Filmophilia Review | City State

Ólafur Jóhannesson (or Olaf de Fleur) and his mates at Poppoli Pictures have had a very productive career since they came onto the scene in 2004 with the documentary Blindsker, about the Icelandic pop star Bubbi Morthens. Since then they have made an average of nearly one movie per year (which is quite a lot for Icelandic filmmakers, the average is more like one every 3-4 years). Most of these films are documentaries but there are also a couple of feature films, Stóra Planið (The Higher Force) and Kurteist Fólk (Polite People), the latter which premiered earlier this year. Both of these films were comedies and most of their documentaries have been rather humorous, but their newest movie, Borgríki (City State), is a different beast altogether. It’s a very serious crime thriller describing the criminal underworld of Iceland. It’s also very different from most Icelandic thrillers, as they have usually been some sort of whodunit murder mysteries. People get killed in this movie but there’s nothing mysterious about the killings.

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