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lost in time forever… Randsburg, California as seen in Russ Meyer’s Beneath the Valley of the Ultra Vixens (1979) and, below, last year when I took a photo with my phone. When I took the bottom photo, I had no idea this had been a Russ Meyer filming location. Further up the hill, out of frame, I almost bought a property… and again, at the time, I had no idea it was where Russ Meyer shot Faster Pussycat Kill Kill (1965). I don’t think I need to give any further explanation about the how, what and why of my connection to the barren desert lands…


Aaron Yan’s scans in “starTaipei” travel/tourist booklet

The booklet was released on 10/21 and is available for pick up in various tourist infomation centers and MRT stations in Taipei.

Aaron Yan’s recommended places to go in Taipei:

  • Texas Rangers Fried Chicken 德州美墨炸雞
  • Zhongshan Sports Center 臺北市中山運動中心
  • Taishun Street Sweet Dumplings 泰順街小湯圓

‘Refresh Man’ filming locations:

  • Ximending Zhonghua Footbridge 西門町中華景觀陸橋
  • Ankang Park 信義安康公園

translation cr: dearaaronyan

Heart-Fluttering Moments with Kwon Yuri

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Spontaneous dance battles. Whenever Yuri said anything a little awkward, to overcome that awkwardness she just starts dancing. She’ll either dance to a random SNSD song in her head or she’ll rope you into a weird ballroom dance. The situation is strange yet comfortable, Yuri is content with showing you the quirky sides to her personality. But recently her dancing has begun to rub off on you, and now when Yuri’s upset; you start dancing crazily to distract her. This usually ends with a hilarious dance battle, one that Yuri claims to win every single time; although you strongly disagree.

Bringing coffee to her drama set. A coffee truck was just a little too expensive, so you made the coffee the old-fashioned way. To you it felt unfortunate but there was hope that everyone would appreciate the effort. Once at the filming location you started to feel anxious, that and carrying all that coffee was beginning to seriously hurt your arms. When Yuri spotted you struggling, she immediately rushed over and helped you safely put the coffee down. “This is for you, cast, and staff. It’s not extravagant, I had to make it myself,” you explained. Yuri was full of smiles and her heart raced at the amazingly thoughtful gesture.

Yoga class together for the first time. You had denied Yuri’s pleading to do yoga with her for weeks because you knew it would end badly. But, how many times has Yuri done things for you she didn’t want to? Yuri was ecstatic that you agreed to do yoga with her, except when you two walked into the classroom it was boiling hot. Yuri watched you diligently throughout the class, she saw how you struggled to understand and move your body correctly; along with the sweat covering your body. After it was over she was silently grateful since you attempted to do a hobby she loves so much; even if you were terrible. 


New Setlock News:

Detective work on my own about the teddy bear posted a few days ago confirms they are filming at Tyntesfield: (x)

They’re filming the night shoots in Tyntesfield House - a Gothic revival building near Bristol. (More confirmation here (x))

Someone’s agency has been a bit premature in updating their actors CV for Alex Austin - they have him down as ‘recently filming’ as a character named 'Alf’ in Sherlock as directed by Douglas MacKinnon! (x)

Tyntesfield’s twitter has posted that they’re closed for filming (possibly until the 26th) but that the shop/cafe and the grounds still look to be open - you just can’t currently go round the house.

Also I’ve found some pictures of what Tyntesfield looks like - including some b/w ones taken in victorian times. (x) (x) (x)

And a beautiful b/w nightshoot picture posted by Claire Pritchard.


The Avengers filming locations in New York

❤ Grand Central Terminal, NY, US (on Google Maps)
❤ Bethesda Terrace, Central Park, NY, US (on Google Maps)

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