladybug crawling around my ankle when I saw Victoria let he grandmother’s bird escape from its cage. I watched the bird disappear into the endless sky like a lonely balloon. It was so sad. That image left a scar that never completely healed, because until then I thought that bad things could only happen by accident, never on purpose. It was Victoria who first made me confront that danger exist on the inside of everybody.” Tanner Hall (2009)