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I just want CN to make a series of short episodes about Peridot exploring and discovering different things, such as trying foods for the first time. Or maybe just a series about her blogging or tweeting. Forget Keep Beach City Weird, Peridot should have an official tumblr account.
- Anonymous

hey spanish / july 2016 / Karolina Koryl

Okay, fair warning, unfounded speculation but I started thinking about them filming “26 pages of dialogue” today…

And the only think that could come to mind that would be similar in length that they’ve already done is SHERLOCK’S BEST MAN SPEECH…which we know was a love letter…

So what if the 26 pages is indeed the Big Love Confessions. What if during it, they go back to Sherlock’s Best Man Speech except it’s different now, it’s everything Sherlock wanted to say but couldn’t yet, it’s the wish-fulfilment draft he wrote and sighed and tore up and tried to forget about but now, he can’t hold it back any longer….

“I love, I love, I love you, John.”

More Rugs Series! Part One - 9 Abstarct + 1 Tribal

My absolute favorite thing to recolor and retexture in TS4 is Rugs! I have made so many in the past its hard to keep up with lol. Now, I decided to do a series! This part, part one, has all the lovely Abstract patterns I came across on society6 <3

  • 9 Abstract Designs ( 1 tribal. I couldn’t resist! )
  • BG Rug Recolored & Retextured
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Search “calisimgirl” and the rugs pop up

Download: SFS | Mediafire

Credits to Society6 Creators * here * (also shows previews of every design)