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“100 years of my family history” is a self-portrait series that follows my mother’s side of my family during 1900s Finland. Each photograph represents each decade starting from 1900s and ending with 1990s. 

I’ve been interested in my family history for a long time and I was happy to get a chance to shoot a series of it finally since this was part of my application to kabk. All the outfits and objects are from my family history and have been passed down from generation to another.


Untitled by Charlotte Strode
Via Flickr:
Savannah, Georgia.

Girl with Alopecia by Lumi Tuomi

“Girl with Alopecia” is a self-portrait reinterpretation of the famous painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer. “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, said to be the “Mona Lisa” of the north, is deemed as one of the most beautiful paintings. The beautiful pale girl with her light facial features almost blending in with her skin.

It’s almost as the girl in the painting has no eyebrows, no eyelashes and no visible hair due to her turban. To me, as a woman suffering from alopecia and as a woman with no eyebrows, barely no eyelashes or hair, this painting is a celebration. The girl in the painting is a celebration of me as she has features that I consider my weaknesses - yet still the painting is one of the most beautiful paintings in the world. As a human, I look for myself in everything - and I found myself, with all of my faults, in “Girl with a Pearl Earring”.