The close-up and the face in the films of Ingmar Bergman by Thomas Elsaesser.



Breaking Down the 180 Degree Rule - Videomaker

Understanding the 180 degree rule is vital in filmmaking! It might seem like common sense but when you are on set and placing your camera this rule is great to refer to. You will utilize this principal in pretty much all films and if you are going to break it realize you are doing this as a creative choice and be conscious of what breaking it is saying about the scene. No sloppy filmmaking, learn the 180! 



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So, if you haven’t heard: THERE’S A FREAKING BILL NYE DOCUMENTARY FILM via kickstarter​! 

The scene above warms my very being in the sincerest of ways, as Bill speaks on the influence Carl Sagan had on his life. I can’t begin to express what this film truly means for art, science, and the extension of Bill Nye and his upbringing, influences, and commitment of advocacy for science literacy. Just as the two films I’m involved with - astronaut film​ - fightforspacefilm are dedicated to the long term benefit and survival of our species, so is a documentary surrounding the life and times of Bill Nye and his recipe for PB&J (passion, beauty and joy) communicating the poetry of reality. 

About the film: 

Bill Nye embarks on a quest to change the world through science advocacy and education. With intimate and exclusive access, this is a behind-the-scenes portrait of “the Science Guy,” as he debates anti-science creationists and climate change deniers, while inspiring Millennials to participate in STEM. With wonder and whimsy, the film will follow Bill’s journey to change the world… with science.

See: billnyefilm (Tumblr) | (Site) | Kickstarter

In the above feature, Nye is star-gazing (literally, through solar observation during the day) and commenting on the magnificence and awe of the sun. I share this enthusiasm as solar observing is a hobby of mine (read: “That moment when…”), and hearing someone else talk about it is beautiful. 

Related star stuff: convection | explaining the sun

Also in the above clip, Bill describes being a student studying astronomy under Professor Carl Sagan while at Cornell University. 

During the initial developments of “Bill Nye, The Science Guy”, Nye inquired to Carl his thoughts and advice for communicating science this way and to encourage the sharpening of their skepticism, critical thinking ability, and appreciation for the liberating ability of scientific literacy to truly see reality and stay curious. 

Sagan’s advice? 

Kids resonate to pure science.” 

By teaching the fundamental principles of science in a  creative, nontraditional way, everything, everywhere, anytime, becomes a tool to communicate and understand reality and gain a bit more ground on how it all works. 

I would be remiss if I didn’t share this with you all, speak on what it means to me, and extend my encouragement outward and invite you to support this film. Not just for yourself, your own interest and appreciation for Sir Nye; but with respect to the generations past, present, and future who haven’t been properly introduced to Nye and his role as a science communicator with respect to the shoulders of those with whom Bill’s PB&J (passion, beauty, and joy) for science is founded upon. And it goes without saying that Bill Nye’s success and appreciation for life - by his continual admission - is credited to Carl Sagan. 

Nye has been recently voicing his advocacy for #WomenInScience and #WomenInSTEM, as delivered by this clip of the film speaking about his mother: 

By tomorrow, the billnyefilm team are pushing to peak 5,000 backers, as this will represent a Kickstarter milestone in a campaign’s achievement, which is when a project is poised to complete its funding goal. See the plug below

Directors David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg discussing the how and why of the film, and plea for your support (here) because, well, #scienceRULES. 

So this Friday, even if you contribute $1 (although $25 gets you exclusive BTS digital content, like Bill’s handwritten notes from the Ken Ham “debate”, historic photos, rare articles, text message tones, Bill Nye emojis, a “high five” S/O on Twitter, a private link to screen the film before its release, and a billnyefilm frisbee (below): 

They just peaked 3,000 backers, so visit their Kickstarter page to be one of the backers who helps achieve 5,000+ followers and this wicked science literacy-advocating frisbee! 

Oh, and want to watch Bill talk about his ultimate frisbee past time and how cool flying disks are? It’s right here: 

Also Recommended: watch Producer Nick Pampenella (who was responsible for the production of Bill’s book ‘Undeniable’ speak about the decision for now being the time to make this film a reality as a much needed contribution to our present society, culture, and our future going forward

Whether you contribute money or share the film with others, why not also share your love for science, education, and The Science Guy by paying it forward and with how you were personally #InspiredByNye across social media, tagging it with #BillBillBill. Watch the plug.

Give it up for these brilliant humans for launching such a vibrant and engaging campaign. This is one of the ways you can citizen science (another is endeavorist I should add. See their ‘Scientist Spotlight’ on Bill Nye).

There’s only one reward – to CHANGE THE WORLD

Kickstarter | Tumblr | Facebook | Twitter | #BillBillBill

On the first day of my new internship I was working on a film set

in a department I was very passionate about. I was told by crew, “they never hire females because women only like to stand about and chat instead of getting on with it.”  

This was followed by informing me, “women don’t like lifting things or carrying gear, you might break a nail.”

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OVC ‘10,000 Subs for Summer 2015’ Giveaway

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Knife Fight 5

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Barry Lyndon—The Use of the Zoom Shot, an excellent video essay by Marta Ruggeri, helps you reconsider this movie through an analysis of one of many cinematic strategies Stanley Kubrick makes use of—the largely debated zoom shot.

Recommended reading:

A Masterclass In Bringing A Unique Filmmaker’s Vision To Life

Christopher Nolan presents: The Quay Brothers in 35MM

Curated by Christopher Nolan, IN ABSENTIA, THE COMB, and STREET OF CROCODILES will be shown in 35MM at select theaters, along with the debut of QUAY, Nolan’s new short film on the Brothers!

For more information, visit the Zeitgeist website!


Alfred Hitchcock explains cinematic tension during an AFI Conservatory seminar from 1970. 

A film is - or should be - more like music than like fiction. It should be a progression of moods and feelings. The theme, what’s behind the emotion, the meaning, all that comes later.
—  Stanley Kubrick

The Art of the Car Chase / Filmnørdens Hjørne