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I played around in sfm, and since the portal assets are so delightfully disjointed I managed to frankenstein together one of my party escort designs.

This character really and truly could be terrifying (she’s still alarming…) but hopefully you can see here she makes an effort and usually comes off as a goofball.

Milly is secretly languishing to be a comedienne, and her silly jokes lead people to believe she’s the comedy core or some nonsense. She’s not, and she’d rather not let anyone know her true designated purpose.

“At first I found it quite intimidating [working in LA], and I didn’t like it, but now I have a good network of people who actually live there, so I enjoy knowing I’m going to see them. If you want to mix up the work there, you’ve really got to spend a bit of time there, but I don’t want to make that time six months; I’m happy to make it a month or two.” 

"I think it’s really good to go home and work – for selfish reasons as well as the greater good of the local industry. I never wanted the people I admire to run off to America and not come back again. I believe in working back home, I think it’s crucial.”

–  Joel Edgerton; shown happily spotting some friends at the 2017 BAFTA Awards Season Tea Party in LA

anonymous asked:

How did it feel when you saw the first thing you've written that came to life? Like a small script for uni or something. Coz I just imagine that'd be so satisfying and I dream of that happening XD

The first larger scale thing I wrote was a sitcom about Roman family life for my AP Euro class in High School. It was like the Brady Bunch but with togas and forums and such. My goal was to make my sorta stoic teacher laugh and I TOtEssss succeeded. It was a culmination of those times when I (a small goth nerd whom no one spoke to) was able to make people laugh with words I’d written that made me realize I had to do this forever.

The next year I made a short film for my AP US history class called “Tea Time with Emerson and Thoreau” so I guess doing something like Poe Party was my destiny.

Seeing something you’ve written come to life is the best feeling and nothing else comes close (except the feeling of milkshake drinking and like being with the ones you love I guess but whatever). I hope you get to experience it too!!

Sketch Work is Ugly.

Sketch work is ugly. Comic artists are the exception. Our sketch work will often have a quality about it that most other sketches don’t have. Our job is drawing, it’s what we do all day long, so there tends to be a little more attention in the sketch work we do. We happily publish and sell our sketches to make a few extra bucks like a carpenter sells his saw dust.

However, sketching is ubiquitous in most other creative industries. Grabbing a pencil or pen to rough out ideas isn’t the exception, it’s the norm. Filmmakers, inventors, designers, party planners, bakers, and even writers. These sketches are typically hideous, and in many cases, downright embarrassing. The dirty little secret is that comic artists do it too. Yes, we’ll publish our sketch work, but only the good stuff. Just like everyone else, we tend to hide our failures. 

When creators hide their sketch work, it’s easy for us to assume they’re working without it. It’s an illusion, and we’re great at hiding the rabbit. It’s important to remember that sketching is not about good drawing, it’s about good thinking. It’s not even about drawing. Sketch work can include notes, prototypes, whatever gets you to the idea. It takes time and work to uncover the good stuff. Most of it will be a horrible unusable mess of ideas. But if you keep digging and refining, you’ll find those ideas worth keeping. If you want the treasure, you have to shovel dirt. Lots and lots of dirt. 

We look at the finished films of Scorsese and we think he created his story with cameras instead of a storyboard. We see a functioning machine and we think it was created in a factory instead of a note pad and a black marker. We read JK Rowling and marvel at the printed words but never think about the hand drawn spreadsheet used to craft the story. The truth is that on the surface, sketch work is ugly and crude. But if you look a little deeper, you’ll see that sketching is where ideas are born.

Here are a few bad sketches by brilliant creators. Enjoy.

JK Rowling hand drawn spreadsheet for Harry Potter.

Eminem lyric sheet.

Coppola’s notes in the Godfather novel.

Breaking Bad prototype.

You should probably go out and buy a few pencils.