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BTS filming for RUNNING MAN 300 episode special TT today (broadcast on May 22) updating continuously 

They were filming at Yonsei university and the amount of fans watching are :-o

Suga survived very well. RM members find V very cute and are surprised JK is the maknaeㅋㅋ JK did Super well in games.

Filming fancam (1, 2)

Cr: V Guardian, sbs running man, monideer,  MK民宿, YoonGia,  woojuin0732 via澡澡猫儿


What? You’re filming?!

cute animal vines?


After Marinette “happens to” give surprisingly good advice on Akuma possession, Alya decides to launch an anti-Akuma campaign on the Ladyblog, with the help of a few classmates, of course. Who knew Marinette and Adrien were so good at action stunts? 

I had to squeeze several panels in at once to make them all fit, so please do open the comic at full size to see all of it clearly :) 

Inspired by this post.

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Figured I’d post something just to make the wait before OUAT S6 airs bearable.

Here’s BTS of filming for 6x01 (Nothing spoiler-y, so thought why not post it now?)