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Robert Pattinson sat down with David Poland for a good 30 minutes and more to talk about his movies and career.

How he started in acting, how he approached performance over the years. How he prepares for his movies (by doing deep research), “an excuse to get yourself inspired”

“Things don’t just become entertainment or escapism anymore. They become some kind of fuel and you feel nurtured by it. I only really realized that art can do that to you because I was using it to learn how to act.” Rob was obsessed with 2 sculptures in a contemporary art musuem in Cologne (which he visited 7 times) and asked Claire Denis about it ; “This is the performance, and it is the picture of the sculpture” And Claire was just like “Yeah!..That’s it” “It (performance) is not a cerebral thing, it is just you can draw from anywhere basically.”

“If I like something I’ll get so enthusiastic that I can’t even hear what the person is saying.”

About his comfort zone, performance and inspiration

He shoots the majority of films by going through many rehearsals and going early during pre production to relax into the role. Up until Twilight, he audtioned for everything, went through 2 to 3 auditions a week, thousands of auditions. After Twilight the aspect of being able to choose (his roles) is given, but he didn’t feel completely solid about it. “I was very conscious of playing the same part at a different movie…It was a pragmatic reasoning, just as much as an artistic one” to push off roles that lets him play the same thing (as in Twilight). I don’t have a comfort zone of a performance though, where I settle back and play part like this”

“I am so uncomfortable in life, I can barely leave my house.”

“The only time  I feel comfortable is when I like doing things when it feels crazy to me. I like to feel a little bit uncomfortable and other people will feel a little frigtened to do it. Because I have never really been burned… I like the adrenalin.”

“I just don’t want to do something that is boring. That’s it. That is my only thing now. It’s going to have something. It changes all the time (how I choose to do something), it’s almost completely random. You just wait for things to inspire you.“

“I have never figured out how to capitalize on the momentum…The only time I feel that I will get the job that I want is when I’m absolutely at the bottom of the trough of depression thinking “I am never going to get anything again…I don’t know what I am doing, my life is in total shambles”

“I never get another job until about 4 months after I finished the last one. Four months for being unemployed for anyone, it drives you nuts. And I’ve got longer than that before.  Waiting for something that hits you, and there isn’t anything you can do. I always believe if you do something you can’t stand behind, you are potentially taking 10 steps back. It’s always the darkest moments and then suddenly a job arrives.”

About his hobbys

Rob couldn’t think of any hobbys. He explained to people who don’t understand what he does. He laughs and said “I wait.”

Vacationing? “I always fantasize about vacation… I’ve tried music and stuff, and I read lots of scripts, just looking, looking for things constantly. I always felt like time is running out.”

“I don’t feel that strongly about my identity.”

“It is a fantasy of myself (Connie). Elements of fantasy of myself…You have someone who has absolutely no fear and no shame. And I live a life of constant fear and shame. it’s like that is my vacation.”

“You can try on somebody’s skin.”

About saying good bye at the end of making a movie

It’s nice to have long tail like this (post Good Time activities). At the end of the job for The Lost City of Z by James Grey, Rob was losing so much weight and having half a chin after shaving off the beard, it is like a rebirth. For Good Time, he dyed his hair so many times that his hair was falling off. Rob said “It was intoxicating about changing your physical appearance for a role.”

About Directors

James Grey was first person after the first Twilight that he wanted to work with. Other Directors he is dying to work for?

Jacques Audiard, especially inspired by “The Beat that My Heart Skipped” when he watched it at 19 years old. Ciro Guerra whom is going to work with next year, Rob loved Guerra’s last movie “Embrace of the Serpent”.

Does he watch his own work?

“Generally once..and not again.” He believed one definitely could gain something out of watching, and he watches playback while filiming. But for the Claire Denis, he didn’t see a single frame of himself. “I don’t want to know. I want to be in Claire’s world. I don’t want to be in my world.”

However for Good Time, Josh, Benny and Ronnie talked about the script with him so much, he really knew what page they were on all the time. “It is kind of like how a “leave-on-helm” drove. When they drive you feel like you are going to die, but you are not. It is kinda stressful but you get there faster.”

About his career

“The only movie that came as a straight offer was Cosmopolis in my entire career. Script was done and ready to go. The script was so perfect I couldn’t believe it when that was offered.”

Rob said he generally knows by the title if he likes a script (jokingly). Actually first 5 pages of the script would tell if he is going to like it or not.

5 years plan? “Just kind of surprise myself. I don’t think consciously I have some kind of world domination plan.

“The industry is changing all the time you have to keep finding your place… It is swinging all over the place; what content people want to see, where it will play…

If something great come up and it is on streaming?I like the idea when you are doing TV you have the insidiousness of already entering someone’s house. I like the idea of doing something that people are ashamed to watch.”

About being connected to people performing together

Rob recollected working with actors who are entirely different in every aspect from him, those who he’d never have thought have the “performance gene” and suddenly they just make it work. David commented that Rob does not have the “show off gene”.

“If you are shy, there is something nice about the control of performance. I can do this without the fear of ramnification, “it is fiction!”.

it is different in theatre when there is a live audience. There is the intoxication about people clapping at the end. On film, “it is not like you want to attention of the film crew…There is a peace. Everyone is just very focused for a short period of time where people concentrate of human interaction. It’s just very nice”

On the set of Good Time, “it provokes a very focused energy eventhough there are a lot of moving parts. It is always moving forward… It seemed extremely overwhelming.”

“Ups and downs…peaks and troughs. Benefits of being a manic depressive” Rob rounded up the conversation with the description about himself.

  • Me: Movies can have the same basic elements but still be vastly different films. The same way you can bake two cakes with sugar, flour, butter and eggs but one cake can still look like shit and taste like crap while the other is considered delicious and gourmet. The process matters. DC can cherry pick bits of Marvel and other successful franchises they think will work, but they still seem to forget that the process of making a good film is just as important.
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All the movies I’ve made, I’ve made with a slight bit of irony. Not even a slight bit. A fair amount. But the ironic part of [ ‘Man of Steel’] is that it’s not ironic. You know what I mean? No tongue in cheek, no winking at the camera, no apologies. It’s Superman. He deserves that.

- Zack Snyder