filming series 3


Film Photo Series: This Must Be the Place by Scott Williams

Neon & Night come together in these moody double exposures:

  • Camera: Canon EOS 3
  • Film: Cinestill 800T
  • Location: Melbourne, Australia

Scott on this Series:

“An ongoing series of mine titled “This Must Be the Place”, has a focus on the night-time through double exposure portraits of friends and fellow photographers with neon signs. Being able to combine two separate moments into one has mostly unlimited potential for composition as well as the ability to at times create openly interpretive stories. I am heavily inspired by cinema which is one of main motives for shooting with Cinestill 800T as I often want to create that cinematic vibe in my images. With the night time, I am incredibly drawn to the dramatic lighting visible during the night through brightly lit store fronts, empty streets and finally, glowing neon signs. I do various amounts of research to discover unique and hidden neon signs in the Melbourne area which has oddly at the same time sparked a weird hobby for myself as I’m often on the lookout for interesting neon signs both day and night. In a rather ironic fashion, I’m actually quite afraid of the dark which I find pretty funny as I’m usually out very late.”

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Robert Englund and Rodney Eastman in a Behind the Scenes photo from  A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.             


David Tennant filming his Doctor Who video diaries

…so this is mostly Doctor Who Confidential filming David filming his diary while filming episodes of Doctor Who

(this post is a mix of gifs and still photos)


Reasons that you really should get Total Film Feb 2017

1. It got both James & Michael in it!

2.James said he “see Michael every now and again” & “I thought Fassbender was American for about five days” 

He also said he hopes to make more X-Men “so that I can hang out with my pals” & “I’ve made some of the best friends in my life” during filming X-Men series. 

3.The editor highlighted in JAMES MCAVOY IN NUMBERS: “10, the number of years between James and Michael appearing in Band of Brothers and X-Men:First Class.”

I was wondering if the editor was shipping them


Candle Shop by FotoFling Scotland
Via Flickr:
Set Dressing for Outlander Series 3 filmed off the Royal Mile, Edinburgh


Tweeddale Court, Edinburgh by FotoFling Scotland
Via Flickr:
Tweeddale Court, Edinburgh dressed for filming of Outlander Series 3

What: A Ziam fic exchange of sorts
When: Right now, February 2017
: February 15–March 18 // Sign-up
            March 20–31// Voting
            August 31 // Due date
            September 1 // Posting starts


To write a Ziam adaptation for your favourite book/film/series. You submit 3 options, the other participants choose one, and you write that.


1. You must have an AO3 account. Although the process of the exchange (sign-up, voting) will happen here, your entry will ultimately be posted to a collection on AO3 under your pen name.

2. Must be Ziam. Duh.

3. You must submit at least 3 prompts you want to write. All prompts must be related to some existent media (film, anime, comics, series, etc.) and contain a brief description of the prompt. E.g. Danny Phantom (Superhero AU) Boy becomes a human-ghost hybrid and has to save town from ghost attacks.

4. Your fic must be at least 15K words. Since it’s an adaptation, reaching that count should be simple. Especially for films.

5. Review the fics you read. The main goal is to offer fellow writers some feedback and encourage them. (If you have written anything before, you know how feedback is rare.) It doesn’t have to super elaborate. Just cite a line you enjoyed and your general feeling about the piece. Be cordial★.

6. Submit your prompts here★ under your tumblr URL (you must be logged in to tumblr, naturally). Must contain your AO3 username and at least 3 prompts you’re willing to write with a brief description of the show/film/whatever.

7. Send a chat message (”Signed up!” will do ) to this blog after you’ve submitted your prompts. This way, you can receive a confirmation your submission went through. It’s how you’ll be informed about voting, too.

8. You must write the prompt voted. That’s why you must submit three (or more) prompts you are willing to write. In case more than one person gets the same prompt, they’ll be all assigned randomly. (Notice that the more prompts you send, the smaller the change to get one you really want.)

9. Reblog posts to the fics when they’re posted. ‘Liking’ them doesn’t spread the word. It’s a big problem in the fandom, so let’s set example and do better.

10. Have fun. :) The goal here is to encourage people to write stuff they like.

Any questions, just send a chat message to this blog or an ask★. Posts for the this exchange can be found under #Reverse Exchange.