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How to Upload GoPro videos to your computer (in the most convoluted way possible)

  1. Try connecting the USB cable to the computer
  2. Computer doesn’t recognize camera
  3. Download new software so computer recognizes camera
  4. Computer still doesn’t recognize camera
  5. Remove microSD card and place into adapter for computer
  6. Computer doesn’t recongnize SD card
  7. Bang your head against the wall
  8. Remove SD card from cell phone
  9. Replace with GoPro SD cad
  10. Computer recognizes cellphone! Success!
  11. Locate DCIM folder
  12. Locate 100GOPRO folder
  13. Change the settings for you finder so that the files are sorted by type
  14. Select all the Mp4 files.
  15. Drag to Computer
  16. Congratulations! You won!