I’m not sure whether I posted this on tumblr but this is a video of Doctor Who filming I saw in Cardiff, May 21st! Peter was completely awesome filming his scenes and between filming, he came over to the fans. He is just the most magical man.

This was my first DWSR and hopefully not my last!


Got to see Supernatural filming today!

I met a friend out at the film set around 8 pm, and we hung out watching them set up the lighting cranes. While we were looking for a spot to park, the Impala was starting up and moving across the street to the film spot, and gosh she sounds so amazing. It’s wonderful hearing her engine rumble. After they’d parked her at the house, the crew let me take a picture with her!

About an hour later of chatting with the wonderful PA, Jensen pulled up and squirted the poor girl with a water bottle as Clif drove by.

I found out that every Friday they have a draw where everyone puts in $5, and then whoever wins gets it all. Turns out Misha won, even though he’d paid in advance, but the winner had to be there to claim it, so they redrew.

To make the location seem like it wasn’t in western Canada, they actually pulled up a kilometer speed limit sign that was across from where the Impala was driving. Like, whoa. I didn’t know you could just pull those out of the ground. The guy didn’t dig it up, he just used some tool to unbolt it and pulled it up. Guess that makes them easier to replace.

As the sun went down, the mosquitos started to get really bad. However, Jensen came to the rescue! He was filming a scene of driving the Impala up to a house, and when he would back up to re-do the take, he would idle the car and chat with us until they called action. He must have noticed the bugs were getting to us, because on the next take, he brought us a can of bug spray! He just leaned out of the window to hand it to us.

There was this one damn frog in the ditch that wouldn’t stop croaking. But it wasn’t the normal sounding kind of frog. I swear it sounded like someone farting. Apparently there were frogs in the trees over close to where they were filming that kept interrupting the takes. We were kicking rocks into the ditch to try and scare it off. It was the weirdest frog.

Around midnight when they’d finished up for the night, Jensen stopped on the way out to say hello to all the fans. He signed my Impala license plate bag and I got a hug from him. I got to feel his scruffy cheek against mine.

Good night. Definitely worth the hour bus ride and standing around for four hours. Big thanks to my new friend Julie for notifying me of the location!


Oops! Almost forgot I took some BTS videos from 5x01 filming. Here’s the first of some of the videos I have…Enjoy :)